Two weeks had passed, and during that time Raven had been training under Eudora's and Murdoch's tutelage.

And over that time, she had begun to gain control of the powers that the witch feeder had given her.

So here she was in Eudora's kitchen enjoying breakfast with the rest of the gang.

Becky was having something called "rice crispies"; Eudora was having Bacon and eggs, as was Raven.

She found them to be enjoyable.

Celeste was enjoying a dish of tuna fish, and Murdoch was enjoying a leftover steak from last night's supper.

Since he wasn't a normal cat in any sense of the word, he ate differently. He could eat both cat and human food.

Raven snickered amused at the sight of Murdoch eating a steak like a cat eats a fish.

Murdoch looked up to Raven from his breakfast, and smiled, licking his lips.

"An entire week without being barbecued by your magic Raven…its heaven!" Murdoch said jokingly.

"Oh come on…" Raven teased, "I didn't fry you THAT much. I mean you know I'm getting better…Admit it"

Murdoch shook his head, "a good witch is a humble witch…" then looked at Raven, "but yes…you have gotten better…and my fur coat thanks you"

This was met by rounds of laughter by everyone in the room.

"She's making a lot of progress" Eudora said proudly, "it's like riding a bike for her"

"Uh….what's a bike?" inquired Raven curiously.

"It's a two wheel vehicle used for getting around…" Becky explained, "Don't have those in the magic world?"

"Magic realm" raven corrected the young girl "and no I don't think we do"

"I can't do this!" Raven said nervously as she sat precariously on Eudora's old bicycle. She cursed herself, why did she always have to open her big mouth it always got her in trouble!

"if you're going to stay here, you're going to have to learn the basics about here…Murdoch knows a lot…but I seriously doubt he knows how to Ride a bike, drive a car…or do taxes for that matter" Eudora said.

"Hey!" Murdoch said in defense.

Celeste chuckled.

"okay…just try and keep your balance and hold the bars steady, and then push the pedals with your feet to get yourself moving…and reverse to stop" Eudora explained the dynamics of riding a bike to Raven.

"Yeah…right…anything else?" asked Raven Nervously.

"Yeah…" Becky said, placing a helmet on Ravens head, "always wear this. Don't ever bike without one"

"Okay…you ready?" Eudora asked Raven.

Raven sighed, and nodded "I'm ready, I hope"

Raven started slowly, following what Eudora had taught her…and to her surprise found herself moving down the driveway like she had seen little Becky do on her own bike.

So far so good, until suddenly she saw she was veering towards the hedge bush on the side of the driveway.

She didn't know how to turn the bike, and with a yelp ended up driving right into the hedge bush.

Amongst Raven's small cries of "Ow!" Becky, Murdoch and Eudora winced after watching Raven crash into the bushes hard.

"I guess I should have told her that you had to turn the handle bars in order to turn" Eudora chuckled nervously.

"Gee ya think?!" Murdoch chastised.

Four months later…..


Judas Black emerged from the shadows, chuckling wickedly…and then turned to face the witch feeder.

"The boy's parents have done what I expected. Put the police in charge….they'll find the vial in his locker at his school, and when they find traces of Eudora's D.N.A on it…they take her in for questioning…and I can get to work with this." Judas black pulling out a pouch filled with an unknown content.

Witch feeder shook his head impatiently, "why not just BARGE in with the power I've given you and take what we need?"

"Because I don't want any attention being placed…not since your protégé is here on earth hunting you"

Witch feeder looked up with an intrigued look "Raven… Raven Ducard is here on earth realm?"

"Yes…a "concerned" dark seeker came to me three days ago. Told me that the young witch was supposedly dead… and then I noticed four months ago a strong magical force coming from somewhere in the city…stronger than mine, but untrained… and a signature I recognized as the girl in red I saw in a vision on the astral plane…I think she was the one trying to find you on the astral plane…the one place you're not immune to detection from. I think she plans on killing you…or imprisoning you…and in your current state…that might be plausible" Judas black explained.

"Does she know?" Inquired witch feeder.

"No…she knows you're here…but doesn't know where. And she doesn't know about me and what I plan to do to the Old bat who took her in…. but her signature is becoming less and less untrained…I think Eudora's training her in the advanced magic you gave her. I placed a block over this warehouse so she won't be able to find you through the astral plane for a while…but her powers catching up to the point where she'll be able to see, detect and look past my barrier spell" Judas Black Warned.

"Then let's get things rolling before she gets strong enough to ruin everything" Witch feeder said.

"I'm working on it…and don't worry, we have time. Now I can get the wolf bones easily once my plan is done…but Eudora Hastings has the last ingredients we need. So just sit back, wait…and watch as the fools of the human world do our job for us tonight…and accelerate the rise of the Witch feeder on earth realm once more…and I'll receive the American continent and the rest of the powers you promised me…and you'll have everything else." Judas Black snickered looking into his crystal ball.

Witch feeder smiled with triumph in the shadows.

Raven Ducard walked down the street with Becky, heading from the marketplace with bags of groceries in their arms, going to where they parked their bikes.

In four months' time, Raven had gotten more comfortable with her powers…and with the earth realm she was starting to see as home.

She had grown more confident and sure of herself, and in the process more "down to earth"…like a normal person.

She had gotten so good with her powers due to Eudora's and Murdoch training that she now trained in solitary to herself in her room or in the secret place in the swamp.

She basically now fit in to the world that she now hid in, and knew how to defend herself from the dangers inside it.

She would if she had to now defend herself with both magic, and fists and sometimes her feet if she had to. And that was because Eudora had shown her how to fight as well as use magic.

On the side she had taught Becky a few moves, which kept the bullies like the reapers off of her for a while… persistent buggers.

Becky had given Raven a book in her room about Earths history, and since then Raven had gotten an idea of the world she now lived in.

The good…and the bad… really, there wasn't any difference between magic users and humans. They could be just as equally bad or good.

And with that knowledge that she, her father and Max were right about the people here…gave her more reason to find and stop witch feeder…and whoever tried to help him… she wouldn't shed a tear for them.

Anyone who willingly served or helped that monster deserved no pity… and in a way neither did she for being tricked by him.

She messed up…and thought it may never make up for what she had done; she wasn't going to let the witch feeder continue to hurt people.

She would find him…and end him.

She wondered how proud her parents would be if they could see her now, and also wondered if they even would be proud of her after what had happened in the past…or if they were even still alive in the witch feeder.

Eudora had told her the witch feeder slowly drains its victims, so if she had a chance to save her parents she had to find the witch feeder.

She had been training herself to master accessing the astral plane through meditation as she had found out about human spiritualist being able to do so in a book she found in Eudora's library…and over time…she had begun to slowly reach success.

She got faint images, but it was certain without a doubt witch feeder was somewhere in the city of New Orleans…she just had to find him.

She and Becky had become close, she was like the little sister Raven never had. They talked about things, the magic realm, Becky's mother and father who had passed away, Raven told Becky about why Raven had come to earth realm…and now, now they were busy doing chores for Eudora.

Usually Raven was calm and collected, but tonight…tonight she was edgy, because she knew what tonight was.

Time works differently, so while time is in synch with earth and magic realm. Time has no meaning in the in between realm of dimensional subspace that is traveled through in order to reach either world. So one could appear anywhere, at any time in the same year as the world she left.

It wasn't time travel or anything like that; it was only earth realm that could be traveled to at any time of the year traveled on if you wanted if you jumped between worlds. So she couldn't change the past even if she could.

And to her ire, she had arrived on earth four months ago which made it early spring, April, when she traveled her from earth realm on what was considered June on the day she traveled.

She had been sent to earth realm 4 months behind instead of exactly on Earth realms June of the same year.

Now it was earth realms June.

So today…today was a day she wished to forget, but knew she couldn't. And the memory of this day, and what happened was why she was testy.

So it was no surprise what she did when they showed up.

Four men approached from the alley beside where they were walking and followed them closely.

She didn't have to look behind to know they were coming she could sense them, and she could hear their thoughts when she muttered the "synaptra" or "spy tongue" spell as Becky called it.

She knew what they wanted to do to her and little Becky.

She knew what these "mobsters" had been ordered to do by their boss Carl Bentley, casino worker and underworld trafficker.

She knew about that from the "spy tongue" spell, but she knew she couldn't tell any police about it otherwise they would question HER about why and how she knew.

In a court of law she would be under oath to tell the truth, and despite her magic, raven would never use it to subvert the law and twist it to her own end…like these losers.

So she had to remain an ordinary citizen, however…that didn't mean she didn't know about the law of self defense.

The second one of the goons pulled out a knife behind her and Becky, and another tried to grab her…Raven went to work.

Raven turned around in a flash, kicked the goon in the head with a round house kick, causing him to drop his knife in the process, and then kicked him in the groin.

The goon trying to grab Becky from behind she hit with a punch to the jaw, and the others she muttered under her breath "sleepra!"

And with a flash of light from her hand, the spell shot out and all at once the goons that attacked them fell down to the ground in a deep sleep.

Raven was about to check on Becky when she noticed something on each of the gang members necks, crystal pendants.

With a VERY familiar symbol on the crystals surface, the symbol of the witch feeder! She remembered it from story books back home.

She noticed one of the goons wasn't completely asleep yet, and from the smell of his breath it was because of booze.

Raven grabbed the goon and asked, "what is this…where did you get this?"

"Its…it's a token of membership. All of the boss's boys have one…don't ask me where he gets it from…some freak in black" and then the goon collapsed back into sleep.

Raven picked up the amulet to get a better look at it and when she did…something happened.

She saw a vision of this particular magic item, the amulet, she saw the things past. She saw these goons leader Boss Carl Bentley. She saw him being given these amulets to give to his goons by a man in black. Some kind of…voodoo man.

And in doing so…she also saw the black magic inside the amulet.

And when the vision was done she collapsed in agony as the dark magic effect burned her on the inside…and she recognized it as the witch feeders magic.

She writhed in pain for a good while until the pain finally subside, she gasped for air because she had been in so much pain that she couldn't breathe.

But her mind was a swirl with questions to what she had seen.

Who was that man in black…was he the Witch feeder in human form, or something else?

She would have to discuss this with Eudora and Murdoch.

She grabbed the amulet, and gritting through the pain of the dark powers inside it reacting to her, placed it in her jean pocket.

Then Raven realized she hadn't heard a sound from Becky, not a surprise yelp or her talking to her concerned as she would have been when raven had collapsed…so where was she?

"Becky…Becky…?" she called her friends name.

She then saw Becky was there on the sidewalk, sleeping peacefully beside her.

"aw nuts" rave face palmed, "I zapped Becky as well!"

She forgot that anyone who saw the "flash" of the sleeping spell would fall asleep.

Now she had to carry both Becky and the groceries back to Eudora's.

"If only I had mastered that teleportation spell!" Raven muttered as she waked back to Eudora's house carrying the groceries…and a sleeping Becky.

"What happened?" Eudora said when she saw Raven enter through the door carrying the groceries and a sleeping Becky.

Raven shook her head, "these goons who work for that pig Carl Bentley jumped us, I had to subdue them…and in the process I accidentally zapped Becky as well"

"You zapped her?!" Eudora gasped in shock and grabbed her granddaughter.

"It was a sleeping spell, she'll be fine!" Raven assured, "but that's not important right now…" Raven said as she began rifling through her jeans pocket.

"You almost blow the whistle, place my granddaughter in a sleep spell…and that's not…" Eudora began to scold Raven, when she saw that raven was holding in her hands an amulet necklace, one with a very familiar symbol on it "important? Where did you get this?"

"From one of the gang members who jumped us…" Raven said, letting Eudora have the amulet, "when I touched it, it sent me on a mind trip. I think someone gave it to Carl Bentley to give to his men…a man in black."

Eudora looked up surprised, "a man in black?"

"There's more…" Raven continued, "When the vision ended, I felt dark pain…and I recognized the dark magic. It was witch feeders!"

Eudora took that to heart, and then called upstairs loudly "MURDOCH, GET DOWN HERE. WE HAVE A PROBLEM!"

In that second, Becky woke up with a start, woken by Eudora's yelling "WHAT, WHAT?!... huh?" Becky looked around confused, "what…how did I get here? Last thing I recall is…a…huge…flash of light…" then Becky looked at Raven with narrowed eyes, "coming from Ravens hands!"

Raven put a hand behind her head embarrassed, looking at the ground "yeah…sorry about that"

In Eudora's kitchen, Murdoch sniffed at the charm necklace on the table.

Raven and Eudora were watching

Becky was up in her room wearing of the drowsiness of the misfired sleep spell raven accidentally hit her with.

All the better… some things about Ravens mission she knew Becky didn't need to know, at her young age she didn't need to know about monsters and dark magic users on the prowl in the city…especially the one about dark magic users.

She'd be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life if she knew that, so better to keep her in the dark about some things.

Murdoch continued sniffling the amulet.

Then he shook his head in disbelief and said "I know this charm….it's a locater charm. It's a charm that works kind of like a two way video feed or radar device. There are the controller which acts as the "video screen", and the node charms that work as the cameras/radar devices. It's basically used to spy and keep track of people, the more node charms attached to the controller charms link…the more the user can see and keep tabs on whoever's using it. They were all the rage when the magic realm was hunting down dark mages and witches. It helped catch a lot of them too! Whoever sold this to the "al Capone" wannabe in the neon light district, obviously gave him the controller…as well as the nodes for his men. This is a node locater charm. But I have to admit I've never seen a charm like this from any magic user in the magic realm…or any dark magic user before they were imprisoned in the no zone"

"I know who made it… and I had hoped he would never break past his low level ability… but obviously he has struck the same deal Raven did, and with the same devil as she did as well" Eudora sighed, shaking her head.

"What kind of idiot Forgotten one would strike a deal with him, when you all know his magic aura here!" asked Raven is disbelief.

"Only one man would…your man in black…" Eudora answered, "Someone I used to know…A voodoo pedlar…His name is Judas Black. He is not a trustworthy man…not in the least."

"Oh Yeah…" Raven snorted sarcastically, "That's a name that brings up a lot of trust about character"

"Who is this Judas Black?" inquired Murdoch.

"A forgotten one, just like every other magic user in earth realm…but unlike us, he took being banished very, VERY hard. He began to hate all magic users. The forgotten ones for being too weak to keep themselves from being kicked out of their own home… and the magic users of the magic realm for exiling "the weak" to the Earth realm. To him that was basically a death sentence. So now his allegiances are to no party…just his own. He's cold and cruel, Very Cunning and charismatic. He liked to swindle people of money with his "voodoo charms" and laugh at the results when his "customers" learned they had blown money on Fakery. The only true magic he had was the ability to produce illusions. Its how he's managed to avoid this cities authorities all these years…if he's gotten power from the witch feeder I'd hate to think what power he has now and what he's doing with it"

"So he's the one trying to set witch feeder free…" raven thought to herself, "is that why he has the witch feeders symbol on his products? Is he one of those dark seekers?"

Raven was referring to what her people called witch feeder worshipers: dark seekers.

Eudora shook her head, Understanding what Raven was asking.

"No…he's not a dark seeker. he knows it's the witch feeder symbol, he just uses it because he likes the fear it puts in magic users…now, now I'm sure he's struck a deal with the symbols represented" Eudora said pondering the amulet necklace.

"You think he knows about how to unlock the second seal on the witch feeder?" asked Raven.

"If he does…and he's indeed working with the witch feeder he could now be a very dangerous man" Eudora said worriedly.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the front door, and a voice came from behind it "Open up, it's the police"

Eudora stood right up at the sound of that name, "the police?" she asked herself worriedly, "what could they want… Raven, cloak yourself"

"But…" Raven began to object.

"Trust me!" Eudora pleaded, "You may be a teenager, but even teenagers can be held in jail for crimes they didn't commit for a while. And a witch in the county jail isn't a great idea for keeping the secret a secret!"

Raven wanted to say something, but she knew Eudora was right.

"Ars Arcanum spectre" Raven chanted.

Like a child's magnadoodle eraser, Raven suddenly vanished into invisibility.

Eudora knew this spell was only temporary, Raven hadn't trained long enough with it to make it last longer than five minutes, so she would have to solve this matter with the police quickly lest she be discovered.

She thought about locking her potions room up, but realized that if the cops searched her house and found a room locked they would be suspicious.

Even if she had a license as a practitioner of voodoo and as a charms dealer, humans could be crafty with putting two and two together.

Eudora reluctantly opened the door, and saw two New Orleans Officers standing outside her door, one tall, one short and sort of overweight.

"Evening officers…what can I do for you?" Eudora asked innocently.

"Is your name Eudora Hastings?" asked the tall officer.

"Yes it is…is there a problem?" Asked Eudora Concerned.

"Is this your product?" asked the overweight officer, pulling an evidence bag out and showing to Eudora the vial of Liquid courage.

"Yes…yes it is. Why?" asked Eudora.

The tall cop then pulled out a pair of hand cuffs, "were going to have to take you downtown for questioning"

"What? Why?" asked Eudora, "I demand an explanation"

"A boy has been missing for four months… and various girls have been vanishing as well as of this month…all places they were last seen had one of these Vials found there…" the officer detailed, "and all evidence points to you "miss witch". We have heard from a reliable source that he was last seen exiting your "Voodoo shop"…" the fat officer then got in Eudora's Face, "what did you do Hex girl? Slip the kid a "roofie"? What did you do to the other kids?"

Eudora ignored him and kept silent.

The fat cop snorted, "obviously she knows her Miranda rights…well, let's take her down and see what we can get out of her"

"When I'm proven innocent…" Eudora eyed the cops as she was handcuffed and lead away to the cop car waiting on the street outside, "I'm going to be lodging a complaint to the commissioner…and I'd better be getting one, Bloody good apology!"

And with that the door closed.

Raven could hear the cop car drive of as she became visible once again, the spell having worn off.

She walked up to the doors window, and stared with disbelief as Eudora was taken from her home to a place she didn't belong…jail.

Raven then noticed a presence behind her, and turned around to see up the stairs staring down at her was Becky, she had seen the whole thing.

"Why didn't you stop them?" she asked in disbelief.

"Because she told me not to" Raven said in defense, but deep down…she didn't even believe herself for it.

"You have magic why didn't you?" Becky said in disbelief.

"The same reason why she didn't…" raven looked back at Becky, "you!"

"Me?" asked a confused Becky, "what did I do?"

"Nothing…You're a young child, you don't know. Eudora made it perfectly clear to me my first night here about how important it is that no one finds out about me. If they found out about me I would be hunted, She would be in jail…and you would never see either of us again…you'd be put in an orphanage or foster home…do you understand" Raven asked.

Suddenly the both of them heard the sound of voices of cops outside, Raven and Becky both heard what was being said as they approached Eudora's house.

"So what…we take the girl where?" asked one of the officers.

"Unless she has friends she can trust or other family…" The other said, "the girl will be handed over to child services…Never would have figured this bust would be so…strange"

"yeah…send one squad car to take the voodoo lady in, and then us to take the kid away…straight from the chief's mouth…" she heard one cop say, "I don't know…it seems a little fishy to me… this old lady lives in this city for how many years and all of a sudden evidence pops up supporting the fact she might be a child kidnapper?"

"I knew Eudora…my grandmother knew her…I know it doesn't seem right…" the other officer said.

Raven took what she had just heard to heart, the two cops were right…something was off with this whole thing…and she had two guesses of an idea who might have really "found" that evidence.

But she couldn't do anything about it here…and she couldn't do anything about it if the cops knew about her living with Eudora.

Becky watched as Raven quickly fled into her grandmother's potions room and then just as quickly exited; it looked like she had placed something in her magic pouch sack.

"Murdoch…Celeste!" Raven called to her Gaurdemon and her pet.

As soon as they were assembled, Raven turned to Murdoch "hex us out of here now! I'll explain on the way!"

Knowing what Raven was planning, Murdoch began concentrating…his eyes glowing gold.

There was a knock on the door, "open up, police" the officer said calmly…a great improvement from the other officers that had come earlier.

Becky watched as Raven, Murdoch and celeste began to slowly vanish into thin air from the feet up.

"You can't leave me!" Becky pleaded, "I don't know where to go!"

"Yes you do…" Raven said trying to encourage her young friend, "tell them that you can go to your friend Selene Rivens. Trust me…that will work"

"But I want to go with you…" Becky said running down and clutching Ravens waist before it vanished as well, "everyone I've ever cared for has left me…I don't want you to leave me and grandma!"

Raven looked down at the young girl and smiled…she saw a bit of herself as a young girl herself in this human child.

Raven stroked Becky's hair and shushed her soothingly; trying to make her see that it would all be alright in the end.

That she was doing the best thing for all of them by leaving, just long enough to prove Eudora's innocence.

And find the ones responsible for framing her…so they could get back to dealing with the real problem.

"I have to go…the police can't know about me Becky…" Raven sad trying to assure her that she was doing the right thing, "believe me, I am not abandoning you or your grandmother"

Becky looked up at her friend, "you'll be back?"

Raven pulled her in close and hugged her, "I keep my promises, I make dam sure of it now!"

And with that, Raven vanished in a flash as Murdoch whisked the three of them away to parts unknown.

Raven shook her head sadly before she fully vanished, "this is the second worst day of my life…on the day OF the worst day of my life…I hate this." she muttered.

A full week had passed before I saw either of them, Eudora or Becky.

A full week of trying to track down leads to whoever framed Eudora for being responsible for the missing boy, and the other children.

I had been hiding in the dregs and shadows of New Orleans, observing and investigating the best way my magic abilities could.

And I found nothing, just more questions.

So now here I was, wearing a hooded cloak entering the county jail where Eudora was being held.

In actuality she could easily with her low level magic escape or persuade people to believe her innocent…she just chose not to…and Raven understood her reasoning why.

No matter how properly paranoid the reasoning was.

Raven, with Murdoch and Celeste following behind her walked up the stairs of the county jail and entered in under the guise of a visitor for prisoner 223.

She used a small persuasion spell on the guards when they began to get fussy when they couldn't find Ravens name in their database, and so now here she was in the visitor's center talking with Eudora through thick glass, and phone connection.

"How is she?" asked Eudora, regarding Becky.

"she's hanging in there…" raven assured, "she's staying with her friend Selene Rivens…at least until we can prove your innocent. They're treating her good"

"any luck in that department yet kiddo?" asked Eudora, trying to remain optimistic…especially since her one chance of getting out of her without "blowing the whistle" was an under practiced teenage witch.

Raven shook her head, "I can't find anything. Not even with the "locatra"…you think that boy and those girls are dead?"

Eudora shook her head, "if they were you would still feel their essence…a bit of energy is left behind in our bodies when we die Raven…no, I don't think they're dead…but they are probably in a place where light magic can't find them…somewhere where there's a lot of darkness…evil"

"So I'll try harder than I have if I must…" Raven said determined, "but I have an idea who might have set you up"

"So do I…" Eudora scowled, "black"

"Did you tell the cops that?" inquired Raven.

"Yes I did…I was under oath…but no one believed me… and another thing… I think he was there influencing their decisions" Eudora theorized.

Ravens eyes widened for a second, then scowled in confusion "how?"

"I sensed him… I couldn't see him in the jury…but I could sense him…" Eudora sighed, "Able to hide himself from the magic eye…he never had that power before…only magic users who made deals of power with the magic user did…because he gave that ability to his followers. That's why we used the astral plane to find dark magic users in the past long ago…"

"And if he has indeed made a deal with the witch feeder like I did…?" asked Raven concerned.

"Then we are all in a lot of trouble" Eudora said grimly, "and he's now a very dangerous man… I wouldn't underestimate him now raven"

Raven then shook her head, "no…no I don't plan to Eudora, the witch feeder gave me a fraction of power…I don't know what he's done to that vile man. But if I'm going to prove your innocence, I have to find him…and stop whatever he's planning"

"I think we already know what he's planning…" Eudora replied, "You do what you can to make sure he doesn't set witch feeder free into this world"

"I already have…" Raven smiled secretly.

Back at Eudora's house, which had been abandoned for a week's time, a dark shadow cast itself upon the front door.

And as if by magic, the door creaked open.

And then the owner of the cast shadow entered the abandoned house.

Grinning evilly, the dark magic user known as Judas Black walked through the hall, heading for Eudora's potions room.

He found it locked, but with a flick of his wrist…that was no longer a problem.

The potions room was dark, but Judas black had grown accustomed to the dark, and so he could see fine in it.

He knew from experience in the past that Eudora always kept her most "special" ingredients in her locked cabinet.

Judas black smirked at how easy this was going, the rest of his plan would go along smoothly he had no doubt.

He quickly opened the locked cabinet, and pulled out the box containing the two magic ingredients' that he needed for the spell to free the witch feeder.

His glee soon vanished when he saw nothing in the box, he could smell and detect the essence of the two items…but from doing so he could tell that they had been moved the day Eudora was taken by police.

In his time waiting for the cops to finish searching the house…Someone had taken the ingredients before he got here. "NOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO!" he screamed in anger.

And then began destroying Eudora's potion room in anger.

Raven, Murdoch and celeste were walking down towards Selene Rivens house to see Becky before they went out to find Judas Black.

Raven looked down at her Gaurdemon companion, "you know how to find him right? Your "location powers are way ahead of mine" right…can you find him?"

Murdoch ignored the bit of a shot at his power that was in Ravens question, and shook his head.

"I know she was framed by him… we all of us do." Murdoch said nodding his head, "and you're right I SHOULD be able to find him like I found you. But for some reason his aura is hidden from my OWN location powers…if we're going to find him…we have to find out who has made trades with him and what he did to that poor boy and the others."

Raven thought about that…and then her eyebrows narrowed, and she scowled as she realized they both knew a "customer" of Judas black.

"Carl Bentley!" Raven growled.

"And if we find Bentley, we find Judas Black, we find Judas black…" Murdoch said, counting down with his paw.

"We find the victims…and witch feeder!" raven said with narrowed, angry eyes.

Raven then decided to go and see Becky again, before she went out to hunt for Judas black.

It was night, so she was asleep in her "bed" in her friend Selene house.

Raven had met her, she was a nice girl.

Although her pet dog St Charles was strange though, always running around, doing strange thing…almost like he was trying to get their attention… weird.

Raven used her magic to show to her Becky asleep, in the same room with Selene.

Selene reminded her of Sarah, her sister in law back home in the magic realm.

Raven paused from checking on Becky to think about her remaining family back home.

Sarah, Her brother Max and grandma Aracane…she wondered how they were doing, and the thought that she would never, never get a chance to find out…or see them again made her feel cold inside.

She let go of that thought, because she knew she couldn't dwell on the past right now…this little girl…her friend, was depending on her…and so was Eudora.

And with that in mind, Raven place two fingers to her eyes, closed her eyelids and then chanted under her breath, then began moving her fingers across the skin of her eyelids.

As she did they left behind a Lavender colored streak, and as Raven continued rubbing her eyelids with her fingers, the streak got bigger.

In no time soon, Raven's eyes became "eye shadowed" in gothic lavender color.

Raven then snapped her fingers, and her cloak then transformed into the Red dress she had come to Earth realm in, repaired…and printed with symbols of magic all along its lining.

Raven then turned and looked out at the city of new Orleans, with Celeste and Murdoch poised and ready to go and follow Raven to where she was going…out into the city, as Raven, mistress of magic.

"We have work to do" Raven said, "Let's go!"

And with Murdoch's powers, they all vanished to somewhere in the city, to begin the hunt for Judas black.

If only they had known…that their target, Judas black…was closer to them than they knew.

In fact… he was in actuality already in Selene's House.

He watched as Raven left to find him, and chuckled "young fool!"

His power had cloaked him well from Ravens Magic view when she was checking up on Becky, so she had not seen him when she checked up on the little girl.

He now knew who had possibly stolen the two items he needed, he would deal with the young witch later, but first he needed what he came for.

He turned around towards Selene, who was now upright in her bed and looking straight ahead into space in a daze.

One would say she was in the process of sleepwalking, if they didn't see the black powder sprayed all over her face.

Black Powder that Judas black had blown into her face when she awoke, saw him standing over her bed, and had blown it in her face to keep her from calling out to her parents…or alerting her "dog" to her peril.

Becky slept unaware of her friends predicament.

Judas black snickered; the girl in the bed opposite fell asleep quicker than anyone with the "sleep" spell he placed on her after "powdering" Selene.


Kidnapping the girl Selene might prove that Eudora was innocent, for how could she whish a child away if she was in jail…but after a while of thinking…that didn't matter to Judas black.

At this point in his plan, nothing, not the police…or a teenage witch brat could stop him.

Now to put his Bewitching powder to its proper use… securing the ingredients he needed from the crime boss Carl Bentley.

Selene just stared ahead, mindlessly.

Judas black knew she would be accepted easily for Bentleys… "Service of entertainment and labor abroad" as the filthy human put it.

"Come with me my dear…" Judas black smiled deviously, "my loyal customer is waiting for you…and the others".

And with that Selene got up out of bed, and followed Judas Black mindlessly into the shadows.

To be continued….

Raven: Mistress of Magic... is written by and belongs to Maskedhero100. This story is fictional, Any similarities to persons, places or events are purely coincidental