The brunette stood at the bus stop, feverishly tugging on the black sweater draped across shoulders. It was his first day of high school, and he was nervous; no doubt about it.

His eyes were bright, and so was his smile; he was excited too.

Scanning the teenagers standing around him, he saw that none of them wore anything very eye-catching. Mostly he saw sweatshirts, jeans, and tennis shoes.

Shaking his head in a disappointed matter, he felt his spirits lift as the yellow bus pulled to a stop in front of him.

Barely managing to contain his glee, he skipped toward the doors that opened before him. Stepping inside, he saw that almost everyone was talking; clearly they were excited too.

He looked around for a moment, deciding where he should sit. He could play it safe, and sit in one of the empty seats, but he took a risk and sat down beside a boy with tanned skin and dark eyes.


The other boy eyed him momentarily, before asking, "Who're you?"

The sandy-brown haired boy smiled kindly and said, "My name is Oliver."

The brown-eyed boy looked Oliver up and down, taking in his outfit.

He was different, to say the least. Wearing a white, collared, button-up shirt with a black sweater over his shoulders and light tan skinny jeans.

His gaze shifted back to Oliver's face. He was still smiling at him, clearly he was friendly.

"Patrick," He replied, smiling back at him.

"Good to meet you, Patrick." Oliver's eyes seemed to shimmer even more.

"Yeah," Patrick nodded. "Same here."

For a short while they simply sat in silence, riding the bus, until Oliver asked, "What kind of music do you listen to?"

"Hm...I haven't really thought about that..." Thinking for a moment, he spoke again, "I like rap music, preferably by Eminem."

Oliver nodded, but was vaguely confused about how candy could rap. "I like pop; One Direction in particular."

"One Direction?" Patrick asked.

Some people around them had stopped their conversations and were starting to listen in.

Oliver nodded. "Yeah, they're pretty hot, especially that Harry Styles."

Murmurs and uneasy whispers passed around Oliver, but he seemed to hear none of it.

"Um...I hope I'm not crossing any boundaries here, but, are you...?" Patrick hesitated.

Oliver raised an eyebrow, "Am I what?"

Word had gotten around, and now it seemed as if everyone on the entire bus was silent.

"Well...Are you gay?"

When Oliver didn't say anything, Patrick began to apologize, thinking he had offended him, but then he said, "Yes, I am, why do you ask?"

The bus seemed to burst with noise after his words.

"He's gay?"

"That is really sick..."

"And to think I thought he was cute..."


Patrick, however, just seemed happy that Oliver wasn't offended, "Just wondering."

Just then the bus pulled up, and everyone started to file out, still buzzing from Oliver's words.

When Oliver stood up and began to depart, he found himself being roughly pushed back into his seat.

"Out of the way," The jock said, muttering something about homosexuals as he went.

Patrick glared at the boy as he walked off of the bus, helping Oliver to his feet.

"What's his problem?" Oliver asked, brushing himself off.

Patrick only shook his head, "Don't mind him, he's just a muscle-headed idiot, just like the rest of the football players."

Oliver shrugged, putting his very purse-like backpack over his shoulder, "Alright then. Thanks for the help!"

When Oliver stepped off the bus, Patrick sighed. "Poor kid; that's only the beginning." He slid his backpack on and walked into the aisle. "Once the word spreads about him, things will only get worse..."