The Phantom of Broadway
Act I Scene I
Broadway Behind the scenes before a very important play
Helvecta James: (In a Rage to Montana) What are you saying!? that my agent is quitting because she thinks I am not going to go to Vegas and be in Romeo and Juliet, and she won't support me, and what a time like this, I wouldn't even have the lead oh why me how could this happen to me?
Montana Louisiana: (Quiet and shy) Um, Mrs. James you are on in 5. Maybe you should finish getting ready for your, um, star performance.
Helvecta: Oh, right, that is very good advice I am after all the most revered actress in all of Broadway. (Giggles in fake bashfulness and bats eyes and begins to walk on stage for performance)
Scene Director: And we are on in 5...4...3...2... And begin!ACTION
(Play begins)
Play Announcer: And now we continue The Taming Of The Shrew! (EXITS PLAY ANNOUNCER)
Helvecta: (Walks onto stage) Oh, dear father, my books will...( A large 80 pound weight falls from the ceiling heading for Helvecta but misses.) AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
The Phantom: (From nowhere visible) I am the Phantoooom of Broadwaaay! I asked for box 10 to be reserved, but you denied me my privileges. Nor paid my salary, this will NOT be the last you hear of me, Humans. And you will be sorry.
Helvecta: Excuse me but I do not think you have the right to reserve boxes for Phantoms or Poltergeists or ghosts of any sort of un-human thing be gone Phantom of Broadway! I am warning you! Get Out!
(From audience)
Mrs. Tanner: Well I never... I thought The Phantom left many years ago, I assure you I will be reporting this to the police and your manager... Humph (Exits stage in a huff)
Mr. Tanner: Yes I will be telling my side of the story as well. You would think that a place like this would have enough finances to support a full investigation!
Mary Yirig: No! if we do it will only provoke her more. The scene will continue, with Raina Rowlington playing the lead and Cameron Daya (Dae FRENCH) in Arthur Manding's spot. And we will give you the ending of the play from scene 10. Enjoy! (EXITS MARY YIRIG)
Gem Yirig: (Aside to Raina) you will do fine I am sure anyway, you get to be playing a little wife and hubby for a few minutes anyway! A little trailer to the feature presentation that will be entering theaters July 24th at the Presbyterian Church!
Raina Rowlington: I don't like you. And anyway it's not funny, true love is-
Gem: Ok don't go getting all mushy on me! Just go perform.
Raina: But what if I-
Cameron Daya: Hey looks like we get to perform together see ya on stage! (Winks at Raina EXITS CAMERON DAYA)
Raina: Oh joy.
Act I Scene II
After Play during an after-party that is taking place in the basement of the playhouse.
Cameron: That was an interesting play but at least Helvecta finally quit.
Raina: Yeah she was like, well there's no real way to describe her, I guess a snob would work.
Cameron: Hey Gordon, (To man standing talking to the dancers) this is my fiancée Raina, Raina this is Gordon. He worked with me when I was a stage director, he was my assistant.
Raina: Nice to meet you Gordan, (Gordan winks and smiles) (Raina to Cameron) I'm gonna go talk to Gem and Melanie.( Walks over to left stage)
(Knock at door)
Gordon: I'll get it! (Opens door)
Quiet Old man: Hmm, I guess you haven't heard... There has been a murder... Paul Yirig has been killed, he was found with a rope around his neck strangling him. I suppose the party is over now. Good night.(Turns to leave)
Gem: That's my...that's my...that' (Faints)
Cameron: Please be quiet, Raina call an ambulance for Gem. I am going to go down and take a look around, come on Gordon.
Act I Scene iii
After the party was over they walked to find Paul's mangled body
Cameron: Oh my God! (Fakes Throw-Up)
Gordan: (Hasn't seen body) Oh don't be such a... (Sees the body) ahhhhhhhhhhh (jumps up into Cameron's arms)
Cameron: (Strained) Woah dude, (Sets him down) lay off the bacon.
Gordon: Well excuse me for liking pork. But we got other things to worry about than my dieting habits. Oh god, well we know he's dead...really really...dead... (Runs away from the body)
Phantom:(Unseen) I told you that you would see me again, and you will see me after this time if you don't return to me for which i am paying you for with peace. Return it to me or you'll be sorry. I have, just to insure your behavior, I will be around you Theater, and you need not look for me but only look out for the results of my anger.
I hope you have a nice day.
Raina: Oh my god Cameron you're o.k. (Put hand on heart) Come on lets go.
Phantom: (appears on stage) Now I speak directly to you Raina, You must keep your nose out of this business and mustn't ever see... ugh...him again. Go now! Leave.
Raina: No. I won't leave.
Phantom: Oh but you will, I have plans for this man to become the best actor in the
Broadway theater and you will be proud but to do this you must go, leave or I will do to you what I have done to Paul Yirig... GO!
Raina: No... I ain't goin...
Phantom: GOOOOOO!
Raina: You will regret that! (Leaves the stage)
Phantom: Hello.
Cameron: Why are you using me to do your dirty work. I am not going to murder any more kittens than I did when I ran over them in my i am so good at killing them they never see me comin hahaha. Yeah but let's not talk about my flaws.
Phantom: I am using you because i want to. DEAL WITH IT.
Cameron: Feisty.I like it. Oh wait no I don't. so that means let me go
Phantom: I will never let you go.
Cameron:oh yes you will
Phantom: oh no i won't
Cameron: oh yes you will
Phantom: Ok look you are going to be my little puppet now you just sit down and I will explain what you have to do. Do this and I will leave your girl friend-
Cameron: FIANCE
Phantom: Fiance and the rest of the Yirig family and everyone in Broadway alone. (Takes off turban)
Cameron: why would you do that and woah you're a girl!
Phantom: (In girl voice) Yeah, so look. I can't go onstage and sing because... well never mind that but anyway I want you to act and become famous but your face will represent me and my works. You (Curtseys) will be my mask.(Points to mask on face)
Cameron: O.k but you leave Raina out of this.
Phantom: We'll see about that.
Cameron: Don't kill anybody any more though because if you do they will find you and and and arrest you for Murder.
Phantom: They can't arrest a ghost or phantom. Tell me-
Cameron: Cameron.
Phantom: Yeah... I don't really care, but anyway tonight did you like performing on the stage?
Cameron: I uh- I - Hey actually I did. But if you have to drop weights to get me roles I don't want to help you er- show your- talent-or whatever.
Phantom: (Snickers) I know where your girlfriend-
Cameron: FIANCE!
Phantom: Whoa Whoa. Don't get offended. Does she know you're engaged or did you
Phantom: Ok. I thought maybe that she was forced to be married. But I know where your Fiance lives. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to tell your fiance to sleep with her

Act I Scene IV
Before the play Sound Of Music where Cameron plays the lead.
Montana: Omg so you're tellin' me who i gotta work for when I wanna work for Helvecta.
Mary Yirig: Well you signed up for this job and in the contract it said you must work for whomever I tell you to.
Montana: Uh... pfft yeah right, if you made another copy. But anyway I will do it only cause I am not gonna end up on the street. I will go get that stupid Daya boy's costume until I get a replacement. Bye. Uh what's your name?
Mary: Your Boss. Got it?
Montana: Pffffffffffffffft.(EXITS STAGE)
GEM : What is it?
Mary: Where is Raina. She has the other lead role of Maria. Get Her in here now we are on it 3 minutes!
GEM : Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Raina! (SLINKS OFF STAGE. EXIT MEG) (Enter Meg with Raina.
Raina:(ENTER RAINA To Raina) Well Meg Montana forgot to give me my script until yesterday so I spent like half the night memorizing it. Hey Mary you should fire that chick she is so irresponsible.
Mary: I really have thought about it but I guess until I find a replacement I have to keep her.
Mary: Oh well i keep forgetting what you scream at me. It's so easy to forget what I did three weeks ago.
GEM : Well she forgot the Cream in my coffee. That is a sin.
Montana: No I put Milk in it.
GEM : I don't see any cream though.
Montana: So? Isn't milk good enough?
GEM : If I'd wanted milk I would've ask for it!
Mary: Shut it Gem.
GEM : No I want CREAM!
Montana: Fine! i will go get cream!
Mary: STOP!
GEM and Montana stop.
Raina: Oh I'm on. Sorry.
GEM : Break a leg!
Montana: Literally!
GEM : Argggggggg. MOM!
Mary: Look GEM it's my theater mind your own business and you better get dressed you're up next.
GEM : Fine with it then!
(GEM and Mary both storm off)
Act One Scene V
The Party Scene
Cameron: Another great performance.
Raina: Yeah I know. I love you baby.
Cameron: Love you too, babe.i
(Crash of light from the ceiling and the limp body of Montana drops from the ceiling. )
Raina: OMG! I thought he said that he would leave us alone.
Cameron: Well, I sorta made an agreement and it ain't no dude. It's a chick.
Raina: What sorta agreement, your not?
Cameron: I'm not what...I ain't in love with her...No what are you talking about babe, I don't like... I AM IN LOVE WITH A PHANTOM! ( The Phantom thanks Alex! Thank you Alex- Phantom)
Raina: I can't believe it, it being that thing controlling you!
( cameron Kisses Raina, then Kisses Phantom)
GEM : Dude... Don't double dip...It's not healthy.
PHantom: So raise your glass if you are human...
( Everyone but Cameron raises their glass.)
Phantom: and I'm a phantom, hidin behind a mask. I will never leave, never le-e-e-e-eave this place, if you don't give me what I'm askin for!
Cameron: Why so Phantomish
Phantom: So,(Repeats song one more time.)
Raina: You'll never get Cameron!
Phantom: Oh, but I already have, he fell for me! (Blushes)
Cameron: Well, I'm done with you!
Phantom: Then I will never leave you or your girlfriend...
Cameron and Raina: FIANCE!
Phantom:FIANCE, alone! You will never see the end of me if you do not fulfil my orders! (evil laugh, then poofs out)
Act II Scene i
Later After The Party
Cameron: I'm sorry I got you into this mess, babe!
Raina: It's OK as long as you are alright, I won't hold it against you!
Cameron: But, it is all my fault, I was already engaged to the most wonderful girl in the world! You shouldn't be so sympathetic.
Raina: So, I take it you were engaged with the Phantom?
Cameron: Babe, what are you saying? You just said that you wouldn't hold it against me!
Raina: What so now you can't take a joke? What ever happened to your wonderful sense of humor? Or did IT take that from you too?
Cameron: I'm still the same person Raina! I should have known you were kidding, but right now I don't have a clue with you!
(Cameron and Raina storm out on separate sides of the stage)
Act II Scene ii
Cameron's Dressing Room
Cameron: Who needs Raina? I have a phantom on my side for crying out loud!
Phantom: I am not a phantom, I am the Phantom!
Cameron: When did you get here?
Phantom: I am the Phantom I appear and disappear whenever and wherever I please.
Cameron: This is my dressing room, you can't just pop in!
Phantom: Well I think that I can considering I AM THE PHANTOOOM OF BROADWAAAY! Anyway the point is are you going to help me or protect your, fiance!
Cameron: Me and Raina had a horrible fight, she said...
Phantom: I know I heard it all!
Cameron: How?
Phantom: I was there!
Cameron: Well, you could have let your appearance be more known. You could have helped me get Raina back on my side.
Phantom: Well, have you ever considered the fact that you might not belong with HER! Maybe you belong with a not so earthly being, maybe a ghost, a spirit, the supernatural.
Cameron: What are you getting at?
Phantom: Do I have to spell it out?
Cameron: Yes please!
Phantom: Just kiss me Cameron! I'm better than her, even if she is your fiance!
Cameron: I can't believe I was so stupid to betray you for her, or to betray her for you!
Phantom: About that kiss?
Cameron: But, if Raina finds out that I kissed you again, we might not be married in a couple months.
Phantom: Who cares about Raina? I won't tell. (flirty) And I don't think you will tell her either.
( Cameron kisses the Phantom)
( Phantom poofs out)
Act II Scene iii
Raina's Dressing Room
Raina: What was I thinking I just lost the most wonderful man of my life, I hope we're still engaged.
Phantom: You wish!
Raina: When did you get here, and more importantly how?
Phantom: I am the Phantom of Broadway, like I told your boyfriend-
Raina: Fiance!
Phantom: Fiance, that since I am the Phantom of Broadway I can appear and disappear whenever and wherever I please!
Raina: This is my dressing room, you can't just pop in!
Phantom: Funny, you're boyfriend said the exact same thing, so you'll get the same response. I think I can considering I am the Phantom of Broadway!
Raina: Fiance
Phantom: So, you think.
Raina: What are you trying to say?
Phantom: Maybe he isn't quite as faithful as you think!
Raina:What do you know about Cameron? What's going on and... Why am I trusting you all you want is for him to love you and that won't happen.
Phantom: Well maybe it will maybe it won't.
Raina: Why are you doing this? He will act only for his own self and not for you. He is not your puppet and you are not his master. Why can't I just have my boyfriend...
Phantom: Fiance!
Raina: You know maybe you are changing me too. Maybe...
Phantom: The Phantom has many unknown talents, sadly singing is not one of them. But Cameron can sing! And act.
Raina: Get out, get out, get out. (tries to swipe the phantom out of the room)
Phantom: No, you can't hurt me I'm already dead!
Raina: Arghhhhhhhh you are so irritating. And... hey that's kinda cool.
Phantom: Leave this place and maybe, you'll see Cameron again. If you really love him... why are you putting him through all this pain. You'll find that I am what's best for him after all.
Raina: That's it. I am not going to let her win.
Act II Scene iv
Gem and Raina searching for phantom.
Gem and Raina decided to search for this Phantom and find out what she's playing at.
Gem: I think you are wasting your time. I mean who needs that freak of a boyfriend
Raina: Fiance!
Gem: Yeah... ok FIANCE... if he is cheating on you anyway. Hey and why do you go for him anyway? I mean isn't it obvious that his best friend likes you even though his girlfriend, WHO FORGETS TO PUT CREAM IN PEOPLES COFFEE, was just killed.
Raina: You think that Gordon really likes me?
Gem: Duh!
Raina: I have a plan to get Cameron back!
Gem: You wouldn't !
Raina: Oh, but I would! He'll get so jealous he'll come crawling back!
Gem: Well, what if when he sees you with Gordon he decides that since you like Gordon that he should be with the Phantom?
Raina: He would never do that!
Phantom: Oh, but he might
Act II Scene vi
Cameron is sitting with Raina telling her how much he cares about her.
Cameron: I really mean that.
Raina: I don't care. I don't care what you say! How do I know that you aren't lying like you have started to do with me lately?
Cameron: I'm not I swear. I mean what I say.
Raina: Bull. Bull. Bull. Bull.
Cameron: Fine then... I quit. I quit trying to hold on to you.
Raina: Fine 'cause I quit a long time ago.
Phantom: (poofs in)Good you have fallen into my trap. You two aren't in love. If you want to know the answer to your questions meet me and my employer in box ten... my box. (poofs out)
Raina: What? What is going on Cameron?
Cameron: IDK.
Raina: What is your problem? You idiot!
Act III Scene i
Gem and the Phantom are sitting in the Phantom's box talking with smirks.
Phantom:(Points to Gem) I think I'll fill in what my employer doesn't.
Raina: You did th-th-th-this? No excuse me. YOU DID THIS.
Gem: I always knew the jokes about blondes were true. Let me explain. I knew Cameron was a dirty little cheater, so I hired this actress to prove it to you. I have always had a strong fascination with The Phantom Of the Opera, so I ask her to stage it as if she were a phantom...
Phantom: THE Phantom thank you. It wasn't that hard really, I used smoke machines to make it look like I could poof in and out of rooms, and I had secret passageways all around Broadway. Needless to say... Cameron, the mangled body was a prop from where I act.
Cameron: So Gem you did this to prove that I am a dirty little cheater.
Gem: Well we both know what I am talking about. You know that night in Manhattan.
Raina:What is she talking about?
Cameron: I meant to tell you really I did.
Raina: Get out. Get out Get out NOW! You CHEATER!
Gem: Told you...
(Ropes fall from ceiling along with a white mask and rose)
The End