Different people told different tales about me. Some called me the Conqueror of Empires, the Dragon Empress, the Rider of the World. Others called me the Usurper of Thrones, Demon on Horse Back or Whore of the Morghul Horde. There was one thing in common between those who worshiped me and those who despised me-nearly every mortal man and woman dreaded me-for good reasons.

There were tales of how my campaigns of conquest burned across the continents of Eisha and Uropa like wild fire, engulfing nations after nations, leaving a trail of blood and destruction. There were tales of how I led the Morghul hordes from the Great Morghul Steppes into the immense deserts of Arabya, across the icy plains of Errusia, and through the impenetrable Long Wall of Sina. There were tales of how I sacked countless cities and burned the rest to ashes, slaughtered millions and enslaved even more. Most of those horror tales had some truth to it.

Yet none of them was complete. I was neither the Goddess of Invincibility of nor the Demon of Death as portrayed in those tales, but a mortal woman, who both loved and hated, and experienced both the height of bliss and abyss of despair. But most important of all, I was a mother, who would do anything to give my child the world.

Now my life is coming to an end, by my own device. Before I cleanse my soul with dragon's fire I shall tell you about the true story of Yue Ulanara- my humble childhood in a brothel, my entry into the Imperial Harem of Sina, and my rise to power through a web of schemes and a river of blood.

It all started in a brothel on the Streets of Nanjun in the South of the Sinese Empire.


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