I started writing a book a few months ago. Let me know what you think about it, and I'll see where I go from there. Comments, critiques, I hate Jeanette statements, all welcome. :)


I sprinted up the side of a trash can, grabbing the ladder to the old fire escape above. If I was lucky, it would hold, but given the excessive amount of rust, I wasn't completely sure. I had no time for debates on the state of the fire escape in the midst of fleeing from my pursuers.

After I reached the top of the ladder and pulled myself up into the escape balcony, I did take the time to pull the ladder up before continuing my climb up the building. They had just turned the corner as I pulled the ladder up. I could hear their leader yelling orders as he stayed back to watch me as the others ran to the fire escape down the captain began firing rounds at me from below, but the fire escape gave me an adequate amount of shielding as I devised a quick plan. I knew they planned to catch up with me on the roof, which was why I decided to jump through the first open window I came to as I ascended up the fire escape.

I jumped through, landing on my shoulder and pulling out a roll before pulling myself back up on my feet. I was small, smaller than I should have been for my age, but given the state of our nation, I was lucky to be the size I was.

I didn't hesitate as I began running through the abandoned building. The thick, muggy dust filled my airway as I began my trek. I was trying to get to the other side and exit out a window before the buffoons caught me on the other side.

After making it out the first room I turned right down a hallway and pushed open a door on the opposite side of the hallway. I immediately shut the door and pushed the deserted furniture up against the door as a barrier in case some were brave enough to follow through the building, or ordered to.

I rushed to the window, and as I pushed it open, letting in sunlight and fresh air, I heard it.

Breathing. Light, faint breathing from the corner of the room.