Long ago, our ancestors lived in terror, and in regret from one another. Some roamed the street without a heartbeat, or had a lonely shadow. They were ashamed of themselves, for when at night their body transformed into greasy puffs of silver, or became a blood demon. For millions of years, our people have passed on the fear, and carried on the transformation of monsters. For all these beasts who live their life in secrecy, they too survive in terror, for what else shall lie ahead of them.

But this is me, a normal girl. Well… sort of. That's all I ever wanted to be… instead I'm a hideous beast, but that's only at night when the moon is bright, and the veins of a lost creature pumps blood in fright. It was the first day of high school when it all got set off. I don't know what I am, or even who I am these days, but whatever it is… we should all be afraid.