O'Riley's Daughter

For all of his long forty-four years Patrick O'Riley had farmed the Landlord Thornbyrd's land. He had nothing to show for it. The stony unforgiving land wasn't his, the sheep he tended weren't his and the leaky roof above his head wasn't his.

All Patrick had in the world to show was his eighteen-year old daughter, Kathleen, known to everyone as Kitty. She was as beautiful as an Irish morning in springtime when the entire world was anew and afresh. Kitty had long chocolate brown curly hair, Irish green eyes and all of her assets were in the right places. She was the belle of the county. The wet dream of Catholics and Protestants alike. She was the pride and the joy of Patrick O'Riley's life. The one thing he had to show for a lifetime of toil.

Yet, having Kitty was not enough for a man like Patrick, he wanted more. His opportunity for more arose one day when a horse wandered into his land or at least the land he rented from the Landlord Thornbyrd. The horse that wandered onto the farm was no ordinary farm horse. It was a beautiful black Arabian and horses like that just weren't seen around that part of Ireland….or if they were they didn't belong to tenant farmers like Patrick.

(Stay tuned for part 2. What will happen to Patrick and the horse? What does fate have on the cards for Kitty?)