Pain ripped through my body like an electric current. I looked down at myself, at the marks that had been spreading for the last few months. They had started a dark purple, like bruises, and now they were the black of oil, weeping all over the white carpeting of my room. Literally, they seemed to grow before my eyes, consuming me, and filling the air with the stench of my rancid flesh and rotting soul.

Somehow, I seemed to be more horrified of the mess I was making now, as the pain faded away into the background. I was overcome with a feeling of utter bliss and contentment, even as the last clear bit of my once human body was covered by the oozing black growth. I was in a place where I didn't have a single care, or worry. The most blessed thing of all, I was without the burdensome responsibility that I had carried for the last twenty-five years.

My body, the stage for this transformation, lay inert on the ground in a pool of its own viscous fluids. I seemed to be floating somewhere above it all. I watched as after a little while, it began to rise up on my former hands and knees. Each movement seemed slow and pained, but slowly it rose and rose, from all fours to the knees. And from the knees to a crouch, and finally stood, dripping.

The face looked into my vanity mirror, across the room, and the thing behind eyes that had once belonged to me examined itself, looking over carefully at itself. This demented vehicle looked nothing like the body that I had resided in until only a scant few minutes before. The thing in the mirror had obsidian claws where my fingers had been, glinting in the lazy sunlight coming through the bedroom curtains. The flesh, what was left of it, seemed mottled, and hard, with the texture of spent wax. Pieces of it cracked and flaked away, and black pus dripped down onto the ruined floor. Now the mouth was lipless, and where brow and cheekbones were supposed to be, the face was covered in ashy scales.

Having caught sight of me in the frenzied eyes, which were the only thing that remained remotely the same, the creature whirled about to face me. It smiled menacingly, and behind the non-existent lips, I saw now that the teeth were not human either. They were the sharp cutting and tearing teeth of a predator. The look on its face gave me no doubt that whatever being was now behind the wheel was completely unhinged. It gibbered madly, startling me, and then reached out to grasp the air, and pulled. I felt a sharp tug on my navel, and as it reached and pulled again, I was jerked forward. Horrified, I looked around for something, anything to hang on to. My hands passed through everything I touched. Helplessly, I allowed myself to be pulled until I was inches from the beast, centimeters from the smell of decay that permeated the entire area around it.

Immersing my hands in the syrupy black mess that covered the chest, I pushed with all my might to escape. A rough barking noise escaped its throat, and I realized that it was laughing at me. Brutally, it pushed my head against its own, fusing me back into the monstrous body. I tried to scream, but there was no sound except for the squelching of the sucking flesh.

When I opened my eyes, I was staring at the wall, and the other being that had shared the room with me was nowhere in sight. As I turned in relief to examine the floor, I caught sight of its feet, and dragged my eyes up the legs and torso to the face, and looked it dead in the eyes. It grinned maliciously at me, as I felt my own face muscles tighten into a grin.

Dancing delightedly out the door, I thought of all the tasty treats waiting for me outside my own front door.