Neil groaned inwardly as his phone vibrated again.

"Jesus..." He picked it up, expecting to have to explain the geography of Ireland to Lila, yet again, but instead found a text from Patrick.

Patrick: Hey, I know you've been down lately, what with Oliver being in L.A. to compete in a dance competition and stuff :/.

Neil rolled his eyes, his fingers already working at the keys.

Neil: This is supposed to make me feel better...How?

His phone vibrated as he read the next text.

Patrick: Well, I found and put together a few videos on YouTube that you might like :).

The next wording was several website addressees, causing Neil to raise an eyebrow.

Neil: If this is one of those R-Rated things, I'm not interested -.-

Patrick: It's not, I swear, just watch them, I think you'll find it...Stimulating ;).

Now Neil was curious. He had never known Patrick to lie about anything, so he assumed he could trust him. But what did he mean by 'stimulating'?

Clicking on the first link, it took him to a YouTube video, titled, 'Boy Nails Defying Gravity in "Wicked" Performance.'

Smiling a little as the clip began to play, Neil recognized one of the 'leading ladies' as his own little Ollie. He also found himself being truly moved by the sheer emotion dripping from Oliver's voice and face, knowing that it kind of symbolized the struggle he went through to try and change things for the benefit of himself and others like him. Even Oliver himself looked close to tears upon the stage.

As the clip ended, Neil sighed, missing Oliver even more. Then he remembered that was only the first video.

Clicking on another link, he was brought to a video titled, 'Single Ladies: Boy Style'. He laughed a little at the name.

As it played, Neil felt himself flush, there was Oliver, dressed in his tight, black unitard, loose tie, sequined vest and single sequined glove. He was even wearing a little black eyeshadow.

The music played and he began to move, smoothly and perfectly. It was clear that he had practiced this many times before.

Neil swallowed and fidgeted slightly in his seat as he watched Oliver dance, crossing and uncrossing his legs constantly.

"God, he's hot..." Neil whispered, praying no one was listening in.

During the chorus, Neil's face grew hot, as Oliver stopped with his hands, and just started circulating his hips freely and quickly, eyelids low and lips quirked up into a small, devilish smirk. It was as if he knew he looked beyond sexy.

"Oh, God, Oliver..." He said to no one in particular as the clip ended.

The next video was something he'd never heard of, called, 'Touch My Body'. It said it was by Mariah Carey, so he assumed it was the original video.

He was wrong.

There was Oliver again, (How did Patrick find all this?!), singing and dancing to the song playing.

It was so girlish...But, then again, so was Oliver. It was also fairly suggestive.

But the way he rolled his shoulders back and swayed just slightly made Neil fall apart. Not to mention he was moving his hips just a little bit.

The final video had Neil breathing extremely irregularly, and pupils dilated.

This wasn't just Oliver, no, this was the whole dance team, but he was the center of attention. Being the lead singer and only boy in the group.

He didn't know how he pulled it off, but the coach somehow agreed to let them perform 'Push It' by Salt 'N Pepa in front of a crowd.

His hip movements in 'Single Ladies' had nothing on what was going on here.

Neil felt flares of jealously come from inside as Oliver touched some of the girls, (One of them even slapped his butt! How dare she?!), sure it might've been only the choreography, but still...

He shifted constantly in his seat, face heating up more and more as the extremely suggestive song went on. Burning like fire when it finally ended.

"Oh. My. God..." Neil said, finally.

His phone vibrated. Snatching it up immediately, he found another text from Patrick.

Patrick: Enjoying yourself? :P.

Neil: Where did you get this stuff?!

He could just hear Patrick laughing when the next message came through.

Patrick: You'd be amazed on what you could find on YouTube. Why? Did you want more? ;).

Neil growled slightly.

Neil: Shut up. I've got to go now. Something I need to do.

Exiting the messages, he dialed a number into the phone, and held it up to his ear as it rang.

A voice came through, "Hello?"

"Ollie, you're an amazing singer," Neil blurted.

"Neil?" A laugh. "Is that you?"

Neil nodded, "Yeah, it's me."

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" Oliver asked.

"I..." He paused, how was he supposed to explain? 'I've just been watching videos of you for the past ten minutes and I want you here with me'? Yeah, that doesn't sound creepy.

"I...I just wanted to...Wish you luck, for the next performance," Neil replied hurriedly.

"Thank you, very much." He sounded happy. Good.

"Um...Oliver? Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

Neil tugged at one of his curls. "When you get back...Could you, maybe sing and dance...With me?"

Oliver chuckled, "I'd love to. Any particular song in mind?"

Neil's head screamed only one song.

"Push It."

If Neil could've seen Oliver on the other end, he would've seen his face go cherry red. "Are you serious...?"

Thinking he had overstepped his bounds, Neil panicked.

"Is that a problem? I'm sorry! I just-...I saw you perform it with your dance team-"

He needed to stop talking. Right now.

"And you looked so incredibly hot and-"

What was he saying?!

"I wanted to see it in person."

It was all true, but Oliver didn't need to know that!

Oliver's voice was a little shaky, "O-Okay..."

Neil brightened. "Really?" He asked.

"Yeah...I've kind of...Always wanted to sing that with you...Sort of a...Dream of mine..." He said quietly.

"Awesome! I-I mean..."

Oliver giggled.

"Cool, see you then?"

"Sounds great. Love you."

Neil nodded, "Yeah. I love you too."

The call ended and Neil smiled broadly. He did it. He was an idiot in the process, but that idiocy got him a performance from Oliver.

He couldn't wait until he came home.