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So what? You gotta write some serious stuff some times. And that's what I'm gonna do. But still, I'm letting the characters tell their own stories and make up the plot on the way. I love drama and tragedy romance, unfortunately there isn't any much of that.

So like the title you might have figured out the story at least.

We had been playing this game since we were young. A game of whoever falls in love first would lose; the challenge that a child's mind created for the sake of having fun. It was all just laughter and joke about the romance thing we found disgusting, but now it was a burden, because we were still playing at it. Both of us can play around as much as we want, but never can we give our hearts to someone. Our childish minds didn't want us to lose, so the game just kept on continuing. But what can I do to tell him?

I have already lost.

It was the usual creeping heat that roamed in our classroom. The summer heat laughed at us as we stumbled off our seats and off home. A group of girls ran off and crowded around the class next door. Slowly, the divided to make a path for a grinning boy, who had everything he could ever wish for. A huge mansion with maids and servant, millions of girls fainting at the sight of him and a life worth of cash. The only thing the popular boy didn't have was the freedom to fall in love.

Haru, meaning spring, was my childhood friend; best friend. He was the heir to some big company and was always being pampered. He never cared about status though, it never mattered to him. And that was why he made a friend like me, Aki, meaning autumn. Unlike him, I was very unlucky and was at the stage of losing every cent my family has, thanks to the father who loves to gamble. I was just an average girl in school and never noticed or stood out for anything. Every subject had only an average score and I had no talents. After meeting Haru, though, I began to catch up with my studies which finally landed me in this elite school for smarter and brighter kids. I really am grateful for all that Haru has done.

Holding his head high now and smiling at the girls gently but cunningly was apparently the same Haru that I met eleven years ago. He had changed so much after becoming a teenager you wouldn't believe it if you were told the boy from eleven years ago and the one right here now were the same person. But there was something about him that never changed; his commitments to his words.

"Ah! Aki! There you are. Let's go home together," his voice echoed into the classroom. I felt my face warm up a bit, but I ignored it and ran over to him.

I walked behind him, staring at his back and waiting for him to stir up a topic like he always do. He would probably start off with bragging about the girls that follow around him and all that, and then off to ask me if I have finally lost to the game, and eventually come to a topic about upcoming events and inviting me to tag along.

"Hey, Aki. If I told you I lost to the game, what would you do?" I eyes widen to his sudden question.

"W… What? Umm… Th… Then I would probably… I don't know," I replied with trembling words. I wouldn't know what to do. If I should side the happiness of finally winning the eleven years long game or the jealousy of him having a lover. Or, the sadness that he doesn't love me.

"Sigh. Never mind, it was nothing anyways. I was just kidding," as soon as that topic was done, he jumped off to another story about how the teachers had recommended him to publish a story because of his powerful language.

I could never walk next to him, I had realized that long ago. I was always behind his, even if it were just behind him and barely noticeable. And not only physically behind him, I was never intelligent enough to get into the same class or boast about wonderful things that happen to me, because they honestly never did. His life was just full of adventure and excitement, and mine was dull and boring. Sometimes I really wish I were in his place, without problems or worries in life. That would be wonderful.

My house was an old and rundown house that would probably have been demolished if not for Haru who pleaded and negotiated the community not to destroy our house for a newer plot of land. I walked in and screaming and shouting immediately struck through my ears. But it was just the ordinary day in my house. My mother scolding my father for overspending this month's savings again and my father barking at her, suspecting that she has been seeing other men. I felt a cold drop of water trickle down my face as I cuddled onto my pillow, waiting for them to stop before I continued with my homework.

After a few hours, the front door slammed and silence was finally constant. But by then, the mood to study had completely vanished. And I knew this was always the reason why I was never as good as Haru in academics, but I just didn't know what else to do.

The next day at school went on as usual except that Haru didn't approach me after school to walk me home, and I felt that something was amiss. Maybe it was just that I was too dependent on him. But I had to make sure he was alright, and that I had not won the game just yet.

I had a guess but I walked to the back of the sports hall, he seemed to always hang out there with his friends. And I was frightened by the sight I saw. A group of untidy looking boys were surrounding Haru, one of the grabbing him by the collar. His nose was bleeding and there were bruises and scratches covering him. My legs became jelly and I fell down, useless and clueless about what I should do.

"Don't… you dare… make fun of Aki…" he forced out words from his mouth. Was Haru doing all this for me? I felt a slight feeling of relief but a striking pain took over when he was punched. I finally felt it, I couldn't even care about the game anymore, about how I might embarrass myself or how I might lose the game.

I stood up and ran towards them, breaking through their small semi circle and separating the hand from Haru's collar.

"Don't touch him!" I screamed as loud as I could. Tears were forming and on the verge of falling. There was a moment of silence as everyone had not expected my appearance. They were most likely making fun of me earlier before I came, so seeing the real person might have shocked and scared them a little.

"Yeah, don't touch me with your filthy hands," Haru said from behind me casually. His words once again agitated the few delinquents. As they stared at him with threatening eyes.

"That's enough!" I slapped him. He was shocked by how I, the humble and cheerful girl, had suddenly snapped and hit him as well. But that didn't matter. I grabbed his hand and ran off to the classroom. Gasping for air, I slid down the wall and sat on the ground.

I couldn't describe my feelings then. I wasn't one bit happy that we had escaped. I was so furious with Haru for what he had said earlier.


"Stop it!"

I interrupted him, without much guilt.

"Can you stop being so boastful and give in sometimes? The world doesn't revolve around you, you know."

"I… I don't quite understand, Aki."

"I was so scared when I saw you being beaten up!" I felt weary of what he may think of me after this, but what I said was all true, even though I love him.

"Why would you do something so stupid? I saved you just then and you went off and insult them further? Think about others sometimes, it not only hurts them it hurts me too!"

"Aki… Just now… They were saying about how your mother sells you off as a whore, I just couldn't stand their insults," his voice was trembling as well.

I felt that we were talking about a subject we had banned each other from talking about through the years, but it was a good chance to get to know each other more.

"Aki… Actually I-"

"I love you Haru," I interrupted again. I didn't want to hear anymore or quarrel anymore, since it would lead to nowhere.

There was a short moment of silence before I heard his reply, "I love you too". With that he locked us together in a kiss, the signal that both of us had lost, and that it ended at a draw. The us from eleven years ago might never had seen this coming, but they would be so glad that it did.

This time, I won't let him lead. I won't let him shine. I won't let him be the spring he is and draw in attention from his beauty or riches to everyone and everything. And I will make use of the vibrant red and use the chance to make things better rather than look towards the bad luck of the falling leaves. And one day, I will force him off his high horse and finally walk next to him.

Author's Notes :D

So how was it hehehehe?! Comment please xD My first serious story in such a long time!