Lover's Song

It has been a long ten years since I have heard the song,

The song that painted a smile on my face whenever she was near,

The song that put me at ease while away from the sea,

The song that stopped still when death came knocking on my lover's door.

I fish at sea to numb my pain.

And suddenly,

I hear her song being sung in her voice,

It reaches across time to touch me.

Fact and fiction begin to blur,

There is no difference between the living and the dead

And I am drawn to it,

I am drawn to her.

She sits alone on a rock

And when I get close her salty lips touch mine.

"Sing your song once more." I say, wanting the moment to last.

She repeats the lyrics of her siren song,

Long nails digging into my skin,

I feel such sweet pain

And regret nothing.

~ phantom130 5 (June 2013)