Sounds boomed from everywhere in the marketplace-people calling out orders, animals crying out, people laughing-this was the perfect opportunity for Elvia to practice.

Practice what, you may think to yourself. Well, that's the thing. Elvia didn't really know what she was practicing. All her life, she thought everyone had it; something that she called Spark.

Ever since she was born, Elvia was able to move things with her mind. Af first, she thought it was an accident; cups accidentally flew across the room, people accidentally got hit by flying objects, carpets accidentally slid out from under people-but it wasn't until recently that she began to accept her Spark...Her strange ability that seemingly nobody else had.

She hadn't heard many stories about people with special abilities, since nobody bothered to tell farytales anymore, so she didn't think much of the strangeness over the fact that she had Spark, yet nobody else seemed to. No cups flying around when she went into the market; or, did everyone else hide it?

Sadly, her Spark was only fueled by anger. Get on her bad side, and you may get a one-way ticket to getting a broom handle smacked against your head while she stood safely ten feet away from you. She's been practicing and practicing; trying to change that; trying to use her Spark willingly. This, of course, was one of those practices.

Elvia was a small girl, easily unnoticed on the streets of England-or really any city she wondered off to-but she was tough. Living on the streets was an impossible task for a girl, especially at Elvia's age, mainly because men would use the homeless women; but nobody bothered to go near Little Elvia, as they called her. She had long, curly chocolate-brown hair-in dire need of a trim-which was kept neat, despite how rare baths were for her. She wore a brown dress with brown boots that were a bit snug, and a grey shawl. Light freckles scattered her cheeks and nose, her pale, white skin surrounding her dark blue-silver eyes. She was quite the beauty, for a homeless girl, but she didn't really care for beauty. All of her attention was focused on survival.

She made her way through the crowd, weaving between smelly old men and nicely dressed women, making her way over to the stall that she's been eyeing for weeks-the fruit stall.

Elvia crouched down behind an empty stall table and focused her glance on the apples in the fruit stall. She took a deep breath, keeping her eyes still on two apples, not blinking. Suddenly, the apples started to levitate. She smiled happily, breaking her concentration, causing the apples to drop. The woman who owned the stall looked at the apples with a confused, snobby look, causing Elvia to duck behind the table. After about a minute or so, Elvia popped her head out from behind the table to try again.

She stared hard at the apples, causing them to levitate again. Not repeating the same mistake as before, she lifted her hand slowly, doing the "come here" motion with her index finger. It took a few seconds, but the apples began floating towards her, weaving their way between the men and woman standing around the stall. She bit her lip hard in concentration as the apples slowly came to her, until they were suddenly in reach. She reached out and grabbed the apples, looking at them and smiling big, proud of herself.

"Help!" She heard a woman's voice, calling from somewhere in front of her. "She's stolen my apples, that little brat!" Elvia looked up and noticed a bunch of men and woman coming at her, realizing they were talking about her. They saw, she thought, panicking a little and turning around, weaving her way through the crowd in a desperate attempt to get away from the mob that was forming behind her. It's just two apples, she thought, it's not like I stole her money, or her ugly jewelry.

Elvia made her way to a wooden fence, about two feet taller than her. She stuffed the apples into her dress pockets before trying to jump up and grab a hold of the fence, but of course, she had no luck.

Suddenly, she heard a voice from behind the fence. "Here, grab my hand!" She looked up to see a boy, about her age-with sandy brown hair and a dirt smeared face-standing on something on the other side of the fence, reaching his hand down to her. She looked back at the crowd which was only a few paces behind her, then she jumped and took the boy's hand as he pulled her light body up to the top of the fence.

"Jump!" He said as she dangled her legs from the fence, noticing he was standing on one of the wooden beams that ran horizontally to hold the fence up. They both hopped down and tumbled a little as the strange boy grabbed her hand and started to run, almost pulling her off the ground as she struggled to keep up. They ran a few blocks before getting to a park, where he took her into an old, unused equipment shed.

Elvia leaned herself against the wall, panting as she slid to the floor, the apples rolling out of her pockets. The boy picked up the apples and knelt in front of her, causing her to look up at his face. She took in his appearance, despite the lack of light; Greasy hair, red cheeks, crystal blue eyes, dirt smeared all over, an over-sized coat, brown trousers, and no shoes.

"Here." He said softy, a voice spiced with a deep British accent. He held the apples out to Elvia, but she only took one.

"Have that one," she said, making it known that she was Scottish, "You deserve it, for saving me." She flashed him a little smile, which he returned happily and scooted to the wall next to her, taking a bite of the apple.

The boy realized his manners. "I'm Jasper." He said, sticking out his dirty hand to Elvia. She grabbed his hand with no hesitation and shook it, noticing how soft it was despite the callouses and dirt.

"I'm Elvia." She said, biting into her own apple. She blushed a bit and let go of his hand, unnoticeably wiping her hand off on her dress.

Jasper thought for a moment before speaking. "How come I haven't seen you 'round? I've seen all the homeless kids." He took a few big bites of the apple.

"Well," Elvia began, "I'm usually avoided, especially by the kids."

Jasper cocked his head. "Why so?"

Elvia coughed and wrapped the remainder of her apple in a brown bag she had in her pocket. "I guess I'm just different." She said, sighing.

"Me too." Jasper said, giving her a smile which caused her cheeks to turn a rosy pink. Before Elvia could answer, he looked out the window. "I think we should probably get going, it's going to begin to storm soon."

Elvia bit her lip a little. "Go where, though? It's safer here than where I normally hide out."

Jasper stood up before looking down at her, then smiled a bit. "I know a place." He held out a hand for Elvia; who took it, once again, without any hesitation.