Love is Stronger than War

The breeze lifted the leaves as they danced with the robins, singing their little songs in the giant oak that grew not far away. Long strands of golden hair fell in front of eyes of the greenest emeralds that scanned lazily over the country-side. "Alice!" A thick German accent called out to the person that lay in between the trunks of the oak, squirrels scurrying above. Alice turned to stare into the deep red eyes that always seemed to shine. Pale white skin was kissed by the rays of the sun that was rarely seen. Usually the land was blessed with rain or what Alice called it, 'a bloody annoyance.' The man, no, teenager's snow white hair fell freely as he sat cross legged. Alice could feel her heart flutter at the sight of him. Even though they saw each other everyday during the summer, they still took each others breath away.

"Hello Gilbert, how are you?" Alice's voice was soft and sweet, a north London accent laced every word.

"Awesome as always birdie." Gilbert could see her blush at the nickname that he gave her many years ago. Back when they were only five, the first time the albino set eyes upon her. Oh, how far he fallen?

Gilbert could never forget how the sight of her would turn his heart into an eagle and soar over the horizon. His mind and body would fill with pride at being the cause of her smiles, but now... Smiles were rare. The people of this land could feel it in their bones. The coming of a second World War. Preparations were already underway. This was the last time Gilbert would see of his sweet Alice. Summer was coming to an end and Alice would soon have to return to London. Gilbert, who was German, lived with his Aunt who owned the little cottage with the ivy that climbed the walls like snakes, roses blooming in the garden. During the summer, Gilbert would live with his Aunt and spend everyday with Alice, in the winter, he would return to Germany. It was times like these were they would just lay in the soft grass and hold onto one another. They might only be sixteen, but that didn't mean that what they had, was a mere childish crush. It was three days after Alice left for London and Gilbert for Berlin, their love was put to the test. For at 11:15am on the 3rd September 1939, that very test begun. "... and that consequently this country is at war with Germany."