There are two groups. The goodie-goodies and the bad. Just thinking about the other side made me want to heave. Anyway, as I was saying, two groups. Now these can be applied to any situation. To politics, to football, to street fights, friends, and school. Now, I'm not going to be normal in this sentence so bear with me. I like my school. Yes I know, you think I'm crazy. But here's the thing. Where I am, the bad rule. So that really puts me on top.

You see, putting hormonal teenagers together will always cause friction. Throw in some magic powers and you've got yourself a battle ground. I'm at the top, the strongest of them all. Then you have someone like Lily, who makes flowers pop everywhere (that, I can tell you, is annoying as hell). Oh, but I'm not going to tell you my power… not just yet anyway. Now where to start… well I could always start a few days before he started. Or the day he started. Hmmmm, l think I'll start a day before he started.


As I walked through the hall, other students passed to get out of my way. I smirked to myself. I always loved coming back after a weekend. All that time without attention, it was a nightmare! Okay, so the school does have dorms for people who are too far to come to every morning so not everyone is gone. But most of them are usually gone!

I entered the classroom which held my first lesson and took my usual seat in the back of the class. The teacher seemed to take one look at me and fear filled his eyes. I smirked to myself and kept my laugher in, knowing it would only just scare the poor fellow even more.

I walked as the others all walked in not looking into my eyes but recognising my presences. When everything was accounted for (Who was missing and who had gained in rank) I nodded to the teacher and he started the lesson. Apart from the whole "I control the school" I actually really wanted to learn. So when I heard the familiar sound of whispers that spread throughout the class room I glared at anyone who dared to speak. They shut up, knowing full well what my gaze felt like from behind.

Honestly, it's like some people didn't want to learn.

The little, incident during the first period made me a bit moody. This happened once or twice during all the lessons up until lunch. So by the time I got to sit with my friends I was a little ticked off, and they knew it. It was sunny outside so I went and took advantage of the heat and I took the table under the shade of the tree. My friends sat around me. Rina, my best friend since when we were 5 years old, sat to my right whilst Edward, my best friend since I was 7, sat to my left. The rest was other friends that I got along well with but also changed depending on what fight had recently happened.

"So, I don't care if you're in a foul mood but have you actually been listening to the whispers?" Rina asked in her sing song voice.

"Why would I? I was actually trying to concentrate on the lesson." I stabbed my fork into my past and forced it into my mouth.

"Well, in the hallway I heard one person talk a little loudly so I asked, as I do, to give me all the details."

"Oh? And what did that entail?"

"Don't get all bitchy on this one, but there's a new transfer student."

A transfer student? How come I'm the last to hear about this? I should have been told. Someone should have come up to me at some point this morning and told me (but I guess they would have just died if they did). I turned to Rina.

"He staying at the dorms?" she nodded. "Does anyone have any idea on what his power maybe?" she shook her head. I turned and had another mouth full of pasta, thinking whilst chewing.

"Some people said he's pretty powerful, almost a match for you Alice." I looked at Edward who had been quite throughout this whole conversation.

"Powerful eh?" I smirked. "We'll see."

The rest of the day passed as normal, lessons were perfect, no more mention of the new guy and Rina and Edward agreed to a movie night in my room. Before I met them I helped with the new guys' class arrangements and the classes that would push him to his limit. Yeah, just because I'm bad doesn't mean that I can't help people learn, god what do you take me for?

When I got back to my room Rina and Edward were waiting patiently outside my door. I smiled and hugged each of them and let them in. I wanted to get up early tomorrow so I could greet the newbie and test him before the others so we watched one movie. Dracula. It was our favourite movie ever since we could understand it when we were little. Edward wondered off to his room and I let Rina sleep in my room.

The next morning was normal. Get ready in the normal shirt and tie, but instead of wearing a skirt I felt like wearing my black ripped skinny jeans and combat boots. I pulled my long black hair into a high ponytail and applied my makeup. Rina did the same. Honestly, if you were just looking at us with a glance you would have thought we were twins, but upon closer inspection out facial structure was different and out eyes. Rina had dark red ones whilst I had bright blue ones.

I had a quick breakfast which consisted of an apple and a glass of orange juice. Rina, Edward and I managed to stand outside the main door before a car drove and parked from the long drive way.

The first thing I noticed was the panther jump out of the back seat and wait quietly for its master. Then HE came out. I looked into his pale silver eyes and recognised him instantly.

A/N: Okay, so this went a little quick but ill slowdown from now on. Also I was trying portray "I'm a royal ass bitch with a little niceness" Did it work? No? Okay… any suggestions on how I can write her attitude out better would be greatly appreciated So, want to try guess who the guy is?