You built these walls,
oh, so pretty, oh, so secure,
but what are we expecting here?
Are we waiting for wings to grow
where there are only scars of what could have been?
It's all gone now, it's done,
there are no more dreams to hold on to,
no more thrill to wake up to a new
goal, to a new experience,
there's only what could have been,
but it's done now, and I have no one to blame.

It's painful to see something shine so bright,
and not want to believe that it won't always be the same,
that there will be times when its light will
die down, to the point where its existence
will seem impossible, but it's there,
don't you feel it? I hope you know it's there,
I'm counting on you to never forget it,
when even I doubt its strenght, even when
I hide from it, when I feel unworthy of its light.
I close my eyes, with the dreary feeling of knowing
that when I open them, everything will be the same.

This small, crystal part of me dreams,
dreams of darkness interwined with light,
but I know better, darkness killed light in me
a long a time ago,there are no windows to be opened,
there are no doors to be closed,there are only the marks that
my nails left on the walls, the stains my blood left on the floor,
the broken glass my screams shattered, it's a cage
with happy colors, a place with a sunny sky.
These dreams are killing me, I'm afraid I'll get lost
in their brightness, they swallow me whole and make me forget,
but how can they? There's too much death to erase.

The death that I've seen, the storm they left behind,
the death of my hope, and the death of what could have been.