"Speech" 'Thoughts' Spirit

The Truth Trilogy

Book 1: Awakening

I woke up on that rainy and dark morning with a feeling of dread in my stomach, it was like an empty pit that kept collapsing in on itself, constantly growing. It was this feeling that followed me out of my bed, into the bathroom, throughout my shower, and through the dreadful trip downstairs. My mother greeted me in the kitchen, spooned some eggs onto my plate, and poured me a glass of milk. I ate in complete and total silence. As I ate I watched the rain. Seeing it slide gently across the rooftop into the gutter before predictably being dropped on to a single point in the lawn. The rain was always there, always changing, but always the same. After watching me a while my mom finally said, "Oh, come on Chance, I know it's a big change but you could at least try to be more positive about it." I didn't respond, instead I watched the rain. "I know you want to stay," she continued, "but it's better for our family." I didn't take my eyes off the gutter, it forced the rain to move, to fall away, just like me. My mom sighed, "Get ready for school, I assume you still want to say goodbye to your friends at the very least." I watched a single raindrop roll to the edge of the roof and fall straight down, separated from the rest of his liquid brethren. She was right, I really did want to see them one last time. I finished my breakfast and prepared for school in the usual way. I first, checked my agenda, February 28th 2010, no homework due, packed, made sure I had everything and then headed for the rain. As I stood up and walked out the door, mom told me that she loved me one more time. The rain was getting heavier forcing me to walk faster. I moved through the rain quickly and got to the bus stop just as soon as the bus was rolling around the corner. Same as I had for years. Once it had stopped I clambered aboard and sat down in the seventh row left side, the same seat I'd been in for years. None of my friends were on today so I looked out the window. The same but different, just like the rain. Then I noticed my reflection and was surprised at how miserable I looked. My hair normally looked good in its usual unkempt condition, but today it looked messy and untidy, my teeth seemed as if they were covered in plaque, even though I had just brushed them, and my blue eyes were dull, missing that sparkle they so often held, my slightly tanned skin didn't seem to hold its usual vibrancy either. I was just totally out of energy and in despair.

The school day went by way too quickly yet very slowly, I got to say goodbye to all but a few of my friends that day. As I was leaving, one conversation was stuck in my mind, it was the one I had with Ben. "Wait, your moving where?" asked Ben, "Ivylog, Wisconsin" I answered, "I feel like I've heard something about Ivylog" said Ben, "Ha-ha really?" I asked. "Yeah, I don't really recall though..." Said Ben, "Well, if you think of anything you can call me." I said, "Well see yah." He replied. As I walked away I wondered what could possibly be waiting for me in my new home. I turned away from the bus, and decided to walk home. Well, not walk but more of run. Since it was my last day I decided to pack light, my backpack only had my agenda and a small folder with some papers. When I got to the edge of the school, I started running. At that time I'd been practicing Parkour, the art of getting from A to B quickly and efficiently, actively for about two years, and I loved it. On my way towards home I decided to cut through the half-finished neighborhood. I sprinted headlong towards a wall and jumped into it, bouncing up it and through the second story window. I perched on the windowsill and surveyed the workers. Mike was working in the corner with a power saw. I'd known Mike for over a year now. He was 23, six-foot two, blonde hair, and the darkest green eyes you'd ever see. As I walked over to him I recalled the first time I met him.

I was at a construction site, practicing precisions on large I-beams and climbing the sides them, just training. I thought the site was abandoned and nobody worked there; luckily for me I was wrong. One day a cop showed up while I was training. I was jumping from one scaffolding to another, heading towards the ground as fast as I could. I didn't even see the cop until I made it to the ground. Looking over to my side I noticed him, my heart started pounding; I tried to hide but it was too late. "Get back here son." The cop shouted. Despite being terrified I walked over to him. "What are you doing here?" the cop asked. My mind worked but no words came to mind, the cop was growing impatient. "Well?" He continued, reaching for his radio. I opened my mouth but was interrupted, "Hey, where are my readings kid?" came another voice. I turned to my right and saw Mike walking towards us. The cop looked to Mike then to me. "C'mon where are my measurements?" Mike continued. I forced my mind and mouth to start working. "I'm sorry sir I have them here." I pulled out my phone. Mike smiled, "Pictures! That's a great idea. Can't believe nobody thought of it before." The cop stopped us and asked, "Does he work here with you sir?" Mike looked at him, "Well, yeah he does, why else would he be here?" he asked. The cop just shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. Thank you for your co-operation." Then he turned and left. After he had walked away I looked at Mike and let all the stress flow out of me. He looked at me. "Well, those were some pretty nice jumps you were making. I'm Mike." He said. "Really?" I asked smiling up at him. "Yeah, I've been watching you for a couple of weeks now. What you do is awesome, what do you call it?" I smiled, "It's Parkour. Thanks for saving me there." He smiled, "No problem, you weren't hurting anyone." Mike became slightly sterner, "You haven't told me your name though." I looked down, "I'm Chance." Mike turned around and started walking away, "Get outta here Chance, before you get in trouble." Then he looked over his shoulder at me with a sparkle in his eye, "See you tomorrow."

Ever since then Mike and I had been good friends. He'd taught me almost everything I wanted to know over the past year and no words could describe how much his friendship meant to me. He'd changed projects several times since we'd met and ended up in this neighborhood, right next to my school. As I approached him, Mike saw me and put down what he was doing. "Hey Chance, how's it going?" I extended my hand he took it, "I'm moving today." His face fell, "Oh, that's today?" He asked. I nodded. "Yup, I'm gonna miss you Mike. Thanks for getting me out of trouble last year." He smiled, "No problem man, that was some awesome Parkour you were doing." His face fell again, "But yeah, I'm going to miss you too." We hugged. "You'll come back sometime to visit right?" He asked. "Yeah, of course, ASAP." I replied. I heard the foreman coming up the stairs. "Goodbye Mike." I said. "Yeah, see you later Chance." He picked his saw back up and got back to work. I turned away from him and headed for the other window. Dropped down to the ground and headed home for the last time.

After the walk/run home I walked inside my door. To two concerned adults, I would say parents but my mom remarried. "Where have you been?" Asked John, "The bus passed almost fifteen minutes ago."
I shrugged him off, "I walked."
My mother cut in, "You didn't go see Mike did you?"
"And what if I did?" I spat back.
My mother sighed, but did not continue the fight. After the argument I quickly took what remained in my room, watched my parents pack a few other things into boxes, tied up some odd ends and left my home. I watched the place where I housed all my memories draw further and further away, 'and I'll never see it again.' I thought.

In the car I fell asleep and don't remember anything other than the rain, constantly pounding, yet never at the same tempo. After we arrived, I woke up to the unpleasant surprise that I had already been enrolled in the local High School and would start the very next day. I had thought, that if anything good was going to come of this it would be not going to school for some time. I was wrong, 16 years into my life and I still didn't know my parents. Haha, figures.

I edited this chapter 4/20/14 to add more tension around Mike and highlight his importance in the story.