Chapter Five: 21, 981 notes

"Thank you very much!"

The smile refused to leave Jack's face as he pressed the end call button. As soon as the person on the other end could no longer hear, he let out a loud cheer that the whole apartment block probably heard. He felt somewhat disappointed that Cameron and Anna weren't here, but he supposed it didn't matter – he'd tell them as soon as he saw them.

That he'd made it to the final interview .

It had been Cameron who'd found about the opening through his own job; he'd overheard his boss talking to a visiting client and did the most Cameron-like thing he could: butted in. Anna had almost fainted when she'd heard Cameron had shoved Jack's CV at some poor and oblivious stranger – and in front of his own boss too! But, it had worked. There Jack was, standing with an idiotic smile on his face, writing his interview date on the calendar for an interpreting job.

A job where he could actually do the thing he loved doing.

Things really were looking up, weren't they?

Putting the pen back on the counter, Jack sat back down in front of his laptop and finished sending the email to Andrew – he'd decided that he should talk to his younger brother more frequently, but had taken three days just to right this first email. Pressing send was like reaching the top of Everest.

Clicking back onto the Tumblr tab, Jack sighed at the amount of asks he had. Really, most of them were just the same questions over and over again. Oh well, he better get back to replying to them. He'd only done a few when he came across a private message – one that brought a smile to his face.

A few days ago, he'd sent a message to the popular blogger that Anna had asked to promote Jack's post. He figured it was about time he thanked her for everything she'd done.

Yikes, no need to thank me! I find the whole thing irresistibly cute and romantic – though I'm sure you're sick of hearing that by now! You seem like a really good guy, so let me know if there's anything else I can help you out with! I'm just hoping you've at least heard something about Biscuit by now! Oh, and sorry about replying so late: I've been super busy with orchestra practice these last two days. –From noshitsuperwholock (aka. Clarice)

She was a nice girl, and popular for posting about fandoms that Jack had barely heard of. Well, that wasn't true; what self-respecting Brit didn't know about Doctor Who? But honestly, he'd never been a big fan of it – or the other two main fandoms Clarice was into. Well, he was learning about it after following her, since it was all over his dash.

He fiddled with the lucky woven bracelet around his wrist. Shaking his head, he quickly sent her a reply.

I honestly think I've heard the word 'romantic' more times in the past few weeks than ever before in my life – and that's including the time I watched Pride and Prejudice with my gran. But yes, I do have to thank you. No news yet, but I don't really expect to, if I'm honest. Was it you who started the 'Biscuit' thing? (Oh? What instrument do you play?) - Jack

The reply was almost immediate.

Well better get your Mr. Darcy costume on, because that word will be coming your way for a while to come, I bet! Aw, it's a shame. I'm sure she's out there somewhere! I… may have something to do with the arrival of that particular nickname… (I play violin. Just got a rock-solid solo!) – From Clarice

Yeah, well even if she is out there, I doubt she'll want a 'live broadcast' of our 'beautiful and tear-filled reunion' if it happens – which is the request I'm mostly getting at the moment. Wow thanks, I'm just as thrilled to be 'shipped' with a food as she is to be referred to as one, I'm sure. (Hey, that's pretty damn impressive, congrats!) – Jack

Ah, you don't need to do that! (Just make sure you let me know so I can fly over to England and see it for myself!) And hey, I'd give anything to be shipped with food. Like, me and popcorn would have so much in common. (Thanks! Haha!) – From Clarice

Chuckling, Jack postponed replying for a moment and immediately made a text post.

'I ship noshitsuperwholock and popcorn'

In a small village, just an hour's bus ride from the city, a girl was pacing her room back and forth – refusing to believe what she'd just seen, heard and read. She was waiting for the familiar beep to alert her that her best friend had logged into Skype.

Sure enough, it sounded.

In a spectacular leap across her room and into her desk chair, she went to type out a message to her friend, but was apparently beaten.

Confusionimminent: Have you calmed down yet, Nessa?

She let out an audible groan before replying.

You: No. No I have not.

Confusionimminent: Well can you hurry up and do so? I wanted to talk about the Homestuck update…

You: And I wanted to talk about the poor dude who's looking for you all over tumblr!

Confusionimminent: Oh that? Yeah, you mentioned something about that in your hour long rant down the phone last night. It also seems to be all over my dashboard.

You: How did you not see it on your dash before now?!

Confusionimminent: I also sort of scroll past those things. There's more important posts to see.

You: Is gay porn of fictional characters really that important?

Confusionimminent: Yes.

You: Oh my god….hjnyyuhht

Dropping her head and smashing it against her keyboard, Vanessa let out something that lay between a sob and another groan. Really, her best friend had mentioned talking for two hours to some stranger in the city a few weeks ago, but hadn't made a big deal out of it. Now that stranger was broadcasting his need to thank the girl over the internet, and she was making out like she didn't care at all?

Confusionimminent: Sorry, I can't find 'hjnyyuhht' in the dictionary, you're going to have to explain that one, Nessa.

You: You have to send him a message. You HAVE to.

Confusionimminent: No I don't. He'll forget about it all soon enough.

You: You'll run into him sooner or later: you live in the same fricking city.

Confusionimminent: That may be true, but exams are in a few weeks: I doubt I'll be leaving my flat for anything other than 3am McDonalds trips.

You: Stop joking around and answer seriously. Why won't you talk to him?

It was a long time before Vanessa got a reply; she spent the wait watching the icon on skype change from writing to deleting.

Confusionimminent: I'm not the hero he thinks I am.