I see trouble rushing towards me. Too soon, I will be in it really deeply. I don't know why it is in such a hurry as I have been such a nice girl recently.

At first, you were only there.

Standing next to her. Listening to her voice, sharing a joke or two, making me jealous of you. You were only there being her workmate. One day, you greeted me. I was surprised but said 'hi' to you. She wasn't there to hear my voice. Next day, you greeted me again. Now, I was sure you didn't mistake me for someone else. And every workday was the same.

Then, you were only an opportunity.
You were walking next to her passing in front of me. You said 'hey' and I greeted back the two of you. She was surprised but blew a confused 'hi' to me. I saw an opportunity in you. I started talking to you longing for her presence. I wanted to use you to get her attention. Though, she was never there to talk to me. Still, I hoped for the best. You were my opportunity.

After a while, you were a puzzlement.
Henceforth, you weren't only an opportunity. I was still waiting for her to come and stand, walk next to us but I felt comfortable in your company. You made me feel comfortable. But I knew you had someone which wasn't a huge slap in my face. I was only comfortable with you. But you listened to my voice, we shared a joke or two and made your someone jealous of me. Our hearts were given to other people but we still stuck to the other. We were a puzzlement.

And now, you are there.
You are always there, everywhere. The trouble is that I don't want you anywhere else. She is still there, but you are just as close. It s like I am standing on the edge of a precipice and starting to lose my balance. You are deep down, but she is standing far behind me. I know I will probably fall, fall for you. I see that she isn't reaching out for me but I don t know whether you want to catch me. All I want is to sit down and wait but I am losing my balance.

I am in huge trouble. And it's rushing towards me. It is in a hurry and soon I will be in it deeply.

I have been such a nice girl recently but now, I am losing my balance.