Chapter One: Mornings

Beep! Beep! Beep!
Damn alarm clock, waking me up every morning. Let me sleep, dang it. I open my eyes. Why is it dark? Why did you wake me stupid alarm? What time is it anyway? I look at the number glowing on the clock face. 6:00 am! Why am I getting up at 6:00am. Oh right, boarding school starts today. Lovely. Did I finish packing.

Hey, procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.
Shut up and pack.
But I'm tired.
Too bad.
Am I talking to my self?
Yep it's official, I've gone mental.
I try to cross the room to my light switch to allow me to see. Try. Meaning my room is too messy to walk through. I would clean it but you know, I get distracted by all the cool stuff I forgot I had. . I open my closet and pull up the bag I was using to pack. Checking inside I realize I packed my clothes and all that trash yesterday, good. Now for the important stuff. You know books and technology. I walked over to my desk. Now take your computer and iPod, anything else? Right, gum. You see I have an addiction to gum. Not nicotine gum, just gum like the sort you buy at a sweet shop. It helps me focus with my ADD.
See I can't focus. I start talking but then I get sidetracked. Partly because I have to battle with my inner demons. Like the Homework Demon and the Idea Bunnies. The Idea Bunnies give me good ideas and the Homework Demon reminds me I should really me doing more productive stuff.
Wow I'm a weirdo.
I put the stuff I just picked up into my rucksack and turn towards my bookshelf. Unfortunately I haven't gone one step before I trip over something.
Yeah I should really clean this place up.
Whatever, I'm leaving today. To go to boarding school. I'm freaking out right now. Shhh just take a deep breath. You'll be fine. Now go grab your books. I clamber over the remaining pile of lord-knows-what that was still blocking my path and stood up bushing of my pyjamas. What to bring, what to bring? Duh, I'll bring my favourite books. Did I tell you? I am the biggest Harry Potter fan EVER. Potterhead if you will. I also love Lord of The Rings. Yes I am a nerd, freaking awesome nerd.

"Jade Scarlett Walker are you packed yet?" called my mam from downstairs.

" Nearly," I replied stuffing the last of the books into my rucksack and heading toward my door. As I stumbled through the last of the trash between me and my destination I caught sight of my self in the full length mirror hanging beside my desk. I'm really rather unremarkable in terms of appearance. Average height, average build, ebony hair framing a pale, thin face with dull green eyes. Stupid eyes. I wish they weren't green, I hate green. Which sucks seeing as my family is Irish. I'm proud to be Irish, I just hate the color people associate us with. And drunk Irish jokes. Don't you dare make some drunk joke, I may not have red hair but I have a fiery temper.

Pushing my way past the mirror and out the door I hurry down stairs as fast as I can.

Let's skip all the boring eating break fast, getting dressed, taking the tube down to King Cross Station, odd looks passers-by were giving my nutcase of a brother, and get to the part where I'm sitting in a compartment with a gamer, an ultimate fandom and kid brushing his imaginary pet unicorn.

Yeah, maybe we shouldn't skip, this one may take some explaining.

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