Witches, girls who possess the power known as magic. They are an existence that was born through man, not god.

Prologue: The Beginning

"AHHHH!" Screams of the townspeople ring my eardrums.

The town has been laid to waste. Monsters from Trolls to Slimes to Wolves are attacking the people. The horrific sights of those who spoke merrily just half an hour ago being torn into by the fangs of Wolves, the acid of Slimes and the clubs of Trolls were burned deeply into my retina's.

My legs are shaking, my knees are glued to the ground. Puddles of blood spreads out from the lifeless bodies scattered along the ground.

"What...is...going...on...? Why...is...this...happening?" I ask rhetorically, my quiet voice is muffled by the screams of the townspeople.

"BEHIND YOU! LOOK OUT VANCE!" A voice shouts, I turn my body around, before me brandishing it's claws charging at me, is a Wolf. My legs, they cannot move. As I stare on at my approaching predator, someone jumps in between us.

"URGH!" He groans as he falls to the ground after taking a slash from the Wolf's claw.

"UNCLE!" I cry out to the man who has raised me for the past several years.

"Vance...run..." Uncle said weakly.

The Wolf then grabs his body via the ankle and drags it several metres back, several more Wolves gather around his body and are sniffing him as their mouths water.

"RUN VANCE!" My Uncle screams with the last of his strength as the Wolves sink their teeth into him. I finally gather the strength to move my legs. I run away as fast as my legs can carry me, I don't look back, I just continue to run.

"GRAHH!" Several more of the Wolves have circled around me. I have no where left to run. I close my eyes and wait for the inevitable, but then.

"UROGH!" I hear something like a dogs whimper, I open my eyes. On the floor, dead, is a single Wolf. I turn to the person who had just saved me, standing there is a teenage boy with red hair, in his hand is a sword with a blue aura flowing around it. Standing either side of the red haired boy are two girls, who have pretty much the same appearance, they're probably twins.

"Are you unhurt?" The red haired boy asks me whilst keeping his eyes on the Wolves, I give a slight nod in response. "That's good." He said with a smile, before turning to the girls standing with him, it is then that I notice that the girls with him are witches, the witch tattoos on their respective hands is proof. "We're driving the monsters out." He said as he swings his sword in a horizontal motion.

"Right!" They reply together, as expected of twins.

It was then that I noticed the strength that they possess. The Witches cast spells that blow away the large number of monsters, the red haired boy protects them as they cast their spells, whilst at the same time lowering the enemies numbers' dramatically. This is the power of co-operation between 'Witches' and their 'Contractors'.

Within a few minutes the monsters had either died or retreated.

I walk up to my three saviours "How come you are so strong?" I ask the red haired boy who looks like he is about five years older than me.

"Strength is something that is fuelled by feelings; our strong feelings become our power." He answers. The three then turned their backs and walked off into the sunset as I looked on mesmerised by them.

I wake up to find myself in my bed, a dream huh? It has been four years since then. I, Vance Clain, have grown up admiring the relationships between the Witches and their Contractors since that day. I have dreamed about one day being as strong as those three were, the hero's who gave me a goal in life.

"Strength is something that is fuelled by feelings; strong feelings become power." I repeat the words that were said to me on that day, like a mantra.

I get out of my bed and kneel down before the shrine I made of my Uncle who died that day. "One day Uncle, I too shall get that strength." I promise the photograph of the man who was my last living relative.

"Holy, it's already that time!" I scream as I look at the clock. "What am I doing wasting my day here!?" I question myself as I run out the door to my house.

A completely normal day is when it all began, when I truly started to understand the meaning of the strength the red haired boy from four years ago mentioned.

Author Notes

Another new project. I wanted to do a new story where the main protagonist is a bit more human and less quirky. I hope it is to everyones liking. I am planning to try out a bit of a different format with this that might get a little bit confusing. Well I doubt it is going to come into play anytime soon. But this story is going to be a lot more difficult to write than Soul Anomaly, but I am up for the challenge (Cud's morale increases by two points). Please feel free to tell me how bad it is LOL.