You Are Me, I Am You

Author's Note

So here's a new story. I haven't seriously written in almost a year. I still love Kometto High and want to work on it, but something has been missing from, for lack of a better word, soul lately. I just haven't been able to write much and it has nothing to do with free time.

Still, recently, I've been getting into 'urban fantasy' lately. Mainly the Dresden Files. I got super absorbed into those books and read the entire series inside two weeks. The voice of it almost felt like my own. In the end I was inspired to write something in the first person, something I never really have done before. Also, I've been thinking over my career.

I would like to be a professional writer, but again I feel something is missing. I'm more confident about my subject matter now, after reading some books, but I'm not confident in being able to actually write a full on book with deadlines and such. Still, I'd prefer it to a flooded IT job market…

Anyway, this is written in the first person perspective. There are actually two main characters, (well more but I mean perspective wise.) Each chapter will alternate between their views for reasons that become obvious. I felt I should point that out anyway. Well, anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1 (Jamie)

Pain. I woke up to it pulsing in my skull. To put it simply I was not a morning person. Waking up before nine A.M. was not recommended for my health. It was currently just after seven. I sat in the bed, staring at the ceiling. I sighed and finally sat up, the covers sliding down my chest and revealing the cotton, dark blue pajamas. I slowly put my long legs over the side of the bed and stood up. My feet landed on the plush, blue gray carpet.

The rest of my room had a plain, blue-gray motif. From what I was told my parents told me that I was supposed to be a boy; they were wrong. Still, I preferred blue or almost any color to girlish pink. My bed sat behind me, the blue comforter tossed to the end of my bed with blue sheets under it. My bedroom door stood to my left, and a large desk filled the wall to my right. It contained my computer as well as two monitors and a small television.

Currently my closet was in front of me, with my reflection appearing in a full length mirror. My mother said I was modest and a lot more beautiful than I gave myself credit for. Personally, I didn't feel I was unattractive, but I felt I was mostly plain. I could also be biased as I'm conscious of my inner dialog and may see myself differently due to my stance on my personality.

I was on the tall side, approaching six feet but just short of it. My hair was long and a forest green, about waist length. And no it wasn't dyed. I'm not sure how I got an impossible hair color, but it really was a natural green. I had even tried dying it a few times but the color faded quickly back to green within a day. So I guess I have an air of mystery to me. My eyes were a light violet; also an unusual color but at least that didn't get me as much guff as my hair. I was fairly slim, with what I guess was an above average chest size and somewhat athletic build.

So overall I guess I wasn't bad looking. Still, it's what's on the inside that counts, and that's where the problem lies. To put it simply my looks, average or otherwise, could not overcome my personality. To put it simply (again) I was shy as hell. I mean super shy. If I didn't know someone well I'd clam up and barely display any body language. I'd freeze up and be unable to talk or anything. So I became an unpopular ghost in school.

Speaking of that I had to get ready for school. They had no uniform luckily as I detested skirts. So I threw on some simple clothes. My top was a simple, blue cotton number that hid my figure somewhat. I put on blue jeans and tied my hair back into a tail with a blue scrunchy. I grabbed a brush from the small table between my door and bed and straightened out the tufts of hair sticking up in various areas.

After my preening and a quick trip to the restroom I headed downstairs. I lived in a decently sized house, two stories. The upstairs had two bedrooms and a full bathroom with a path to the attic in the form of pull down stairs. The walls were plain and white, with dark gray carpeting. The stairs led down to the front of the house, stopping near the front door and the small indentation where the shoes and coats were kept. I turned and headed to the side of the stairs. There was a small storage area under the stairs, and another door that led to the basement.

The kitchen was straight ahead and where I was headed. The house felt a bit big as the only other person I lived with was my mother. I loved her, of course, but she annoyed the hell out of me. It was probably because of the fact out personalities were almost opposite. She was bubbly and outgoing, with an energetic personality. In other words my nemesis. She was not here this morning, which was good for my head. She was often out at work in various locations. I still had no clear idea what she does.

So I started making breakfast. Perhaps out of necessity, or the fact I spent a lot of time at home, I was actually a fairly good cook. I had done a lot of practice in other words. So I whipped up some pancakes with some great speed. I ended up making blueberry pancakes. I liked to change between the extra every morning so it doesn't get too bland.

I ate slowly. Not really to savor the food, as good as it was, but because I'd leave the house shortly after. So I delayed as long as I could without being late and placed the dishes in the sink. I slowly moved towards the doorway and grabbed my backpack. I slipped my plain white sneakers on. Okay, so my style is lacking. Make-up, clothes and shoes didn't really mean much to me. I guess since I'm a girl that may also have affected my popularity.

I finally stepped outside, locking the door behind me. It was a warm, early spring day. The sky had a smattering of fluffy clouds, and the sky was just turning blue as the sun was still reluctant about rising this early. I started walking down the small sidewalk that led to the city cement. Out front yard was somewhat small and had a huge pine tree in the center of it that dwarfed the house. The back yard was fenced in and somewhat large and had a picnic table and a small garden.

I moved slowly away from my house, sighing loudly to myself. The school wasn't too far away from my house, maybe about ten blocks or so. It only takes me about 10 minutes to walk there anyway. And so I reached the old cement and brick building.

The entire three story over-sized building was surrounded by a wrought iron fence. The main part of the building was fairly old, but a new (and ugly) addition was recently built on. It now held the grades that were once in middle school, as that school was being torn down, as well as the high school which I attended. The old fence became new wrought iron in the area they had to expand it so the worn black didn't match. The old part of the building was white bricks or cement with windows spread out throughout the building. The stairwells had glass surrounding them as well. I walked across the cement sidewalk towards the glass doors.

There were a large number of other students already crowding the area, talking loudly in their cliques. I ignored them, which they returned in kind, as I went to my locker. I popped it open after entering the combination and sorted out my bags. I glanced over to see a boy known as Clyde going to his own locker.

To put it simply Clyde was my nemesis. Not in the ironic, light hearted sense I viewed my mother, but as the anti-me I want to club on the head. He was slightly shorter than me, and the captain of the soccer, (or football, whatever you like,) team and extremely popular and smooth talking. The only reason I suspected he knew my name was I was female. He had tried hitting on me once when I first came to high school when I became his locker neighbor.

I just had stood there awkwardly while being completely silent. Not because I was like 'Oh my god he's talking to me' but more like 'I want to club him on the head but I still can't bring myself to speak'. People saw me as cold or weird, but I was just incredibly shy… It gets annoying. I know my feelings, I know what I want to say… but I can't.

So, if you haven't guessed, I don't have many social acquaintances. Thus I walked through the hallways absent-minded and alone. I wasn't sure if it was a talent but I could go anywhere on auto-pilot. I mean I could just zone out with no conscious idea where I was and then just be wherever I was going when I thought about it. Like now I was already at my desk. Maybe that was a dangerous ability…

So I was now sitting at my desk. It was a luxurious corner seat that I had gotten near the window. While people were fighting over it I was already sitting there before anyone noticed. I set out my books and such and stared out the window. The classroom was situated over the fields that were set aside for athletic events. I could see the track, and the soccer field. There was no one out there yet.

I managed to hold back a jump as a loud thump broke me out of my thoughts. I looked over to the desk beside me. The person next to me was named Sam. He, for he was a he, looked like a girl. I mean seriously, I have a pretty feminine shape, but cover us both in baggy shirts and you'd think we were a couple of girls. He's so girlish looking I think some of the girls are jealous of his figure.

He had a slim figure and was smaller than me. Didn't help his name was Sam or he kept his sparkling blond hair shoulder length. Out of the others in the class, his hair was the only hair that matched mine in luxuriousness. (I admit the one thing I am vain about it my hair despite the color.) He also had pretty blue eyes. And no, I don't have a crush or anything on him, (or anyone), but I do notice these things.

As for the loud thump, that was him dropping his books and slamming his hands into the desk to catch his fall. He was also a klutz. Like, he was as klutzy as I was shy. If he was actually a girl, guys would be flocking on him. Which he probably hated. As it was, he ended up being the girl's guy friend. All the girls got along with him 'as a friend', except me.

Again, I didn't dislike him, but I was shy. He was friendly enough, and was always trying to (clumsily) help people. I had never really talked to him much but I did hear things. I kind of wanted to fall in line with the other females and be his friend but I could never bring myself to speak to him. He did say hi occasionally to me at least so he was better than most.

"Hey there kiddies!" Our homeroom and English teacher stepped in. She was actually taller than me, probably the only woman around who was, though just by a hair. Her hair was auburn in color with dark, brown eyes that scanned the room behind thin-rimmed glasses. She wore a one-piece flowered white dress and a small smirk on her face. She had an athletic figure, with a rather noticeable chest.

"So kiddies, let us begin with the new stuff!"

So the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. That would be why it seemed to drag on forever. So when it was finally time to leave I was already feeling pretty tired. It didn't take me long to gather up my things and start towards home.

"Why don't you ever talk?" It took me a moment to realize someone was talking to me. I slowly looked beyond my locker door to see Clyde staring at me. I was surprised he noticed me. So I gave him the usual answer.

"…" I was so skilled at not talking my ellipses were almost visible.

"See, you never say anything." I don't get why he was suddenly talking to me but I was now breaking out in a cold sweat. That's part of my problem too. I wanted to say 'Go to hell' or 'I'll make sure you don't talk' but instead I subtly took my gaze from him to something behind him. He blinked and looked behind him.

This is another technique I had. I was really good at being invisible. So I slipped away after shutting my locker really quickly. By the time he looked back I was out the door. I started on my way home. The weather was the same as this morning, though a little warmer. Again it didn't take me long to reach my home. I stepped up to the front door and frowned as the door was already unlocked. A chill was sent down my spine.

I slowly stepped in and looked around but found nothing. I slipped out of my shoes and silently headed towards the kitchen. Right when I was about to step into it I heard a soft creaking behind me. Before I could move let alone sprint as every bone in my body screamed 'run' it was already too late. I felt arms grip me from behind. I'm a pretty strong person, even for a girl and had practice with several martial arts. (I had free time.) Still, I knew there was no way to break the grip on me.

"Where are you going?" A voice asked close to my ear.

"Let go of me," I growled.

"You're so cranky!" There was a smooching sound bear my ear.

"Ugh," I stumbled forward as I was released and turned towards my attacker and faced her. The woman before me was shorter than me. She had raven-black, wavy hair that fell past her shoulders. She stared at me with sparkling green eyes over a large grin.

"Mother," I sighed, "Why do you have to do this every time I come home when you're around?"

"I barely get to be around you!" She pretended to pout but still had a smirk.

"That doesn't mean you should commit pseudo assault," I sighed for about a minute.

"So what's for supper?" My mother, who I usually call by her name asked.

"Celina, that's the first thing you ask after being out for a week?"

"I told you to at least call me mother," She frowned. "I missed your home cooking!"

"I'm supposed to say that to you. You're supposed to be the cook."

"Enough banter, food!" She declared.

"Ugh," This is why she annoyed me. She acted more like a little sister than a mother. She was also pretty much my only family and had raised me alone. I knew very little of my father and even less about my grandparents. On my father's side it seemed he was actually an orphan. My mother never talked about her parents. As for where my father was it seems he disappeared shortly before I was born. Not as in ran away, as in presumed dead. And on that cheery note I went into the kitchen.

The kitchen was almost the biggest room in the house. It was open, and held a large table in the center near the living room entrance. The stove had several electric burners, and there were a large number of cabinets and other appliances. The back door was at the far end. I started searching through the fridge to figure out what to make.

"Eh?" My mother whined as I placed a plate of macaroni and cheese in front of her. "I finally come home and this is what you make?"

"If you don't like it, you don't get any," I started to take her plate away.

"Hey! I'll still eat it… You can make such a simple dish oddly good."

"Is that a compliment or not?" I could feel the back of my head starting to pound as I sat down across from her with my own plate.

"Ah, I missed even your mac and cheese!" She hummed.

"You're way too bubbly," I growled.

"I've been gone a week! I missed you!"

"And where were you?" I asked. I really had no idea just what her job was. She used to travel less when I was younger but once I got into high school she started disappearing for a week or more. Sometimes it was just a couple days, other times a week and a half.

"I'll tell you when you're older!" She stated between bites.

"Why, are you a prostitute or something?" She started coughing and almost choking on her food. It took about two minutes before she recovered.

"What?" She finally gasped.

"It would explain a lot since you're gone for weeks and flirtatious all the time."

"I'm not a prostitute!" She huffed. It was fun to pull her leg. "You're always so mean to me."

"It's because you're so bubbly; the balance must be maintained." I answered, still with a straight face.

"So how's school?" She changed the subject to something I didn't want to discuss. I guess I pushed too many buttons. "Well, Jamie?" She asked after a long silence. I hated it when she used my name.

"Just fine," I answered after a while. We ate in silence until we finished up.

"How's it going, really?" She asked.

"Fine! My grades are good and everything is fine," I answered in an annoyed tone.

"That's not what I mean…"

"I cooked you do dishes," I stated as I put my plate in the sink. My mother was probably the person closest to me, another reason I didn't want to let her know that I was lonely or friendless. "I'm doing my homework." I quickly left the room and headed upstairs. I took the necessary stuff out of my backpack.

I really did have homework; I don't like to lie after all. So without boring you with the details I did my homework. It took me about two hours. I tended to stay up later and sleep as close to seven as I could, so I had a couple hours left before I had to force myself to sleep. So I did what any girl would with some free time; I started playing video games and watching anime.

I didn't really understand Japanese but I could pick up enough and read fast enough that I could watch something while playing a game. I was adamant about watching it subbed over dubbed as well. As for the games I played; of course JRPGs.

And so I fell asleep. I'm not sure when it happened, but when I regained consciousness I found myself in a dark field. Which you know, threw up a few flags. My head was pounding as I blinked and looked around. The world was filled with dark gray light. I could see the sky, which was also a dark gray. It wasn't the clouds that colored it the dark color, but the sky seemed to actually be gray. I slowly sat up.

I was sitting at the edge of a field. Behind me and surrounding the large circle were tall gray trees. The bark and the leaves, which resembled maple leaves, were all gray. The grass was even a lighter shade of gray. I started to realize I was dreaming. I usually dreamed in color but it looks like my brain put the monochrome filter on. Also I usually woke up when I realized it was a dream.

I slowly brought myself to my feet, realizing my blue pajamas were still in color. I glanced at myself to find that I was still in full color. And that I never realized just how pale my skin was. Maybe I should get more sun… but it does burn… I broke out of my odd thoughts as I realized I wasn't alone.

I stared across the field to find… myself. Well, mostly myself. She looked like me in every way except for her hair and her outfit. Her hair was currently loose behind her, like mine, and was a dark purple in color. Her eyes focused on me and were the same violet as mine. Her outfit was dark purple cloth, which I guessed were pajamas as well. I slowly stepped to the center of the field and she mirrored my movements until we were about a foot from each other. I rose my right arm, while she moved her left, mirroring me exactly.

"I've had this dream before," We stated at the same time. "Stop mirroring me!" We both brought our right hand to our forehead. A moment later we both brought up our right hand and started shaking it. "Rock… Paper…" I sighed as we got the same signs every time.

"This is ridiculous," I stated. "What kind of dream is this?"

"I agree," The other me stated, "I wish I would stop dreaming about you."

"I'm the dreamer," I responded.

"No, I am the dreamer," She responded. We stood silently for several moments, glaring at each other. And then I remembered how the dream ended, how all dreams end. We both jumped at each other at the same moment, pinching each other's cheeks. We both stumbled to the ground, gasping at the sudden pain and stunned that we didn't wake up. I stared in her eyes, now lying where she had been standing. After the pause we started pinching again. I gasped at the pain and opened my eyes.

"Bitch!" I found myself shouting as I sat up. I blinked as my vision cleared. I didn't wear contacts or glasses, but my vision was blurry. My head started throbbing in pain. The focus on my eyes slowly began to, well focus. "Ah, my head," I rubbed my forehead as my vision cleared and the beating of the drums in my head become a small tapping sound.

That was when I realized something was wrong. The normal dull light that was always resent in my room from every LED indicator that seemed to be on everything now a days, was a lot brighter. That's when I realized I wasn't in my bed or even my room. Before I could even move, a new voice entered my ears. Not to mention a large, metal sword appearing at my throat.

"Who are you," The voice demanded, "And what have you done with Celeste?"