She had died during the most twisted tale of a deranged lover. The man had been fed lies, whispers about stories of deception. Snakes had hissed and slipped into his ears, wrapped around his heart and brutally crushed it. In his worst moments, rage had filled this person, overcoming what used to be true feelings of love.

With cold, lifeless metal gripped in his hand, concealed by a large coat, he had stalked to her apartment block. The Devil himself grinned upon him, murmurs of encouragement supported his every step, breathing fire into his soul.

A spare key granted his wishes through security doors, his joyful smile deceiving those around him. Step by step he rose purposefully up the darkened stairway.

His form had filled the empty hallway, footsteps echoing loudly. His body was humming with energy, muscles taught and ready, finger posed against the trigger. With a raised fist, he had hammered against the wooden door and held a breath.

The door flew open and the wind ruffled her perfectly blond hair. She greeted him with a heart-warming smile. He exhaled. A hand reached out and gripped her shoulder and roughly pushed her back into the apartment, his hulking form following as the door slammed closed.

She shrieked, surprise evident on her pale face. No longer was he remotely familiar to her. His insides were coated with a thick sludge which oozed into his mind, making it fuzzy with revenge. His outer shell barely resembled who he once was; shallow, black eyes screeched an eternal pain, dishevelled hair, creased clothing, and a devastating grin which hungered for her soul.

Quickly, he had her back trapped against his stomach, his once caring embrace now tight and unforgiving. She had her head bowed, trying to keep quiet and still, but her body quaked in defiance. He hissed into her ear and raised the metal to her head, thrusting his hips and grinding his straining erection against her ass. Tears dripped off her chin as she struggled against his grip and yelled at him to let her go, but it resulted in laughter.

He taunted her, teased her tears and yelled lies in her face, shaking her soul and crushing her heart. She had twisted her body and raised her head to deny his claims, fire crawling through in her veins, but his eyes, twisted with so much pain, made her words die along with her resolve. She turned her body back around and shut her eyes, a whispered apology falling from her lips.

He had faltered, his face overcome with confusion. He spun her to face him and shook her shoulders, but she made no move to fight him. He released her shoulders, took a step back and pointed his gun at her forehead. He shouted at her to run from him, taunting her, calling her weak and disgusting. She had stood very still as her bloodshot eyes pierced his.

In her final moments, he had felt no pleasure in his revenge. He had opened his mouth and a sudden force gripped his tongue, urging it to spit out his final words to her:

"I'll see you in Hell."

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