As the weeks flew by I grew comfortable with the guys. They became the family, my step-family never was.

We ate dinner together like a real family, hell even prepared dinner together even though they couldn't cook to save their lives. Took turns cleaning the dishes, instead of having the maids or me do them every time. This was nothing like the cruel family I was kicked out of ..This was something worth living for!

But the best parts of these weeks were when we were curled up on the couch in each other arms, watching TV. I didn't have to be cautious of someone attacking me while I relaxed for once in my life.

But in the safety of their arms, I couldn't help but think how long before they too turned on me. Nothing in life was ever this good. But I also found myself hiding the feelings I formed for them.

I was cooking dinner as the phone rang. I didn't pay it attention because at that exact moment my stomach chose to roar. Grabbing a piece of ground meat from the skillet, I popped it in my mouth.

The phone had been ringing for thirty minutes now, and if no one answered it in the next sec...

"Hello?!" I snatched up the phone.

"Woo there, miss grumpy!" Sky's voice chuckled though the phone.

"Sky..?" Why was he calling? Checking the clock on the side I saw it was almost 7:30. Odd, they were never late for dinner..especially Sky! That boy, umm man, could eat!

"Angel,(the nickname they took to calling me.)I'm calling because We want to let you know we'll be home late tonight."

"Oh." I was shocked. The was the first time they had bailed for dinner and I admit it made me sad.

"Angel..?" He voice sound far then I realized I had taken the phone from my ear and was just staring at it.

"Yea, ok." I rushed out and slammed the phone down.

Running my hands though my hair, I finished cooking and wrapped everything up. I suddenly wasn't feeling hungry.


"Well?" Des asked.

I shook my head. "She hung the phone up in my face."

Angel had acted the way,Des had predicted. I didn't want to believe it but the proof was right in my face. Asha had feelings for us.

"So it's a harmless little crush! So what?!" I yelled.

"Sky.." Ike sighed. Everyone knew it wasn't. I could see it in the way she looked at us, the way she chose to curl up to us and I just annoyed it.

"So what do we do?"


"Simple." I answered Sky.

"I want her. We all want her! And don't try to lie! I've seen how we all act when she's in the room with us. We light up, she makes us feel whole."

"I agree. I say we go for her." Des nodded.

"Damn it, she's still a child yet! Des, you heard her story! Do you think she's ready for a relationship?! With four MEN no less!" Jay argued. I could see his points.

Sighing I sat down behind our desk as we continued to go back and forth.

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