There's something about you

I don't understand

I know you won't help me

Or give me a hand

To work it all out

Find out what it means

Love's all sleight of hand

A ton of smokescreens

You like being secret

A mystery to solve

A big part in the cause

Of the earth's revolve

Dancing in the dark

Although you can't see

You're making your mark

By burning through me

I don't really know you

So why's there this force?

Magnetic attraction

I know you're the source

Take me – I'm waiting

For my life to start

Something to warm me

Inside this cold heart

You're just like a poison

That's scalding inside

If you are my choice here

I'd better decide

Do I let you go?

Do I make a stand?

Do I risk it all

Lost in no-man's-land?

No way to go forward

I'm not turning back

My comfortable life is

Now under attack

From these ideas

From wanting you, so

Give me an answer

Or give me a clue

Am I a distraction

Or something apart?

Am I someone to you

Or just a spare part?

Sometimes I wonder

If I want to know

But I understand

I need to let go

If you don't want me

I just won't wait

Done with second choice

That's past, too late

If you don't want me

That just won't do

I'll dry tears slowly

And keep pushing through