The passions burn bright,

Like fire at night.

An army to stand,

and fight with words not hands.

Bask in the light,

of our fires burning bright.

Human rights of man.

Equality across lands.



Authours Note: As the last thing we are doing in our Civics class, my teacher is teaching us about human rights. I've never even heard about them until earlier today, I'm ashamed to say that's how little I know about the freedoms I have as a person on this Earth. I bet a lot of people my age (6th to about 9th grade) don't know what they are either. Did you know that technically, Gays not being able to get married and adopt children goes against the list of human rigts that the U.N. signed. I support our rights as Homo Sapians on Earth. Do you? Please help me raise awareness of our human rights as people, join the fight for equality, and let our fires burn bright.