Why Justin Bieber Should Keep His Mouth Shut . . .

My ears are hurtin', Ma,

And I don' know why.

There's this funny soun', Ma,

Like ma cow's gettin' ready to die,

It's a turrible soun', Ma,

I wish it would stop!

It's gratin' on ma nerves, Ma,

I think it's even hurtin' the crops!

Why's it so high-pitched, Ma?

It sounds like a rooster gon' wrong,

Oh, wait, Ma!

I think it's some city song!

I'm hearing some words, Ma!

Even as painful as it is to hear,

The words sound like, "Baby," Ma,

And oh lawd I think I need some beer!

It's a love song, Ma,

But how can that be?

It's so darn city-folk, Ma,

And turrible to the E!

I'm startin' to think the singer's a baby, Ma,

She's makin' so much darn racket!

My ears are bleedin', Ma,

And if the song were touchable, I'd slap it!

I think I'mma die, Ma!

My head can't stand it!

The cows and the chickens are already dead, Ma!

And the cats and dogs look like they been hit!

They just fell over, Ma,

And I'm on my knees,

I still had chores to do, Ma!

And I'm sorry I can't pay them fees!

Please don't let ol' Betsy see me, Ma,

I don't want her to whine,

And please tell Susie I didn't wanna leave her, Ma,

Her lil' self was always so darn kind!

I'm on the ground, Ma,

And ma breath's leavin' me,

I think the song's made me deaf, Ma,

Now I can't hear or see,

Why was there a turrible song like this, Ma?

Is it killing the city folk, too?

I'm sorry I had to kick the bucket so early, Ma,

'Cuz now I gone and left you with more things to do!

I love ya, Ma,

And Uncle Billy and Lil Susie and Buster, too!

And don' cry, Ma,

'Cuz now you have some city folk to sue!

AN: I couldn't stop laughing while I wrote this. XD Please leave a review!