Nova sat in his study, dazed and numb beyond belief. She was gone. The one person he had given himself wholeheartedly to was gone. She just left; no good-byes, no explanations and certainly no apologies that would be far too beneath her for any words along those lines to be uttered from her sinuously tempting lips. But what had he expected really? He had foreseen this happening, her absence should not gnaw at his soul and yet it did.

He had never meant to become so emotionally invested in her, he hadn't meant to crave her touch, her presence, her smile. He closed his eyes and vented out a soft breath, he didn't know when everything had changed, when she went from a passing fling to the very reason he lived and breathed. While the thought unsettled him so, he had loved her, dearly like no other being he had loved before. She had wandered into his life without preamble and proceeded to make him second guess himself and everything he believed in.

She was the very rendition of sin and sexuality, everything about her exuded power and control; she drew him to her like a moth to an open flame. Her touch ignited feelings in him, he had thought long forgotten and her voice was like pure ecstasy to his ears, whispering promises of pleasure and devotion. What a lie it had all been, just a brutal gut wrenching lie.

Jazeera, a shudder rippled throughout his body at the very thought of her, phantom sensations of her touch still lingered on his flesh. She was so beautiful, the demoness was a force to be reckoned with, she wielded her sexuality like a weapon, a dangerously sharpened blade that she used to pierce his heart. Nova considered himself an exceptionally cunning demon but he was no match for her, she had enticed him, intrigued him to the point where he could think of nothing else but her. Her skin the color of rich earth, her thick black hair framing her perfect face and rippling like water down her back and her eyes. The thought of those piercing violet orbs sent a painful stab of arousal straight through him and he groaned softly, shifting in his seat.

He almost felt ashamed at how much control she had over him, even now he was pining for her, her scent, her touch, everything. She controlled him and he had loved it, Nova was used to being in charge taking command but Jazeera had reversed the rolls swiftly and he did nothing to stop it. She controlled his pleasure, she controlled his pain and he longed for that control right now. He would do just about anything to have her back; he would give anything and everything.

He sighed and leaned forward on his elbows lacing his fingers together and staring blankly at the wall, he wasn't really sure how long he sat there like that but he was abruptly brought out of his brooding by a sudden noise. He inhaled sharply and his ear quirked at the sound, the white haired male held still for several seconds, listening for the disturbance again. When he heard nothing, he chalked it up to the age of his home and resumed his sulking in silence.

He was so caught up in his musings that he didn't even hear the click of the door opening, nor the soft clack of heeled shoes hitting the floor…..

Nova only looked up when his intruder was mere feet away from him, standing in the doorway of his study leaning against the door frame. The stoic male resisted the strong urge to jump and widen his eyes in surprise; he merely glanced up and narrowed his eyes to dangerous slits, glaring at the figure in his doorway. He felt a growl bubbling in his throat but his face betrayed nothing that he felt at the moment, but even then he was unsure what he felt.

"Jazeera," he said lowly, his baritone voice rumbling in the deafening silence, "What are you doing here?"

She said nothing, she slowly pushed herself from the door frame and sauntered over to his desk, stopping just short of it and crossing her arms under her bust. Her violet eyes glowed in the low light, piercing whatever she cast her gaze upon; Nova cursed himself thoroughly at the almost imperceptible shiver that ran down his spine.

Her silence only made the anger he felt intensify, "How did you get in here?" he asked moving his hands away from his face and sitting up in his chair.

"Through the door obviously," she all but purred at him, she looked at him through her thick lashes and her full lips curved slightly in a smirk.

Nova's face remained blank, impassive as it always was but the barely restrained rage could be heard in his voice, "Why have you come?"

Her smirk grew into a small smile, "Now Nova," she purred, making her way around the desk, "What kind of owner would I be, if didn't make sure my favorite pet was…" she sat on the desk, directly in front of him, crossing her legs and leaning back on her hands, "properly cared for." She finished with a breathy sigh.

The white haired male felt, a tingle of arousal wormed its way through his body and he cursed himself. He should be angry with her, he regained his bearings and glared at her now, "Pet?" he spat back at her.

"Why yes," she said cocking her head to the side and still smirking, "What did you think you were?"

He opened his mouth for a retort but the words would just not form, he was shocked beyond belief. No one had ever dared to speak to him this way, so disrespectful, so hurtful….

He couldn't deny that her words had struck something deep within his being and he felt himself inwardly deflate. Why did he love this woman? He couldn't even think of a valid reason to give himself, the rational part of his mind told him to kick her out or even strike her for her blatant disrespect, but he couldn't do it. All he could do was stare at her dumbly, he finally closed his mouth and caught her grinning at him, her shoulders shaking with mirth.

Nova felt his anger return and he abruptly stood from his seat, in a flash he was on her, looming over her menacingly. His crimson eyes bore into hers and he bared his fangs, he planted his hands on either sides of her hips on the desk.

"Get out." He ground out, "I don't want to see your face again for as long as I live."

She scoffed at him, her smile ever present, "No."

His whole body jerked at the word, no? Just who did she think she was? He could feel himself trembling with rage and her sickeningly arousing smile only made him want to wring her pretty little neck.

"I'm in no mood for your games Jazeera, leave." He stated more firmly.

Her response was to chuckle, "I'm not going anywhere."

He inhaled sharply and leaned in closer, so close their noses were almost touching, "Either you walk out of here or you can leave in pieces, either way I want you gone."

She laughed openly at him now and before he could think about it he had wrapped his hands around her throat and slammed her roughly into the surface of his desk. He held his grip around her throat and leaned into her, his bright crimson eyes glowing dangerously, Jazeera's smirk was still plastered on her face.

"You don't scare me Nova," she chuckled softly even under his grip around her throat, "In fact it's quite the opposite, you're hilarious."

A growl rippled through his chest as his grip tightened around her, "Really now?"

"Yes," she said wincing slightly at the hold, his claws digging into her flesh, "You think you're in control? Nova, I own you."

His jaw went slack, as he stared at her. Did she really just say that? He couldn't believe it, in all his years of existence no one had ever dared to say anything along those lines; in fact he had killed for lesser reasons. So why couldn't he do anything? What was stopping him? His inability to respond made her laugh at him again, and this time he could do nothing but stare back at her. All the fight had drained out of him; all of the rage, the pain, all that was left was hurt.

"Nova," she purred, "Get off of me."

He blinked a few times but slowly complied, releasing his grip around her throat and easing himself off of her. He stepped back and she sat up, tossing her hair and rubbing at her neck, she let her eyes rake up and down his body until they finally settled back on his face. She leaned back on her hands and gave him a sultry smirk.

"Sit down." She ordered soundly.

He didn't know what he was thinking but he did as he was told, he plopped down into his plush leather swivel chair, slouching with his legs parted slightly. Jazeera then lifted her high heeled foot to his chest and planted it there. His breath left him in a huff and he winced slightly at the heel of her shoe stabbing him painfully in the middle of his chest. He gave her a confused look but said nothing, Jazeera seemed to like this.

Her eyes darkened as she looked at him, she ran her tongue over her fangs and licked her lips, "Lick it." She stated.

Nova just stared at her for a few seconds, unsure if he had heard her right, "I don't think—"

She cut him off by pushing her heel further into his chest, enough to break the skin, "I wasn't asking my dear,"

He hesitated but brought his hands up shakily to cradle her foot and gently lift it to his mouth. She watched him all the while as he tentatively darted his tongue out and ran a small swipe across the front of her shoe. She made a small hum of approval so he continued, running his tongue along the length of her shoe, over the top and even the bottom.

He shifted in his seat, he couldn't believe he was growing hard from this; it was disgusting, degrading, humiliating….but he couldn't help but to want more. He would do it for her, anything for her, if only she knew but then again, perhaps she knew all too well.

"That's a good boy," she said finally pulling her foot away from his face; she leaned back further on the desk resting on her elbows and spreading her legs obscenely. He couldn't help the soft groan that left his lips at the sight; she chuckled and beckoned him with a finger. He complied sliding out of his seat and sinking to his knees in front of her, he crawled closer until he was right in between her legs.

She smiled at him and ran a hand through his short white locks; he leaned into her touch and looked at her reverently.

"Now my pet, it's time to please your master." She crooned, "Touch me."

He didn't know how it had come to this; every rational part of his brain was screaming at him to end this, to throw her out but he couldn't. For some reason unknown to him, he wanted to please her, he felt his member harden even further in his pants as he ran his hands up the length of her legs. He gently removed her shoes and kissed his way up her clothed legs; he kissed the insides of her thighs and delighted in the slight shiver that left her.

He deftly undid her pants and pulled them down her legs, lavishing each inch of skin that was revealed to him. He paused momentarily to take in her expression, her eyes had darkened with lust and her lips were slightly parted, Nova wanted nothing more than to take her right then and there. He made his way back to her apex and slowly removed her panties, pulling them to her ankles and throwing them somewhere. His eyes locked onto her glistening smooth center and he inhaled deeply, his cock had grown painfully hard in to confines of his pants and he couldn't help but to roughly cup the bulge that had formed there.

Nova was awarded with a sharp slap to the face, his head whipped to the side and his eyes widened slightly as he turned to look back at her. Her expression was unreadable.

"Did I say you could touch yourself?" she said dangerously low.

He swallowed audibly, "N-no." he cursed himself inwardly, at the sound of his own voice.

"I want your hands on me and nowhere else." She said leaning back on her elbows again.

He nodded eagerly and shifted closer to her slit, he gently ran the pad of his finger along the length, eliciting a sharp inhale from her. He repeated the action a few times before moving in with his tongue, he ran his tongue along the length of her center before deftly diving into her moist folds. Jazeera let out a loud moan at that and Nova groaned aching to touch himself, he could feel his cock twitching and pulsating with his arousal.

He lapped eagerly at her, flicked her clit and probing his index finger at her entrance, he could feel her card her fingers through his hair to urge him closer and he complied with vigor. He plunged his finger into her and worked it, in and out at a steady pace. She rolled her hips and ground herself into his face, moaning loudly and cursing profusely.

Nova whimpered slightly as he added a second finger, feeling her walls contract around them in the ghost of an orgasm. He scissored his fingers inside of her and continued to flick her clit with his tongue, occasionally drawing it into his mouth to suck on it harshly.

He delighted in her cries as they got louder and more desperate, he removed his fingers from her sodden core and replaced it with his tongue, darting it in and out swiftly. She held him close and ground herself into him, bucking helplessly, Nova began to thrust into nothing, aching for any kind of friction at this point.

Finally her body went taut and she let out a long and breathy moan, the walls of her sex contracted around his tongue as she came in his mouth. Nova lapped and sucked at her entrance, tasting her sweet essence, feeling like he was going to explode. He worked her through the aftershocks and she finally went lax against the surface of the desk, panting harshly.

She stayed like that for a few moments and Nova shifted impatiently, she stirred and looked at him lazily, "Such a good pet," she drawled, "I suppose I should give you a reward." She gave him a grin.

"Stand up and strip." She ordered, lifting herself from the desk to remove the rest of her clothing.

He complied swiftly, shedding his clothes in record time, groaning as his member was released from its confines. He stared at her expectantly, shivering as she let her hungry gaze rake up and down his naked body. She hummed in approval and shed the rest of her clothes as well, she motioned for him to come to her once again and he could do nothing but comply.

He stood in front of her and though he was almost a foot taller than her, he could not help the feeling of weakness he got whenever she was around him. How she could make him bend to her every whim, he did not know and he didn't think he cared at the moment. She smirked slightly and stepped around him, making her way behind him and running her clawed finger lightly down his spine. He shivered openly, letting out a desire filled sigh.

She then placed her palm flat on his back, "Bend over." She ordered soundly.

He paused but complied, bending over the desk, bracing himself on his palms. He looked back at her hesitantly, waiting for her next order. She gripped the back of his neck, her claws digging into his skin as she pushed him further into the desk, his torso came flush with the cool surface and his cheek was pressed hard against the wood. He attempted to crane his neck to see her, to try and figure out what she had in store but the grip on his neck discouraged that notion. He let out a breath through his nose and let his body go lax against the surface, his unbearable arousal not waning in the slightest.

He nearly jumped when he felt her bare foot nudge the inside of his calf and she leaned over his body, her breasts pushed flush against his back.

"Spread your legs."

He complied, albeit nervously. He slowly, slid his legs apart a slight blush of embarrassment darkening his features a little more. He felt so open, so exposed to her but he would do, if only to please her.

He heard her hum in approval and sighed as her hand trailed down his body, she lightly nipped and bit his shoulder.

"Such a good pet." She purred and he could only let out a small moan. He loved her, he loved her so much it hurt. He was wrapped around her finger and he didn't care in the slightest, he craved her touch, needed it like a drug an addiction.

His breath hitched when he felt her right hand palm his buttocks and her left raked up and down his side. She continued to grope and grab him roughly and Nova felt himself grow slightly anxious at her actions. Just what was she going to do to him?

His whole body jerked and he let out a slight noise of surprise when her fingers found his opening and lightly circled the tight ring of muscle. His eyes widened and he craned his neck to look at her, his blush deepening even more. She stared at him evenly, not moving her finger only adding more pressure to it, he felt so hot, burning up and he couldn't fathom why.


"Shhhh, it's alright, let me take care of you." She whispered to him, running her hand up and down his body in a comforting gesture.

He stared at her for a minute and nodded minutely, letting his head fall back onto the desk. He squirmed a bit at her ministrations and bit his lip to cut off a moan. No one had ever touched him there, no one had ever dared. It seemed so wrong, so dirty but he was helpless to stop the new flush of arousal that tore through his body. Suddenly her finger disappeared and before he could stop himself he let out a mewl of disappointment.

Seconds later her fingers returned, slick with her arousal as she circled the tight opening once more. She added pressure until the tip of her finger sunk in, Nova sucked in a sharp breath tensing up.

She groped and massaged his ass, urging him to relax as she pushed in deeper and deeper, the ring of muscle tensing and flexing. When she was in to the knuckle, he let out a soft moan and found himself beginning to push back into the contact. Slowly, she began to pump her finger in and out of him setting up a steady rhythm.

He didn't know what to feel at first, there was a slight burn when she had entered him but it quickly faded into something else. He could feel himself flexing and rippling around her finger and barely managed to stifle the moan that wanted to leave him. He found himself rocking into her touch, his breathing coming in harsh pants as she added another digit and then another.

This time he couldn't help but cry out at the sensation, this feeling of being filled like this. It was like nothing he had ever experienced, his cocked throbbed and ached to be touch. She pumped her three fingers in and out of him faster now and he let out a whorish moan, meeting her thrust for thrust.

It felt amazing; he felt he could come from this alone. Heat pooled at the pit of his stomach as his peak neared, the tight opening rippled spasmodically. Just when he thought he could take no more, Jazeera reached between his body and the desk, taking a firm hold of his erection and stroking him swiftly.

His body arched and a blinding heat raced through his body, rocking him to his core as he climaxed. His cocked jumped and twitched, thick spurts of his release splatting on the desk, his stomach and Jazeera's hand. She stroked him through the aftershocks, before finally the last feeble spurt left him and he slumped onto the table.

Nova was left in a blissful daze as she slowly removed her fingers from him with a wet pop and giving his ass on last squeeze before stepping away.

When he finally caught his breath, he turned his head to look back at her.

Immediately shamed burned its way through his body like an all-consuming fire, at this point he wanted nothing more than curl into a ball and disappear forever. How could he let her do this to him? Never in all of his years did he let himself be put into such a submissive position, never did he let someone utterly control and dominate him this way.

But for her, he had bent over his desk and spread his legs like a good little bitch. Oh, the humiliation he felt, he didn't possibly think he would ever live this down.

He quickly turned away from her and let his face rest on the desk, his eyes burned with tears and he ground his teeth together so hard he could fell them chipping.

A whimper left his throat when he felt her claws running up the length of his back, he could feel her amusement. He could hear her laughing at him, this was all just a game to her, she was just toying with him.

"Did you enjoy that?" she said softly, running her hands up to lace her fingers through his hair.

His mouth refused to open, now she wanted him to acknowledge it? She wanted him to recognize that he actually enjoyed her torment?

"Please…" he whispered out in a trembling voice.

"Please what? You have to speak up my dear." She said mockingly sweet.

"Don't make me say it," he pleaded, he thought he would explode from the mere thought of voicing something like that.

She laughed at him, again. Her whole body shaking with mirth as she laughed at his expense, a small part of him thought her laugh was beautiful and took a small joy that he had caused it.

"What's the matter? The evidence is all here," she said reaching under him to smear her hand through his release, she quickly brought her hand up and shoved her fingers into his mouth before he could pull away. He grunted as she forcefully shoved her clawed fingers coated with his seed into his mouth, he could have thrown her off but he did nothing. He laid there pliant and open, completely at her disposal.

"What's wrong with voicing your pleasure?" she purred to him, watching him suckle and lick her fingers clean.

She finally pulled her fingers out of his mouth and just watched him, he could feel her eyes roving over him, judging him. He felt like he had been flayed open, like the world no longer made any sense.

He nearly cried out when her hands were on him again, mapping out his body, making their way to his buttocks once again. She kneaded and massaged the firm flesh there just as she did before, taking time to circle his opening with her finger again.

To his utter horror, he could feel his member stirring again. How could he derive any pleasure from this? She was humiliating him in the worst way possible but all he could think about was how she was touching him. Just the fact that she was here was enough to get his blood going, he wanted her, he wanted her so much it hurt. He would take anything, he would do anything, even if it meant this was the only way.

"You little faggot," she sneered out harshly, "You love this don't you?"

His mouth pressed together in a hard line and he could find the words he wished to say, what could he say? He knew he enjoyed this, the sensations he was receiving, nerves being set on fire that he didn't even know were there. It was utter bliss, a pleasure he had never known and she was making him feel dirty for it.

Nova was unable to stop the long moan that left him when she entered him again, she shoved three fingers into him abruptly and he jerked slightly at the burn. But the burn was exquisite and the stretch made his stomach tighten.

She pumped her digits in and out of him, sneering at him all the while, mocking him.

And he took it.

He could feel the pleasure building rapidly this time, his whole body felt tense as liquid fire burned in his veins. His jaw went slack as he rose on his toes, she kept hitting his prostate making his brain fritz out and his eyes cross at the feeling.

He couldn't help it, the orgasm came without warning and ripped through him like a storm. His back bowed and he let out a silent scream, he shook through his release his cum coating his stomach adding to what was already there and the desk.

She didn't even have to stroke him this time, he came just from her fingers in his ass. What had she turned him into? What had she done to make him crave this type of humiliation?

His eyes burned and tears fell forth freely, running down his face and pattering on the desk. His body still tingling with his orgasm and Jazeera's fingers still deep inside of him. A choked sob broke free as he levered himself up onto his hands.

She finally withdrew her fingers and he could hear her gathering her clothes behind him. He didn't dare turn around, he didn't dare look at her. He hadn't cried since he was a small child but Jazeera had shattered his heart and broke through his barriers in a matter of minutes. He couldn't believe he had allowed that to happen.

He listened as she circled his desk and she exited his study without a word, she said nothing as she left him alone.

He stared after her, dazed, hurt and utterly broken. She owned him, she had proven that tonight. She controlled him, she had his body, she had his mind and she had his heart. He loved her so much that he willingly allowed himself to be subjected to this.

It was sick, it made him want to purge…..but all he could think was if she would come see him tomorrow.