!HEADS UP! This is going to be a bunch of one-shots and funny character interactions that I am inspired to write about. So BE WARNED there will not be a solid plot to this nor will it make sense if you try and connect the chapters . . . well some might but it is unintentional. I will give backgrounds, and other things I think about while writing each chapter but hopefully they won't be too extensive. So please enjoy my spurts of imagination!

So what inspired this is a score called "Archangel" by Two Steps From Hell. Now, what I would like you to do (if you want to) is read this a few times get a clear picture of what is going on you your head and try and line up the high points in the story wiht the high points in the music. Good luck and hope it works!

The land rises and falls with the swarm of black demons bearing yellow fangs and holding piercing red eyes. Most walk on their hands as well as their feet but the turned angels stand as if they are still human. These distorted angels have charred wings stained with the blood of the ones they have killed to gain their new berserker powers. In the middle of the horde of black and red is a small group of white and gray. The last of the small army of angels are just barely hanging on to their lives by a thread with only 20 turned demons protecting the angels against hundreds of thousands of their own kind. These demons that have seen the light are granted a human's physical appearance. Their skin grayed by their black blood and eyes the same piercing red but burning with a new passion. They fight off their own race with the same shadows and power as their new enemies while protecting the fading angels behind them.

Up in the skies above the clouds an angel general, one of few high ranking woman, clad in gold armor shaped with blessed symbols and designs passes the cloud floor and keeps a worry eye on the last 15 of her friend's army. "Gabriele, you know as well as I that those angels are worth it." She turns to the weary faced angel sitting atop an armchair of clouds. His forefinger and thumb pinching the bridge of his nose he struggles to think. "And what of the demons who now fight for us? Do we leave them there to be swallowed back into hell? THEY ARE ALL WORTH SAVING!" As sudden as a lightning's strike, a group of five turned angels burst up from under the clouds screeching. The general falls back and rolls out of the way to dodge the swipe of one of the sickly angel's claws. She grabs the hilt of her sword to put the creature out of its misery. But before the general could take her sword from its golden sheath the winged demons turned to dust with Gabriele taking the one's place in front of her. Ten more burst from the floor again and the broad angel takes his large sword by its hit and pulls it from his back.

"They are worth saving Jonah," he turns his head to meet the surprised general's eyes giving her a tired smile, "now GO!" With that word the floor beneath her feet disappears and she falls through the clouds. The wind rushing by her ears makes it impossible to hear as she tumbles down through the cloud wisps.

I forget how far we have to fall the save the lives of the ones we love. A hand takes her shoulder and turns the slightly dazed general.

"General, we are with you!" She can barely hear the solder's words as she looks from side to side watching the accumulating falling angels gravitate toward her. With a smile to spoke only gratitude and a quick draw of her sword she turns herself to dive headfirst.

"Leyden, this is madness! Why are we even helping these pitiful broken creatures?" One male demon yells to another while looking back at the 18 remaining angels. He turns to fight off more of the horde he once called his own. "Would it not be simpler and merciful to kill them all quickly?" The demon male turns to find some praying for everyone but themselves, the ones who can still use magic shield the turned demons closest to them, and the rest lay in the middle of the small circle unconscious.

"You want to give this up," the man grabs a demon by what little hair it has on its head and smashes his face into the ground, "and turn back into these mindless killers?" There is no answer from the turned demon as a thick crashing wave of black distorted bodied collided with the thin line of defense pushing them back a yard in every direction.

"HOLD!" The booming voice seems to manipulate the shimmering gold shield fling out in a dome shape, stopping the demons dead in their tracks. As the defensive line shaves off another layer of demons an angel falls to his knees.

"Stephan!" A thin demon with delicate flowing red hair appears beside the angel and helps him too his feet but his knees give out before he can get his footing. With a hiss he fall again.

"No, help them." She puts a hand over his chest and feels his heart thumping in his chest and his breath wheeze in and out of his lungs.

"But Ste-" Throwing a ball of lightning from his hand, a roar escapes his lips and he clenches his shoulder. The ball clears a small dent in the demons wave.

"HELP THEM!" The dent quickly fills by the time the girl looks back. Their defensive line is pushed all the way back to the point everyone is an arm's length away from each other. The distorted creatures of darkness bring the turned demons to their knees and start to form a net with their bodies to envelop what is left of the light. A voice struggles to yell over the screeching a screams of the battle.


"No . . ." they are all brought down on all fours as the gray girl desperately looks to find her angel, "Stephan!" The turned demon reaches out for the fallen angel in front of her pleading in her eyes. His hand grasps hers as the light of the sky begins to be blocked with the bodies crawling over them.

"A-Alice . . ." Stephan kisses the back of her hand before letting his head fall to the ground.

"NOOOOO-" though her voice cuts out as the last of the demons covers the angels and their allies it is replaced by a roar from the heavens that shakes the air.

"FIRE!" Golden streams of light rain from the heavens and disintegrate the demons that were holding the survivors captive. The turned demons stand with their eyes to the sky as the angels land on the ground around them. A few envelop the turned demons in their wings and produce a great light.

"WAIT their-" Stephan swallows his words when the angel who had caught his demon opens his wings to reveal the golden armor on Alice and the rest of their new allies. Alice's smile shines with the armor but the screeching from above draws her attention up and her lips down. Black wings slowly climb the sky to attack the golden archers high above. As once pure angels collide and dirty those who are still pure the fight beginning up above and the battle rages on, on both land and in sky. As demon and angel battle to the death a heavenly blade and unearthly claw collide with each other.

"Jonah." Turning to each kill a demon they end with their backs pressed together.

"Leyden, where is he?" The turned demon begins to run and the angel follows.

"There!" Pointing to the giant black and red skinned man with a head dress made of the bloody wings of angels and the horns of the devil, Satin's child stands and swipes at his feet killing both angel and demon alike. "There is only one way to kill him. His head must roll." The angel and demon seem untouchable as they dance across the battle field to their target, cutting down demons along the way.

"I have a plan!" The angel stands behind her new partner. "When I find an opening you throw me as hard as you can. When he swats me away up lop off his head from underneath." Cutting down the last of the demons circling them, Leyden looks back at Jonah with horror coating his eyes.

"The blow could kill you!"

"And you have a chance to kill the anti- Christ!" A giant foot bears down on them as they roll out of the way. Dodging the swinging apelike arms they scramble to regroup. Jonah tries to fly but is swatted down into Leyden who catches her, tumbling back. "Now!"


"THROW ME!" The angel perches on Leyden's forearm and he spins around once gathering the momentum to throw her at the giant, sword in hand and a battle cry ripping at her raspy throat. A hand swatters her up into the sky and Leyden comes in from below to make the final blow, except, when he reaches up to rip the giant's throat in half his hand is caught and he is run through with one of the jagged nails of the smiling spawn of satin. "LEYDEN!" A gleam shines from above and a golden sword passes through the neck and out stretches arms of the anti-Christ in one swoop of the falling Jonah. Collapsing to the ground both Leyden and Jonah watch the body turn to ash and close their eyes, resting where they lay knowing it is finally over.


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