A special day for a girl's first love, and a boy's best friend
our love and gratitude to our Fathers, we send

There to be the guiding hand we need
Even though at times, your advice we did not heed…
[even though we should]

The gentle voice that chases away our fear
and is always there to hold us near

Strong arms that pick us up as children, and hold us as teens
Even if you didn't like that CD, or those really tight jeans…

Father you are the pillar of strength for us
Always there, one of the few people we can trust

On this day we want to celebrate you
and thank you for all the things you do

For the days you held us when we were sick
how you taught us, in soccer, how to properly kick

Thank you for all the 'didn't have to's'
Thank you for teaching us to tie our shoes

For when you bandaged our scraped knees
for when you wiped our noses when we would sneeze

Thank you for still loving us when we were bad
even though it made you, Mom and God really sad

Thank you for the memories old and new,
Thank you, Dad, for being you

Thanks for the days of fun
thank you for the trips to the beach, playing underneath the sun

Thank you for teaching us about God and his own son
Thank for everything you have ever done

Your loving sons and daughters pray,
that you have a very Happy Father's day

a/n: I had to write this for my pathfinder's group for Father's day and I think it turned out pretty good! :) Please reviews! I love when people review, lights up my world! :)