Birth of a Goddess

A tall and imposing figure stood in a clearing surrounded by statues of the gods, he was composed and silent and stood as strong and large as a tree. He was not alone long, at fifteen minutes past midnight a curious fog slowly slunk into the clearing it crawled and penetrated every possible crack and seemed to come from the ground up, the tall man in the clearing didn't move. Instead he kept his eyes to the stars in the heavens above, the fog clearly not bothering him, he seemed to expect it. The fog, dark and unearthly rose to the height of a full grown man and as it cleared the mans features become visible, also tall and very ominous with a brooding air about him, his face was pale and he looked as though it had been etched from stone, his eyes deep set seemed like two pools of black water with no bottom, a build frame and clearly a strong man. He was a very menacing figure.

The first man in the clearing turned to face him, revealing a much more colorful face with blue eyes, deep pools opposite the darker man he now stood across from. He was a man who could smile a simple smile and there was no malice behind it, perhaps mischief but no ill intent,

"Hades," The man who ascended from the fog, now called Hades made no warm gestures towards his compatriot. "I understand congratulations are in order,"

Hades scoffed in disgust, he clearly did not share such feelings "What would you call this? There's no cause for celebration here, Zeus." Hades was very agitated, "What am I to make of this? It cries in the night and has come from no where. How did this thing find its way to my Underworld? Living beings cannot exist in my Under, how did it come?" Hades now walked long strides for a few feet then returned, pacing there would be no easy fix for calming the God of the Underworld.

Zeus chuckled softly at his brother, so easy to anger and faster to anger when it was something he did not understand "Brother, you act as though you have a monster in your midst, it came from the red fog, didn't it?"

"It did." Zeus gave an enlightened 'Hmm' "Persephone believes it to be a trick of mine, but I have no idea where it has come from."

"Hades, perhaps it is meant to be yours." Hades laughed a sick and dark laughter, like the kind a bully has once he's taken money from someone weaker then him.

"Its not possible, Persephone has barely been in the Under a fortnight, and she's not let me touch her. How could something like that possibly be meant as my own when it comes from a red fog?"

Zeus turned to his brother, the two standing across from each other made for quite a comparison, the light and the dark, "Demeter came to me last season, telling me of a dream Persephone has had for some time now. A child cries in her dreams and she wanders lost in a red fog." Zeus left the rest for Hades to draw his own conclusions, he was still clearly confused. "You mean to say I am to keep it?"

"Athena did spring from my head." Hades rolled his eyes at Zeus, knowing all too well the story of Zeus's wisest daughter and the six month migraine that preceded and followed her 'birth.' Zeus had a point, even if Hades didn't want to admit it, Gods and Goddesses were born of strange ways, who was to say that this babe that was born of a nightmare, that Persephone saw in her sleep wasn't meant to be reared as a goddess? Zeus nodded, "A child."

Hades was quiet for a moment, many different possibilities, the idea of raising a child with Persephone, maybe it would soften her heart towards him. Then again, children never exactly brought Zeus and Hera much in the way of closeness. He was quiet for a few moments carefully considering what he would say to his brother until there were only two words:

"A daughter."

With those words Hades turned to leave the garden each step turning him more into the black mist that enveloped the denizens of the Under World.