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20th century


The mansion is a bustle as the mansion's servants get ready for the party in honor of their master's 28th birthday. Most everyone is excited and has a spring in their step as they run around dusting, polishing, and decorating. Meanwhile the master of the house and the head butler, who he trusts with his life, walks up and down the halls making the last minute decisions for the party. "Would you rather have an ice sculpture of a vase of roses or perhaps a piano?"

"A piano." He doesn't speak for the next few striding steps but then finally confesses. "Filat I do not want this party. This only gives everyone a chance to suck up and give me meaningless gifts."

"Master Veniamin, you have to make an appearance or others will suspect. I know your job is a very . . . in the shadows matter, but if you do not make an appearance once in a while the press will come, or at least try to, and that makes my job much harder." They round a corner and the middle age, graying man reaches up with his white gloves and turns the painting of starry night the slightest bit.

"Filat I told you that I will take care of covering my own tracks."

"Yet you wait so long to do it."

"I would do it as soon as I get home but when I do you are at the door telling me," He changes his voice to match Filat's elegant one. "Young master I have taken care of any inconveniences that you may have run into on your way home." Veniamin then looks at Filat in a way a parent would look at a misbehaving ten year old. "You are too much of a workaholic Filat."

"Young master? . . . Ha, I haven't called you that in years."

"Not since Nell was last here." Veniamin's eyes sank and darkened as he remembered the beautiful American woman who had once fallen into his hands; quite literally to. Her hair was a light golden brown and short so it wouldn't get in her way. Her eyes sparkle, a sky blue and her skin is tan with freckles up and down the tops of her forearm. He remembered that the most because he loved to trace them into patterns. She was not very tall and she was a very meaty girl with the strength to make a man cry. But the way she walked was elegant and very smooth.

"-ster? Master Veniamin?" The butler shook his shoulder lightly and made Veniamin shake his head.

"Sorry, what is it Filat?" Filat gently smiles at his frowning face.

"Young master, Miss. Nell Freestone will be attending the party tonight." Veniamin's eyes light up and suddenly he feels the need to go and find something for her. "She does not know when she will arrive and apologizes in advance if she misses the party." A smile fades onto Veniamin's face.

"Filat, on the ice sculpture put a vase of tulips on it." His bow is shallow but meaningful.

"My pleasure young master." Veniamin walks away to his room as Filat is left with the decisions for the last minute things.

9:45 p.m.

The party has been going on since 7:30 p.m. and although he holds his glass of wine lightly and smiles sweetly he wishes to have a glass of hard whisky to drown out the voices around him. He has talked to everyone one at the party every one hundred and some odd number of people. They have all officially gotten on his nerves. The only thing that is keeping him here is Nell, and she hasn't even arrived yet. By the time ten p.m. rolls around everyone is preoccupied with admiring the portion of the mansion they are confined to or interested in others in the rooms. Veniamin stands in a corner, alone, looking at the melting piano ice sculpture. The tulips have almost vanished into a glob of ice when he decided to disappear into his mansion.

10:55 p.m.

A woman of the age of 25 looks out the black window of a car that is not driven by her. The butler at the Belousov mansion was kind enough to send a car. It has been so long as 3 years or more since she last saw Veni. She hasn't written or called because her work would not allow her to. Her boss has finally agreed for her to have a year long vacation. It is about three months in on her time off and she has finally found the time to visit Russia and one of the men she has very much cared about. Not to mention the fact she owes him her life. The car door is opened for her and she steps out onto the bark ground with snow falling. She brings her fluffy coat up around her neck as she looks up at the lit mansion. The first time she has ever laid eyes on this building was in the summer when everything was bright and lively around it and the mansion looked so cold and dark like a cage. "Hm, it's like looking at the negative." Her long black coat brushes the ground and opens every step to reveal her silky turquoise dress as she climbs the steps to the magnificent front door. She walks up to push them open but they open automatically to reveal a beautiful hall full of people, bright lights and beautiful dresses. She skims the room to find Veni.

"Ah Miss Freestone you have made it." She turns around to find Filat in a bow. She smiles.

"Filat, I have missed you." When he leans back up she takes her chance and kisses him on each cheek. His cheeks brighten up a bit as he shoos away one of the coat boys.

"Let me take your coat." Nell unbuttons it and Filat takes it off her shoulders and folds it over his arm. "You look stunning my dear." Her hair is down in rolling waves and a little longer then shoulder length. Her makeup is simple with just eyeliner and a shimmering white eye shadow. Her lips are a shining light pink and her cheeks are dusted with a blush that is barely visible. Her halter top dress is a floor length in the back and short enough in the front to reveal her shoos. The silky, turquoise dress drapes over her figure and flatters every curve. Her necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring are the diamonds that Veni gave her as an apology. Her 5 inch, silver, high heels are sandals that have rhinestones all over the straps. She spins in a circle to reveal the dress has no back and the long, silver chain of the necklace tracing the indention of her spine.

"You think so?" She looks down and brushes her dress.


"So where is the birthday boy?" She looks out among the crowd.

"I have not seen him in the past . . ." Filat stretches his arm and looks at his watch. "55 minutes."

"Then I know where he is. Thanks Filat, and nice seeing you again." Nell turns letting the dress flow at her feet and her hair bounces as she walks down the stairs.

"Haha, she is just how I remember her." Filat turns on his heals to go back and help take care of the guests. Nell pushes through the crowd to the open stairs that lead to the second floor. She walks down the landing to a hall that was on the far side. She walks down it and rounds the first corner when a server stops her.

"Hello Miss, are you lost?"

"Oh no actually I'm not. I need to find the master of this house and to my knowledge he is down this hall somewhere." She smiles as if to temp the man.

"Well Miss I am sorry but if he has left the three rooms that the guests are in then that means he does not wish to be disturbed. So if you would please go back down the hall and I will find him for you." He bows slightly and points his arm in the direction she had just come from. Nell smiles.

"Ok thank you very much." She walks back down the hall with a sway in her hips. When she rounded the corner and smoothly snatches a Champaign class off a try she grins. "He is a very good servant for Veni. I must tell Filat to give him a raise." She takes a sip and watches as one of the servants leaves the hall she is standing by. Nell finishes off the glass sets it on the table and briskly walks down the hall till she rounds the corner. She leans her back up agents the wall and listens. When she doesn't hear any footsteps besides the ones made by the guests she bends over takes off her shoos holds up her dress with one hand and walks down the hall. As the noises of the party fades she can hear a faint tinkling piano muffled by the walls. As she walks down the halls her mind wonders back to when she has heard him play. Everything he had played has always been so dark, cold and sad. This music she could tell was much lighter but, not as much as it was before she left. Then it stopped at the high point of the song. Nell instinctively stops and heightens her sense to find what is wrong. There is a long pause before a faint tinkling is heard (River Flows in You). Just a simple one handed, 8 note melody. There is a pause again almost like a hesitation. She starts to walk with the room's door in her sight as the tinkling adds a couple notes then hesitates again. She walks up to the cracked door and peeks in to see the silloet of a man sitting in a ballroom at a grand piano with one dim lamp lit in the far back corner. She opens the door quietly as the song begins to pick up and lightly dance in the air. Nell sets her shoos down beside the coat hanger that has one tuxedo jacket hanging form it. She holds up her dress a little higher as she moves her feet in little dancing movements she does when board. Half way across the room the song becomes heavy and slows. Nell stops and stairs at the figures back as she feels her heart clench at this sad song. As the song ends she takes in a breath noticing she was holding it. "That was a beautiful song." His shoulders and head lower in disappointment.

"The reason I have moved to this room is to be alone," Veni begins to play something so random and a little dark. "can't you people realize that?"

"But you see I have traveled so fare just to meet you." Nell forces a small smile.

"Well you can wait a bit longer; until I have cooled off a bit. All those people that are full of hot air makes me dizzy."

"But Veni-"

"Anyways how were you able to get past my servants? They should be stationed at every hall the guests are not allowed through." Nell grins.

'He doesn't know who I am.' "Well your servants are good at what they do. The one I encountered sent me away politely, had no intention of disturbing you, and even called a few other servants to help guard the hall that 'to my knowledge' you were in. So sadly I am better and what I do." Nell stairs at Veni's stiffened back and sighs, softening her tone. "Vine, you of all people should know that the only two people in this house that has a slight chance of catching me are either you or Filat." He doesn't loosen at all but slightly turns his head like he is questioning the words he is hearing. Nell's eyes sadden as she searches for Veni's eyes. "Veni has my voice changed so much . . . or have you really forgotten me?" He stands and turns around to face the sadden woman.

"Nell . . ." Surprising to him Veni's voice came out as a whisper. Nell smiles and quickly closes the gap between them. She embraces him with such warmth that it sends shivers up his spine.

"I have missed you." She tightens her arms around him. He leans his head on hers and slowly hugs her back.

'This isn't a dream Veniamin she is really here, in your arms.' "You're here . . ." He leans back so that he can see her face. Veni brushes the back of his hand over Nell's cheek and sets it on her neck. ". . . you're not a dream." He rests his other hand on the back of her neck as she shakes her head.

"No I'm not." His lips come down on hers with passion and softness. Her fingers intertwine with his hair as his thumbs caress her cheeks. She pulls away from him and leans her forehead onto his chest. Nell's frown is not known to the blissful Veniamin. 'There is no point in making us both unhappy.'


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