Somehow soothing, releasing my pain

In a liquid form

Fallen from my eyes

Smooth tear gliding down my face

Compact sadness, splatters on the floor

I can't make it stop

Do I want it to?

All my fears grouped together

Summoned by my quivering lips

Gripping my body, shameless and scared

Guiding my tears

Slow, short breaths escaping my lips

Though breath doesn't seem to matter

So much sadness, gathered inside

When I'm alone, let it go free

Away from me

Perhaps gone forever

Secret, secluded

I can hide my sorrow

Bury it inside, then

Free it when I'm alone

When it becomes more than I can bear

Something that scares me to keep inside

But it's something I can't share

So many thoughts, flying by in such a blur

Calling more tears, leading them

Forth from my eyes

Tears, my only comfort when I'm overflowing with sadness

The only thing to listen to my sobs, to feel my pain

So close and personal

Something I hold dear somehow

For I can't seem to tell a soul how I feel

So release it somehow

Thoughts, fears, shattered hopes dreams

Clean them away

Relieve you body, lying

Cold on the tile floor

Sobbing, scared, alone, unsure

Set it free