As he opened the door, he was greeted by the buzz of students chatting and gossiping with old friends. Oliver couldn't help but notice how a few of them went silent when he entered.

Deciding to think nothing of it, he breezed past them, and sat down in the first empty seat he saw. Which, happened to be next to a short, blonde boy.

The boy was looking down, sketching a cardinal in his notebook, glancing up every once in a while with shiny blue eyes to stare out the window, where a real cardinal sat. Oliver saw that he constantly tugged at his sleeve. This boy seemed to be the very picture of innocence.

He didn't look up when Oliver sat beside him, so Oliver spoke, "That's a very good drawing."

Instantly, the notebook was slammed shut and blue eyes went wide with fear.

"Woah! Woah! It's alright; I'm sorry!" Oliver held up his hands, as if trying to calm a wild animal.

The boy calmed down slightly, and looked away. His voice was soft and quavered, "It's o-okay...I'm sorry...I-I just panicked..."

Oliver felt like this boy was picked on a lot during his lifetime if he reacted like that. "My name's Oliver," He said.

He glanced back over to him, still looking a little nervous, "R-Robin..."

Oliver smiled, "I like that name."

"Thank you..." Robin replied, and a flicker of a smile flashed across his face.

"So...Robin, do you draw often?" Oliver asked, hoping to draw him out of his bubble, of sorts.

Robin nodded, brushing his bangs back into place as he did. "Are you the boy that everyone's talking about?"

Oliver raised an eyebrow.

"People are going around saying that there's a 'fairy' or something, in the freshman class. Is that you?" Robin asked.

"...Yeah..." Oliver said, solemnly. "Yeah, I think so."

Rumors? Already? He hasn't even been in this school for an hour yet.

Robin tugged at his sleeve again, "Don't feel bad, people say bad stuff about me all the time. It goes away eventually."

Oliver gave a faint smile and was about to say something else, when a man walked into the room. "Take your seats! The bell is about to ring!"

Oliver stood, "I should move." He knew full well that anyone looking for a good reputation wouldn't want to sit with the gay kid.


Oliver looked surprised, the whole time they spoke, Robin's voice never rose above a whisper.

Embarrassed, Robin grew quiet once more. "I'd actually prefer if you stayed here, with me..." He murmured.

Oliver's eyes brightened and he smiled. "I can do that."

So he did, as the lesson began.