Prologue: Neveh and Aria are the best of friends, but their friendship is slightly odd. Simply because Neveh is a dragon that wears a pink top hat and has orange and blue scales. Aria is a unicorn that wears a yellow and pink polka dotted bowtie. Their favorite thing to do is solve crimes.

- The adventure of the frightened turtle-

Neveh was walking to Aria's house one day when she happened upon a turtle curled up in its shell crying. Her giant dragon heart felt for this tiny turtle so she knelt down by him and very gently and kindly asked him, "What happened to make you so afraid?" The turtle's shell just shook with even more fear. She just stroked his shell gently and said, " It's OK you don't have to be afraid of me I won't hurt you, I'll even get back at whoever did this to you."

The turtle slowly emerged from his shell and looked around quickly. Then he opened his tiny turtle mouth and said "I don't know who did this but somebody came along and started to use my shell as a hockey puck."

Neveh gasped and said, "O my gosh, that's terrible, I will figure out who did this to you and i will make them pay."

Determined to help the tiny turtle, she continued to ask detail about him and what happened, she found out his name was Matt. Then she flew as fast as her wings would take her to Aria's house to inform her of what she discovered.

Aria had an idea of who did it so they went to Heather the hedgehog's house and asked her if she was responsible for frightening Matt. She said she was, but so what? Much to everyone's surprise her younger sister Abbigail the antelope had overheard her, and came running at her sister and tackled her to the ground, putting her front hooves on Heathers chest she began to yell" YOU HURT MATT HE'S MY BEST FRIEND HOW DARE YOU!" Heather surprised by her normally quiet sister's anger said, "Abbi I'm sorry I didn't know I'll go apologize."

Heather apologized to Matt and he said it was ok and they became best friends afterwards.