Jack just stared at Barbie and her news team. Did he hear her right or was this just a joke to get him off balance to bolster her interview?

He glanced over at Danica and she just arched her brows.

"Well I can see that question shut you up quickly didn't it Mr. Montana?"

Jack pulled at his tie, his mind trying to make sense of what she just told him. How could it be true, how did Scarlett manage to buy out his company? She'd gotten shares but not enough to take control of it. Someone must have helped her overnight but who? Danica cleared her throat.

"Excuse me, but Mr. Montana has to review the latest spreadsheets to decide on how to respond to that question."

Barbie's lips turned down into a pout.

"Oh come on, my viewing audience of six million has been waiting all morning to hear your response to losing everything."

Jack interrupted.

"I haven't lost everything," he said, "It's just a company, and this development is very temporary. My lawyers are working on it right now."

Thank God he could think so quickly on his feet. Damn, what had been going on when he'd been otherwise occupied? Where the hell was his Chad right now? Strange, he hadn't heard from him in nearly 24 hours which had to be a record.

"So Mr. Montana…Jack…what will you do to get your company and your fortune back?"

Jack wasn't worried too much about his finances. He had money separate from his business that would more than feed, clothe and pay for his assortment of hobbies. But he'd built his multi-million empire from scratch with the woman next to him. Now, it was no longer his in some form of hostile takeover initiated by his ex-fiancée who had demanded that he marry her or else.

"I'll get back to you on that," he said, "Now Danica we have that meeting to attend."

She nodded, giving Barbie the evil eye. But she wanted out of this situation too, so that she and Jack could take a deep breath, regroup and find out more of what had just happened. Beginning with calling Chad and ask him for the scoop on his end.

Jack's phone vibrated and he answered.

"Chad…what a surprise…"

He had to hold it apart from his ear as he tried to sort out every third word because the connection wasn't very good. Chad must be driving on the highway again or caught in a traffic jam.

"So cut to the chase Chad," he said, "Give me the bottom line….Oh I see….well thanks for the heads up…No I didn't mean that sarcastically…Talk to you later…bye."

He snapped his phone and looked at Danica.

"Come on, let's get going…"

Barbie shook her head still blocking their path.

"But Mr. Jack…inquiring minds want to know."

He held up a hand.

"Listen…we'll issue a press statement later but in the meantime, my associate and I have an important meeting."

"On the takeover?"

Jack looked at Danica and his smile was just for her.

"More like the successful outcome of a merger."

Danica bit back her smile at that and slipped her arm in Jack's. The news had hit her hard but she knew that she and Jack could handle anything. They'd figure out a plan of action to take to get their conglomerate back.

"Jack…let's get going. I don't want to be late."

He looked over at Barbie.

"Move out of our way," he said, "We'll issue that statement out of our corporate office later I promise."

Barbie bit her lip, not looking placated.

"All right, you have a few hours but we'll be back."

She moved aside as Jack and Danica headed to the elevator where Jack pressed the button. Then they both heard the shrill voice behind them.

"Jack…my love…what about our conversation?"

He sighed.

"Brenda, your offer has been reviewed and rejected," he said, "Our conversation is over."

She reached for something crystal in her rage and threw it at him. He ducked quickly pulling Danica down too as the vase flew over their heads and shattered against the wall. Barbie just stood there, her mouth ajar.

"Wow…we are here standing live as Brenda, that woman who seeks to inherit billions by having a baby attacked millionaire playboy Jack Montana with a piece of his own crystal…your reaction Mr. Montana?"

The elevator door opened.


He and Danica slipped into the elevator and relief filled them as the doors closed shut. He slid his arms around her waist and he kissed her softly on the mouth. When he pulled away, he traced her mouth with a couple fingers.

"Damn, what a day," he said, "I can't believe Scarlett got my company."

She brushed some hair off his forehead with her fingers looking at him.

"We'll get it back. We just have to figure out who's pulling her strings in the wings."

He nodded because he knew Scarlett didn't really have the brains or the moxie to pull off a corporate takeover of a company the size of Montana Enterprises.

"Let's forget about all this okay," he said, "and focus on the baby."

She smiled as he slid a hand over her abdomen.

"I'm excited about the ultrasound Jack," she said, "I know I'm supposed to be worried about the company but I'd rather be thinking about him or her."

He kissed her on the mouth again, loving the way she tasted and how perfect she felt molded against his body. He didn't think he'd ever get over how much.

"Me too…I've got so many ideas for the new house."

She put up her hand on his chest.

"Jack….we do have to figure out what we're going to do, where we'll live," she said, "I meant what I said about not wanting to raise our baby in the city."

He nodded again.

"I want him or her to enjoy a childhood like we did," he said, "I know I sold the ranch in the valley but there's more spreads up for sale."

She smiled.

"Maybe we could go look at them."

He brushed his fingers against her face again.

"No matter what happens to Montana Enterprises," he said, "I will be able to pay for our child."

"We'll both share in that Jack," she said, "Everything will be okay."

He knew with the baby that was the most important thing. That it grow happy and healthy including right now. He'd been a bit worried about the morning sickness that robbed her of a hearty breakfast but she'd told him it would pass in a month or two. Her appetite the rest of the day more than made up for it.

The elevator opened up at the garage and they went to his convertible to head off to the doctor's office.

Jack and Danica stared at the screen as the doctor outlined the feature of the baby that grew inside Danica's body.

"You see that heart," the woman said, "It's normal and it's very vigorous."

Jack smiled at that.

"An athlete maybe…?"

The doctor continued to talk about the test result and Jack stored every bit of it away in his memory forever. The bad news that he'd received that morning slipped away while he focused on what she told him while resting his hand on Danica 's shoulder. She'd had to get dressed in one of those dreadful paper gowns and had an examination that he skipped until called in for the ultrasound.

"You've still got quite a few months left and I'm going to leave a list of instructions for Danica to follow but everything looks excellent so far."

Danica beamed and Jack drew her for a kiss. The doctor soon left them and Danica got dressed again.

"I'm so glad the baby's doing just fine," Jack said, "It makes the rest of the day seem unimportant."

She sighed as they left the office to head back to the car.

"Jack, I don't want you to lose everything you built."

"We built."

"Okay what we built," she said, "It's not right for Scarlett to get it all."

Jack unlocked the door and opened hers for her while she climbed in the car. He got in on the driver's side.

"We've got to find out who the silent partner is," he said, "It might be someone she tracked down who had a grudge against us…someone from one of our cases."

"Isn't Randy looking into that right now?"

Jack started the car and they pulled back into the street.

"Yeah and Maureen's helping him," he said, "They both want to help us get it back."

Danica looked over at him.

"Are you going to hit Saffron's book signing?"

He considered that, and knew what she was getting at. Saffron could easily be the silent partner as she didn't like Jack at all stemming from the case where the CEO of Lujack's Shoes had disappeared and was never found again.

"Yeah…it's tonight."

She smiled.

"You think you'll need some backup in case she gets upset again?"

He shot her a look.

"I've got the same black belts you do."

" Danica there's not going to be any violence," he said, "I think she's probably forgiven us and moved on. Her new book's quite a success."

She snorted.

"It should be…it's about you, the successful handsome if somewhat flawed master businessman and his associate who has mousy brown hair and sensible shoes."

He smiled at her.

"Don't see the resemblance," he said, "Does she kill the hero in this book?"

Danica shook her head to his relief.

"Good because Brenda almost took me out this morning with Randy's crystal collection."

Danica made a face.

"What made her came back Jack," she said, "I mean besides her wanting some of your prize sperm."

"I guess she had some spare time."

"She wanted your baby to fulfill the codicil in that will?"

Jack nodded somewhat sheepishly and Danica chuckled.

"Jack, you're going to be busy with one child, where would you find energy for another?"

Jack turned into the parking garage.

"She's not getting a child," he said, "I turned her down."

"Brenda can be very stubborn and very destructive if she doesn't get her way."

She could throw all the tantrums she wanted and he'd bill her for everything she broke but only one woman would be having his children.

Just the thought of that filled him with excitement as he got out of the car and then he looked up and saw her standing there.

Scarlett, standing with a team of security guards around her.