How The Turtle Got It's Shell

There was a turtle who had no shell. But he had a friend named Crabby. One day Crabby and turtle went for a swim. They watched for tiger sharks, then a tiger shark came. It was after Crabby., "Oh no! It's after Crabby!" turtle said. He blew seaweed into the shark's eyes. "Who turned out the lights?" he said and swam away.

"Thanks for saving me" said turtle's new friend,

"Don't be worried, I saved you twice."

"Really! Thank you! Oh, wait! I have a turtle shell in my shell. It's so hard a tiger shark can't chew it. I want you to have it."

"R-really? I-I=it's beautiful, thanks Crabby!"

One day Crabby wanted to play in the sand. The turtle went in the water and saw the tiger shark, the shark saw him "He's not the same turtle but he looks good", He went after him. "Stop!" the turtle said. "I deserve to die, so chew me instead!" he said, trying to protect his friend Crabby. "Well, let's eat!" said the shark. He was ready to bite, "Whaaa! Mommmy!" he cried as he ran away" The shark never bothered him again.