The man silenced the classroom of freshmen with slight difficulty. "Quiet! Quiet, ladies and gentleman, please, let us begin our first day."

Robin turned to a different page in his notebook, Oliver could vaguely see the different sketches as he searched for a blank sheet of paper.

"To start things off, I'd like to introduce myself; My name's Mr. Puckerman,"

Oliver turned his head around when he felt something collide with it from behind. Looking down, he found a brand new pink eraser behind his seat.

Shrugging, he turned back to the teacher, who was rambling aimlessly about his cats or something.

"Now, would anyone like to come up here and introduce themself to us?" He asked the clearly uninterested class.

Instantly, Oliver shot up from his seat and was standing at the front of the room. One hand was on his hip, while the other rested against his side; he wore his best stage smile and his green eyes shimmered. True, it was only a classroom full of uncultured and, most likely, idiotic teenagers, but he never would miss an opportunity to be the center of attention.

"Well, that was quick," The educator remarked.

Oliver heard a, 'that's what she said' come from a few boys sitting in the back, and snickering. He gave them an icy glare. Typical.

"Why don't you tell us your name, son?"

He fought back the urge to roll his eyes at the term 'son', and began smiling once again. He spoke smoothy, as if it was a well-rehearsed response, (which, knowing Oliver, it probably was), "My name is Oliver Miller, I moved here from Columbus, Ohio, and I one day hope to play the lead role of Elphaba in the hit Broadway musical, 'Wicked.' If my Broadway career never takes off, which is doubtful, I hope to have a clothing line called something like 'Curtain Call' that brings together both theater and fashion."

He left out the part about how, when he said this, especially at his young age, people stared at him like he had said 'stripteaser' or 'transvestite dragon slayer.'

Most of the teenagers just looked confused. He had lost them as soon as he said Elphaba.

Of course they don't know what Wicked was, why had he expected any different?

He heard those boys once again, "Fairy," They said, chuckling amongst themselves.

Something told Oliver they were the ones who threw the eraser at him.

They didn't matter to him, the knuckle-dragging neanderthals.

"Well, you've certainly got plans for your future," Mr. Puckerman said, clapping a hand down on his shoulder.

Biting back a grimace, he gingerly removed the teacher's hand, smoothing out the wrinkles on his shoulder. "I've known what I wanted every day since I was six, when I saw The Sound of Music for the first time."

"That's wonderful."

He nodded.

"Nice, very nice, have a seat, Oscar."

He ignored the various chuckles and giggles from his classmates and put on an agitated smile. He was one of those teachers. "Oliver," He corrected curtly.

"Right, so sorry." Mr. Puckerman waved him back to his seat without another thought. "Who's next?"

Oliver went to his seat grudgingly. At least he had gotten to put on a brief show of sorts for the horribly uncultured youth before him, and he loved that.

He felt a hand on his forearm and he glanced up, it was Robin, smiling almost apologetically at him.

Oliver smiled back a little and just shrugged, as if to say, "It's nothing."

"Come on, now, there's got to be someone who wants to go?" The teacher asked, looking around the room. Then his gaze fixed on Robin.

The small blonde looked down at the blank page of his notebook, trying to avoid the teacher's eyes, or disappear, which would've been nice at the moment.

Unlike Oliver, Robin hated being the center of attention, he was more than happy to remain in the background, and away from everyone else.

"What about you, son?" Mr. Puckerman asked, still looking at Robin.

He felt everyone's eyes on him and he shrunk down in his seat. This was not good.

Then he felt a hand on his own, and he saw bright green eyes that belonged to a boy he had met less than five minutes ago. Those eyes were sincere and reassuring, matching the words, "Go on, it'll be okay." A comforting squeeze came to his palm.

Robin swallowed, his mouth feeling dry, and nodded, shakily standing up from his seat.

He walked to the front of the class, staring down at his feet.

Robin just hoped he wouldn't faint again, like last time...

He made it to Mr. Puckerman, never looking up, he looked down at the floor tiles and faced away from everyone else as he started to speak, his voice quavering and barely audible. "I-I'm...Robin, Robin H-"

"Why don't you turn around so we can see you?" Mr. Puckerman suggested.

Robin turned slowly, looking up, still shaking slightly. Everyone was looking at him curiously, and God how he dreaded it, he could feel their silent judgements as they just stared.

"Hi...Um...I-I'm R-Robin Harris..."

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