Threw out the ages of time, A person name loyar has cause terror threw out the entire globe. He have once tooken over the entire globe and cause a living hell to everybody. No body would dare go against them. That is until the Armor kids came. They are the protectors that will protect anyone from danger. But even with their strength they couldn't match his level of power until one kid held the power of the Golden Armor which posses many abilities and with it he was able to defeat him and Banish him to the earths core but sacrificing himself in the process. Piece has been restored since them but after the defeat, they disappeared without a trace. Everybody has completely forgotten them and its if that big battle was a mirage. Now in the present day, everything is just going as normal as usual but we follow one kid who see that moving into a new neighborhood might not be as bad as he think.

Lucus: Mom do we really have to move away.

Meet Lucus. A kid who is ten years old who just move in a quiet neighborhood with his mom who just got a job transfer from her office that is station at Denver Dept of Regular agency.

Lucus's Mom: Its because I could keep my job.

Lucus: You know we could of stay at the president office with Sis.

Lucus's Mom: Look I want to prove to my dad that I could live on my own income and beside your sister said this might be good for you as you might meet some interesting people.

Lucus: Please like that will ever happen.

Lucus's Mom: Look just because you read a lot doesn't mean all the kids will not like you.

Lucus: Ya whatever. ( If it wasn't for the fact that this place has a library then I wouldn't like this new place we live now.)

Lucus's Mom: Look I'll unpack all the boxes. Why don't you go explore the neighborhood.

Lucus: Fine.

Lucus heads down the streets of where he lives now.

Lucus: Well it all seems normal here in vrain street.

Boy: Out of the way!

Lucus turn to see but gets knock on the sidewalks.

Lucus: Ugh! That hurt you know!

Boy: What its to ya! And by the look of these glasses I say I got some fresh meat.

Lucus: Great. Just as I expected.

The boy heads up to him and grabs him. He carry him to the nearest garbage can.

Boy: Hope you like to live where you belong.

Boy 2: Hey!

Boy: Huh?

Boy 2: I suggest you leave that kid alone.

Boy: Well if it isn't the girly boy Ryder.

Ryder: You don't want me tell on your parents again that your picking on new kid?

The bullied drop him off and heads right towards him.

Biff: Just remember this. Nobody messes with Biff. I'll see you this Friday when the first week of Newlon elementary school starts.

Ryder: Ya what ever. *Heads to Lucus and puts outs his arm* Well howdy there partner. Are you alright?

Lucus: *Stands himself up* Yes I'm fine.

Ryder: *Grabs hand and shake* Well thank goodness. Hello there my name is Ryder and what is your name?

Lucus: Lucus! Its nice to me you!

Ryder: Umm you can stop.

Lucus: Huh? Oh!

Ryder: Come on. Lets meet my family.

Lucus: Umm I don't really-

Ryder: * Grabs hand* Lets go.

Lucus: Hey.

He takes him to his house just down the street which happens to be a family reunion party.

Ryder: Hey everybody we got a new member to the family.

All: Ye haw!

Lucus sat at the nearest table.

Ryder: I like to meet Betty, Carma, Cody, Cole, Ardy, Dees, Estus, Felton, Gray, Hampton, Foxworth, Gomer, Ima, Ina, Joetta, Karen, Macky, Mavis, Ollie, Ora, Murry, Percy, Reba, Reby, Savanna, Shad, Shula, Tailbot, Travis, Una, Vaster, Yamma, Zabe, Tara, Archer, Boone, Archer, Ruby, Gage, Boone, *Deep breath*, My brother Charrolote, my little sister Annebel, and my Aunt Wilma.

Lucus: Well this is nice meeting you but I really need to go and-

Annebel: Aren't you gonna stay for lunch? *Puppy dog eyes*

Lucus: Oh fine.

Everybody: Yay.

After spending an hour with Ryder eating a bunch of country foods.

Lucus: Ugh my stomach. I can't believe I ate that whole bucket of that grape juice. At least this time I didn't get beaten up.

Reckless go kart driver: LOOK OUT!

Lucus: Huh?… YA!

He dodge the incoming Kart but it slid to a mud puddle and wet him all over his clothes before he crash in a pile of garbage.

Lucus: Oh Man!

Reckless go kart driver: *Gets out from the pile of garbage* Damn it! That was the fifth time I got trashed.

Lucus: Hey you!

Reckless go kart driver: Huh

Lucus: Ya you! You gonna clean this!

Rex: Um I have a name and its Rex and I did warn ya right?

Lucus: Just what the hell are you doing with that.

Rex: Oh that. Its my first go Kart that I made and I still need some work on its drifting when on sharp corners.

Lucus: May I ask why?

Rex: Because I want to join them! * Points at poster * The Nascar Five. I'm practicing my racing skills so that I could join them and become the six member of their team and the first kid to drive an adult car.

Lucus: Really? Please I don't see that happening.

Rex: Oh ya. Come with me and I'll show you.

Rex and lucus head to Oak kane park.

Rex: Just sit there and watch.

Lucus still doubts him but once he starts, he went in full speed around the course making twist and turns around the obstacles and manage to get a time of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Rex: How is that?

Lucus: *Shock face*

Rex: Oh man the look on your face. You know I really like you and I think we'll be the best friends. See ya tomorrow at the first day of school.

Lucus: Ok things seems to go for the more annoying here.