Chapter 4 ~ An Unforgettable Night

The sun was shining bright in my hazel colored hair on the beautiful Friday morning. I woke up smiling, and my eyes were already wide-awake.

"Today is going to be a good day" I hummed to myself in front of the mirror.

I ran over to my room window to see what temperature it was outside. It was 27°C outside, I guess it was warm enough. I skipped my way down to my oak wood closet and pulled out my outfit.

Today I figured would be a great day to look sort of 'cute' since I will be with Stephen for a while. So, I pulled out my stretchy black mini skirt, and my orange, red, and white striped shirt that was half arm length. I nearly burned my ear with my curling iron, and I know that if I would've… my ear would have become a piece of overcooked meat. Today I wanted my hair to look a little different from the every day straight, even though I naturally have wavy hair, so I curled it and bumped up my bangs.

I've been with Stephen almost the whole week, and even thinking about tonight makes me even more excited. I'm a little bit worried though, what if something goes completely wrong?! What if I fall and my mini skirt flies up, and my face get piled with nasty sand! That would be so utterly embarrassing! I put my hands on my face, ignoring all the negative possibilities. I rested my back down on my bed, and shut my eyes taking a deep breath, then continued to roll on my mascara.

Right before going down to eat breakfast, I chose out my bathing suit in case we decide to swimming. Staring at all my swimsuits, I just couldn't decide which one I should bring. I could go with a one piece, or a tankini, or my bikini… but instead I went with my teal bikini. My bikini had a thin lace layer over it that added a very sweet look to it.

When I finally got to school I saw Stephen was leaning against my locker waiting for me.

"Hey gorgeous" Stephen said to me as he embraced me in his arms. As he hugged me I bit on to my lip hoping I wasn't blushing like cocktail bird.

"Well, I have to go to class. I'll see you in German class" He whispered as he came in close to give me a kiss on the forehead.

We both turned different directions and headed off for class.

"Psssd" I heard from the corner of the hall. My eyes wondered as I scavenged for the person.

"Pssd, over here" I turned the corner, and Melissa appeared. She shoved me to the wall, and stalked towards me.

"So, you and lover boy huh?" She scoffed while creating a clicking noise with her tongue

"You mean Stephen?" I asked innocently

"I know what his name is. Gosh you're such a loser. I just don't understand it." She rudely replied smirking.

"Oh Melissa, just save your breath alright? Good luck finding all your friends, after all they did all ditch you right? Oh wait, I forgot you have none since you're already a bitch." I puffed out my lips, and begun to heavily walk away listening to my heeled boots clanking on the floor. Right before I could really go anywhere, Melissa reached out her foot and tripped me! I flew to the floor, and my face begun to flush with red.

"Oops…" Melissa said in a baby voice

"What is your problem?!" I yelled at her

With out answering my question, Melissa asked me, "So… I'm guessing he already told you right?"

"Told me about what?" I answered back

"About his little secret, I mean… our little secret?" Melissa, knowingly spilling out this information before Stephen could tell, smirked at my stunned face. I twisted over half way onto my stomach watching Melissa strolling away, with a happy skip in her step. All that went through my mind was that one line, 'our little secret'. "What could that even mean?" I repeated over and over in my head, and I could feel my forehead tensing up from all the negative thoughts rushing through.

"Hey young lady, what are you doing on the floor?" the janitor asked me cocking one eyebrow. She was totally confused. She must have been in her mid 60's or something close to that.

"I just washed that, and now it has all your filth on it" she said to me

"Sorry." I softly replied to her as I was struggling to lift myself up. The old lady walked over to me, grabbing my arm firmly to help me up. "I seem to be falling a lot" I thought to myself.

"You better be on your way to class young lady"

"Yeah" I said attempting to laugh. The janitor tapped my shoulder as she left to continue mopping the floor.

I walked into English class half smiling to the teacher. "Late again miss Jessica" he said to me while scribbling down something on a piece of scrap paper.

"Yes, sorry Mr. Herémes, it won't happen again" I sat down smiling at Mr. Herémes knowing that was a complete lie

"Now, we all know that's not true" He smartly remarked, and all the other students snickered at me.

"Alright everybody please turn to page 105 in your Hamlet book. Can anybody tell me what the real lesson Claudius was demonstrating? Nobody? Alright, well right before that Hamlet was…" I slowly started to drift off in the middle of Mr. Herémes absolutely boring speech… daydreaming about the BBQ tonight, and it feels like it is taking decades to get here.

In the middle of my glorious daydreaming I started to hear Mr. Herémes' voice calling my name. I shook my head thinking the voice would disappear… until I heard it again. I slowly moved my eyes towards the front of the class, to notice Mr. Herémes staring at me blankly.

"Oh, uh yeah? Sorry, what was the question?" I questioned him, feeling entirely stupid,

"Ok, the question was, what do you think the problem was that Claudius was facing during the middle of the book?"

"Umm, well" I cleared my throat, "I think it might have to do with Gertrude… uhh. I'm sorry I'm not really sure" I bit my lip hoping Mr. Herémes won't make some snide comment, but instead he just let out an unsatisfying sigh and turned to ask Anne… who is such a class pet. Gross.

When class was finally over, I was the first one out.

"Hey, how was English?" I heard Stephens voice ask

"Ugh, horrible" I replied with my face squished up against my locker in exhaustion.

"Well, it's Mr. Herémes… what did you expect?" He said to me chuckling. I rolled over now with the back of my head against my locker, smiling in relief that he understands how I feel. Stephen grabbed my hand and we walked over to the school café.

"One coffee espresso please" I told the man who worked at The London Cup. The London Cup is just the sponsored school café.

"And for you young man?"

"I'll just have a decaf café mocha." Stephen turned to me, and made this clicking noise with his cheek, I giggled at his idiocy.

"Here we are" the café man said while he handed us two delicious drinks.

"Thank you" we both said to the man, and Stephen handed him a $5 bill.

"Thanks for the coffee, it's just what I needed," I said to him, and leaning in to take a sip of the refreshing coffee,

"Haha, yeah no problem. It's gonna cost ya though" He responded with a smirk. I cocked my eyebrow wondering what he was meaning. Then Stephen pulled me in close to his face and stole a kiss from my lips. I felt myself smiling, but my eyes were still closed.

"There, that wasn't very expensive was it?" He said smiling,

"No not at all" I responded blushing a little. We held hands and walked together to German class.

"Guten Morgen" I said to Ms. Bachmeier, and she nodded her head acknowledging my greeting. We all had assigned seats, and mine was two rows away from Stephan, and fourth from the front, but it was worse for him, because he had to sit only two seats from the front… that means closer to Ms. Bachmeier.

"Guten morgen klasse, hoffe, jeder hatte eine gute woche. Heute haben wir eine überraschung quiz haben, hoffen wir alle studierte! And for all of you who did not study and have no clue what I said, good morning class, hope everyone had a good week. Today we have a surprise quiz, let's hope everyone was studying!" I rolled my eyes at Ms. Bachmeier when she wasn't looking. Seriously though, who hands out a quiz on a Friday?!

"Yay! It's fun quiz fun time!" Ms. Bachmeier exclaimed. She handed out the quizzes, and my jaw slammed the table in shock. This was not quiz I thought we were going to have; this was a review of everything we've learned! I glanced over at Stephen who had the same expression on his face.

I raised my hand, "Ms. Bachmeier, may I go to the washroom very quickly please?"

"How do you say it in German Jessica?" She replied to me staring deeply at me,

"Um, darf ich in den waschraum gehen sie bitte?" I bit my tongue hoping that was ok, especially in front of Stephen.

"Ok, close enough. Yes you may." She replied shrugging her shoulders.

When I got back, almost everybody was still working on his or her quiz, including Stephen. I slumped in my chair, and filled out about a page and a half… and then my mind started to wonder. I sat in my chair staring at the clock and tapping my pencil on the desk.

"Hrmh" I heard Ms. Bachmeier 'say' loudly. I looked down from the clock to find her staring at me, then signaling me with her eyes to work on the quiz. I just sat there, wasting time until the bell rang. And when it finally did, it felt amazing.

"That was worse than Mr. Herémes", I said to him chuckling, and he nodded in agreement.

We decided to skip the rest of school, even though that was probably not the best idea. But what will skipping P.E and Bio do to me anyways? And not only that, what's the big deal about having a couple of bad asses in our school?

We went to sit at a restaurant to have lunch, but it wasn't that fancy since we were eating at Wendy's.

"So uh, I ran into some one this morning just by the way. And she told me something I wanted to talk to you about…" I started saying to Stephen while he stuffed a double stuffed Baconator in his mouth. He raised one eyebrow as a gesture to continue,

"She said that you didn't tell me about your little secret… as in you and her little secret"

After he swallowed he begun to talk, "who told you this… exactly?"

"Well, Melissa did"

"Babe, I don't understand why you talk to that freak. She's just trying to get under your skin." He said; putting one hand on mine

"So… you don't have a dirty secret you're hiding from me?" I asked him, feeling a little bit of relief

"No I don't. Especially, especially! With her! Ew ew ew." He smiled at me, probably noticing my face brightening up in joy.

Later that night I was super excited for the BBQ. I adjusted my mascara and eyeliner, and added on waterproof… just in case we went swimming… I don't wanna look like a Halloween costume!

Just as I was applying my lip-gloss I heard the doorbell ring. I peeked over to see who it was.

"Hey!" I shouted to Stephen who was standing in front of me. He embraced me in a hug, and we walked inside.

"Uh, I just have to run up and grab my bag, alright?" I said to him point my thumb back towards the stairs

"Yeah, yeah. Um. I hope you don't mind but I invited Melissa to join us…" Stephen said back to me

"You what?!" I shouted angrily. I frowned at him in disappointment.

"Stephen…" I softly cried. He bit his lip, half grinning. I couldn't help but smile doubting him.

"I'm just kidding ya", he finally spilled out

"Psh, you're not funny" I said sarcastically, and gave him a punch in the arm. He leaned in and gave me a kiss.

"Uhhh, do you wanna go get that bag you were talking about?" he said calmly

"Oh yeah" I replied. I took him by the hand and gestured him to come up stairs with me. I tried pulling him inside my house, but his feet wouldn't nudge. I looked at Stephen confused, and so did he.

"Why aren't you coming in…?" I curiously asked him, "you know, this happened with Melissa last week… it was strange" I continued,

"I'm sorry, but I would rather be invited in… I know it's strange… but that's just the way my parents raised me." He said to me. I guess that did make sense, but he didn't seem so confident about it himself.

"Oh, ok yeah you can come in haha" I tried to seem acceptable about it so it wouldn't offend his beliefs.

"I just have to touch up my eye makeup," I told him. I gripped his hand to bring him upstairs, and I noticed that he stepped in easily.

When we got upstairs I skipped into my bathroom leaving the door open so it wouldn't seem like I was ignoring him. As I was getting rid of all the clumps on my eyelashes, I browsed my room looking for Stephen, and noticed he was awkwardly standing outside my room with his hands behind his back.

"Ummm? Stephen?" I sort of questioned, while moving my eyes side to side. He just stood there balancing from foot to foot.

"Stephen, why don't you come in, you can sit on my bed, or my bean bag or something haha" I liberally pointed my fingers around my room, inviting him to come sit.

"Uhh, um well" Stephen started while clearing his throat, he reached his hand and scratched his head uncomfortably, "it's just that… I've never… I've never been in a girl's room…" he finally stated with his face turning peachy red

Half smiling, I couldn't resist, "really?!" I asked giggling. Stephen wrapped his hands on his face in total embarrassment. I waddled over to him, and gently peeled his hands off his face. Gradually we walked into my room, his face finally going back to normal color from his dusty-rose tone. His eyes widened to the overwhelming dome of purples and pinks.

"It's like a powerpuff girl exploded in here" Stephen exclaimed laughing,

"Hahaha! No it's not! It's just the right amount, maybe not even enough" I laughed back. He created wrinkles on his face from raising his eyebrows in nonbelief. I smiled rolling my eyes.

He tottered over to my bed willingly with out me. I strolled by to go back to the bathroom but before I could, Stephens hands wrapped around my waist pulling me in close. His lips were warm, and mine were glossed with cherry, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and then pulled myself away.

"We should probably go" Stephen said before I could. I shook my head in agreement. I could feel his rough hands lock around mine, and we walked out of the house.

* At the BBQ*

"I'm just gonna go rinse my toes, the sand is irritating, haha" I said while jogging to the shore. I heard the clunking of some one else's feet behind me, but before I could completely turn around Stephen swooped me up from my feet and ran with me in his arms.

"Ahhh, hahaha" I cried while Stephen roughly fell in the water with me in his arms. We both came out gasping for air

"Hahahaha!" We shouted in sync. We floated in the water with me still wrapped in his arms.

"CHICKEN FIGHT!" A bunch of people screamed as they came splashing in the water.

"Hold on!" Stephen yelled as he laughed. I felt him wrap his arms around my legs, and I came splashing out of the water.

"Ready to go?!" He said as he wiped the water from his face

I smiled widely, "yup, let's go kick some butt"

"Some chicken butts! Hahaha" he added. We scavenged for some poor warriors who were battling in the chicken fights.

"Over there!" I yelled, and pointed towards Kylie and Michael. Stephen charged over after them, and they came splashing over to us as well.

"Ahhhh! Oh my God! Stephen!" I screamed in laughter as Kylie shoved me backwards towards the fresh water. Luckily I didn't fall, and I am definitely revenging her!

"Oh no you didn't!" I yelled sarcastically, "Prepare to lose, because Stephen and Jessie are here to whoop your butt!" I added cockily

"HAHAHA!" We all exclaimed in sync. I jerked my arms towards her giving her a strong shove.

"AHH! Ahaha!" Kylie yelped. I fell tumbling over her laughing. My face brushed against the rough water, and I felt Stephens's body removing itself from under me. We both came gasping out of the water, and I felt the warmth of Stephen's lips against mine.

"What was that," I asked Stephen, gently smiling.

"Our victory kiss" he replied back with a kids voice,

"Well then, I hope we always win" I said flirty. Stephen smiled affectionately and wrapped his arms around me, leaning in to steal another.

"Nope, ahaha!" I said dodging his kiss, and splashing him with the crystal water.

"Oh you're on." Stephen grinned at me, sending me a competitive vibe.

"HA! Take that!" he cried out to me as he splashed me. I threw myself on top of him in complete tackle.

Pushing him down under the water, I floated above him pressing my lips against his. Stephen cupped his hands over my face, and I leaned more into him.

We both came gasping out of the water, and he hauled me into him and we passionately kissed as the moon's light beamed strongly against our faces. I slowly peeled my eyes open and glared at Stephen. His beauty mesmerized me. Stephen's eyes were shimmering in the star's sparkle, and his fair snow-white skin glowed of sheer charm.

Stephen rubbed his eyes wildly, and started to frown intensely.

"Stephen?" I questioned staring at him blankly, "Is everything alright?" Stephen turned his back towards me, rubbing his eyes furiously. I could hear him mumbling something beneath his breath.

"Jessie, my ring. My ring… it's not on my finger!" I could hear him growling

"Stephen what's wrong?!" I forcibly grabbed his shoulder and flung him around.

"Oh my God" I stumbled over my feet, gawking at his crimson eyes, which have once been emerald.

"Jessie, please don't be afraid!" He gently said to me as he reached his hands out for me

Stephen grew a pair of glistening canines, and his eyes were dilating as he came closer to me. "Stephen, get away from me," I backed away from him, partly swimming away but still facing him.

"Jessie please, lemme explain what is happening!" he rested his icy hand on my shoulder, and frowned sadly. I glared at him emotionless, and Stephen's eyes rode down to my neck. I noticed his lip shuddering, and next thing I knew Stephen lusted himself over to me grabbing hold of neck.

"Stephen! Ahh! Get off me" I threw him off of me, breathing deeply in fright. I felt my neck, but no blood. Thank God.

"I don't know what the hell that was, but stay away from me!" I pointed my finger at him.

"Jess, please, don't go." He replied softly. I trudged through the water towards him and slapped him clear across the face. Plunging into the water, I had a million thoughts flushing through my head at once. When I got out of the water, I peered back at Stephen who was staring back at me, and his face was miserable, I frowned at him, and wiped the tear that was progressing down my cheek. Then turned and walked out of the reserved beach area.

When I got back home, I curled up in a ball pondering about what happened tonight. I touched my lips remembering Stephen's warm lips pressed against mine, I pictured his blonde hair flowing under the water, as we hugged affectionately. I combed my fingers through my hair reminding myself how Stephen did it, and felt the love that we shared… until the image of his fangs attacking towards me appeared in my mind. I shook my head roughly shaking the image out of my mind. I finally realized that the boy that I was so uncontrollably, and entirely in love with was an icy, blood-drinking vampire.