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Now then about the format of how this works, please allow me to explain (the best I can). During the conception of this story I couldn't decide which heroine Vance would want at the end, my way around this was this format (let the reader choose. The main story will remain mostly the same however).

Now people who play Visual novels might be able to understand this better than others but. All the chapters that are labelled COMMON are the chapters that are common to both story routes (so basically read these regardless of which girl you want). Then you the reader can choose which witch's route you wish to read. In this case this chapter is referred to as Yen 01 therefore this is Yen's route. If you wish for this route then read all the common chapters and all the chapters labelled Yen and skip all the chapters labelled Hina.

Similarly if you wish for Hina's route then read all the chapters labelled Common and all the chapters labelled Hina and skip all the chapters labelled Yen.

If you have any confusion regarding this format please PM me and I'll do my best to explain it better. I get the feeling that I'm shooting myself in the foot with this format idea (hopes it will work), but choose your witch.

Yen 01: The Witch's Fear

Not having the courage to casually pay the girls a night visit I decided to walk around the desert a little bit until sunrise. I spot a small oasis a little bit further away, however the person standing there staring into the clear water is what surprised me.

"Yen?" I call out after getting close enough to her, the girl clad in a china dress turns around to face me briefly before returning her eyes to the water. Well there is little point paying it any mind now. I continue striding until I am standing next to her, she is still keeping her eyes on the water.

"What are you doing all the way out here, what if you got attacked by another Desert Pincer?" I ask the young witch.

"Desert Pincers and most other Magic Devourers are diurnal, they don't move in the dark," Yen explains, wow she is really knowledgeable. I being something of a monster hunter actually did naturally know this, but I thought it would be a good icebreaker topic. "Rather than me wouldn't you be in more danger at night? Chi Devourers are mostly nocturnal, and thus active during the night." She further supplements.

"Well, its not like my Chi is the only thing I have going for me, so I'm sure I'd be okay," I respond light heartedly, "So what are you doing out here, I doubt you got kicked out the tent like me."

Yen turns to face me, "The sight of water helps me think and gives me peace of mind," She responds, "I wanted some time to think, about a lot of things. But the one which is most important," Yen looks at me the most serious I've seen her, "I'm sorry for my attitude before please forgive me," She apologises with a deep bow.

"It's fine," I respond whilst waving my hands around in shock at the unexpected action, "I know you have your reasons. I felt it before, rather than hate humans you're afraid of them," I explain my earlier feeling. Yen tenses up slightly, but quickly loosens up with a sigh.

"Its as you say. Just being near humans scares me, even being around you who I know is actually very kind scares me," Maybe its because we're alone or maybe its because she feels guilty but Yen is being a lot more honest and open. "But even though I know there are good people, I can only recall the bad."

Yen returns her eyes to the clear water. "Vance, I know its a bit spiteful after what I said to you earlier, but will you listen to me for a bit?" She asks.

"Of course, if there is anything on your mind, I'll be only too pleased to lend you my ear."

Yen gives me a light nod and I see a light smile forming on her lips as she continues to stare at the water, however her face quickly turns serious.

"I never knew my parents, and I had no relatives. I was raised in a orphanage in a small town on the west coast called Siren. The people that ran the orphanage didn't have a great deal of funding so I never had many things other kids had. But I still had my pseudo family of the other orphans and the caretakers. Life was hard but I was content," Yen explained with a slight smile recalling the memory, but it suddenly turned grim, "However one day a bunch of human bandits attacked. Many people were either killed or kidnapped, I being one of the latter. I was a young uncontractored Witch, something they felt was valuable." Yen's eyes cringe in anger, "The bandits sold me to a Witch auction house where I was bought by Midgard. I was forced into a contract and became nothing more than one of their expendable tools," Yen's eyes look as if they are about to tear up. I start to raise my arm to her shoulder to comfort her until I remember her fear and force my hand into my pocket instead.

"Witches are unable to go against their contractor due to the 'absolute obedience' that comes with the ritual so I was bound to a man who voiced his complaints using his fists against me," I can't help but feel anger at hearing this. I know about the absolute obedience that's why the person a witch contracts themselves to is extremely important to them. The witch gives their entire being to their contractor, and some bastard just used it in such a way. "I felt hopeless and could only resign to my fate. I had thought on several occasions that I would have just been better off dead. But, I couldn't do it, no matter how bad I still wanted to live. Finally a couple of years ago I was beseeched with a miracle," She says as her eyes start to gain more life, "The man who was my contractor died in battle thus reverting me back to being uncontracted, this gave me the chance to escape from Midgard and I took it."

Yen turns to look at me again this time tears are flowing freely down her eyes, "But even though I escaped it, my mind and body still fears humans. If I were to have another contractor then they might walk all over me again thanks to the absolute obedience. That is the one thing I fear more than anything else."

Seeing Yen in such a state I can only feel a horrible ache in my heart. With all that has happened to her, just how could she trust humans? Even if she herself wants to, her fear prevents her.

"Yen, I'm not the best when it comes to pep talks but," I begin as I grasp my fist tight to try and get out the right words, "I can promise right now that anyone who makes you suffer like that will have their bloodstains carved into my swords. Yen even though I maybe incompetent but your fear and your trauma, for as long as you desire it I will definitely help you overcome it."

Yen just stands there dumbfounded, maybe she wasn't expecting me to say something like that.

"Anyway its getting late so lets head back," I say awkwardly as I scratch the back of my head.

I tread on back to our camp site. Yen quickly runs to my side and walks back with me.

"Vance, thanks." These words alone are enough to make me smile and feel good about myself.