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Opening her eyes slowly Gabrielle was confronted with two large cat-like eyes peering back at her with great interest. Swearing violently the young woman jumped to her feet to escape the bug-eyed beast.

As she scrambled away Gabrielle took a second to look over the creature in question. It had strangely massive eyes over two slits that were what Gabrielle assumed was the thing's nose, and a rather massive mouth filled with large, serrated teeth that were on display in a wide smile. Well it looked like a smile to Gabrielle but honestly it could just be the way the animal was bred; like grumpy cat or the smiling dogs people saw on YouTube. Though its face was bizarre and disturbing the thing's body was substantially creepier. Long, spindly limbs held a frail looking body that made anorexic women look morbidly obese. If she was to fully describe the thing Gabrielle would just say it was 'fucking creepy.'

Looking up at her with great intrigue the creature began to crawl closer like an ape would on its knuckles and toes before it opened its mouth all the way in a way that suggested a detachable jaw and released a noise that was so high pitched and screechy Gabrielle dropped to her knees.

Covering her ears as she hit the ground Gabrielle screamed in pain praying for the sound to end, yet the creature did not stop as Gabrielle was hoping. Rather the sound continued, carrying for what must have been miles around. The sound continued for what seemed like hours to the poor woman who was on the ground writhing in pain but truthfully the screech only lasted about a minute before the creature closed it's mouth and was once more looking at Gabrielle with its wide, toothy smile.

With the screech over as abruptly as it had begun Gabrielle was to scared to take her hands off of her ears. Cracking open one of her eyes that had snapped shut during the minute of intense pain the woman saw that the creature before her had summoned others of its kind to come and inspect her. She was surrounded by the nasty looking things that were now hissing and making strange clicking noises as if in some form of communication while they stared at her.

From what had at one point been a single creature there were now at least a hundred of the little devils staring up at Gabrielle with saucer like eyes. Slowly one of the creatures snuck up behind her and chomped down on her right calf causing her to scream and violently attack the creature to the best of her abilities.

Gabrielle had always been a kind person. She had never fought in school. She had never hurt an animal. She had never even hurt her little sister in an act of revenge even though God knew that little bitch deserved it. No, Gabrielle had never done anything violent until that creature clamped onto her leg.

Reaching down for the creature Gabrielle began to swing at it wildly. Over and over she slapped it about the head, trying desperately to get it to let go. It took a moment before she realised that she was being and idiot and not actually getting anywhere so rather that continuing with a failing plan Gabrielle changed up her tactic. Grabbing the beast about its frail little waist the rather weak woman pulled hard on the thing trying to make it let go. Unfortunately for her though the thing had jaws much like a crocodile as it seemed impossible for her to open the jaws without the monsters consent. Instead the dirty-blonde woman was relegated to finding a new plan which quickly turned into a very far fetched plan given that Gabrielle's leg was now spurting blood and her plan required a fair amount of time that blood loss would make difficult. Moving her hand from the thin waist of the beasts to its small neck Gabrielle squeezed tightly hoping the loss of air would allow the jaws to come free.

Though it was a rather underhanded and nasty way of destroying her enemy the jaws began to loosen causing blood to spray everywhere. At least the bite was on the back of her calf so no arteries were damaged. Tears flooded down Gabrielle's face as the pain threatened to overwhelm her system and the sight of blood made her stomach weak. Still she held on, determined to not let the creepy little creature get the better of her.

Suddenly, and without much warning, Gabrielle was rather abruptly reminded of the other hundred-ish monsters that were lurking around her as the one on her leg let out a rather high pitched squeak. That small noise must have meant something to the others of it's kind because they went from just being a creepy and morbid looking audience to full blown brawlers in approximately half a second, it wasn't like Gabrielle had the best sense of time whilst being attacked. Like rioters at a UFC match the once idle creatures were now jumping into the ring and pouncing on her in large numbers.

Gabrielle struggled desperately to fight off the pile but even though the beast were only the height of a medium sized dog and the weight of a cat they had the numbers and every time she could throw one off another would take it's place. It was like a morbid game of 'Buckaroo' except Gabrielle couldn't throw them off for more than a couple of seconds.

Flailing desperately at the horde Gabrielle was forced to the ground by the sheer weight of the beasts on top of her. The young woman was about to lose hope as a slim glimmer of light literally cracked through the pile of bodies on top of her. Gabrielle could hear curse words and a male voice but being stuck under the clamour of the monsters she could not discern who exactly the voice belonged to. Instead she continued to fight even though her strength was waning. There was someone trying to save her and she was not going down like this.

All at once the creatures disperse, leaving Gabrielle laying on her back, staring upwards. What she expected to see was blues sky or clouds or florescent lighting or at least something reminiscent of a sky but she couldn't. All she could see was an off white color that some how didn't hurt the eyes even though it was kind of bright.

"How odd," Gabrielle mused as she sat up to get a glimpse of that man that acted as her saviour from the tiny creatures. The saint in question was about six feet tall with short, thick, brown-black hair in a classic douche bag style with the weird point in the front. "At least it's not all ironic and hipster-like," Gabrielle supposed. Still the man was built for fighting or at least sports. He had the lean muscle that would be very good for sports that required finesse like fencing or gymnastics but his body's sheer size made him look more comfortable with contact sports like American football or hockey.

As the large man turned around from screaming profanities at the creatures while she mused at his looks from behind, including a rather naughty thought about the man's ass, Gabrielle was delighted (and mildly embarrassed given the naughty thoughts she just had) to see that the man who had saved her was Alex. Well, Alexander but he hated his full name for some stupid reason. Gabrielle never understood that given that she hated when he called her-

"Gabby!" Alex exclaimed while Gabrielle grumbled to herself about the lame nickname. "Where in the hell are we?"

"Alex," 'Gabby' replied as she got off her butt to hug her friend. "I have no idea."

Though her intentions were good Gabrielle forgot about the bite to her calf in her relief to see Alexander and as soon as she put weight on her right leg to walk towards Alex, Gabrielle collapsed. Cursing with a few choice swear words Gabrielle hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Unlike Alexander, Gabrielle had no dexterous talents. She was uncoordinated and definitely not good to have on your side in a fight.

Sure Gabrielle was tall for a girl given that she stood at five feet ten inches but everything else about her made her kind of useless in a fight. She had a couple extra pounds on her so she wasn't small but she definitely was not fat. Her boobs were a C-cup at best so her sex appeal was pretty minimal and her long dirty-blonde hair helped her blend in during her teen years. Still she had bright blue eyes and a nice smile that were helpful in a fight purely because she looked to innocent to cause any reason to fight.

Running to her side Alex wrapped an arm around Gabrielle's waist and lifted her to her feet. The blood was still gushing but Alex didn't know what to do to help. Searching through his pockets with one hand was frustrated to find that he must have forgotten it some where. Though that begged the question of where in the hell were they?

"I've never been to a place like this," Alexander muttered as he looked around the place for any sign of a direction to head in order to find a hospital or any sort of human inhabitant that could give them a hand.

"And you should never be in this place again," said a deep male voice, that was definitely not Alexander, coming from behind the two friends.

Spinning on their heels Gabrielle and Alexander lost all color in their faces as they saw what they were confronted with.

"Who-" Gabby managed to spit out despite her fear, "who are you?"

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