I'm really nervous about putting this up. There isn't really a plot but I wrote this a few years ago when I was 15/16. I don't expect fluffy reviews/responses but I'm new to this site... just so everyone can know. I hope you like my... non-plottish thing :)


"Sophia! Get in here!" I yelled over the phone of my office and slumped back in my seat. I needed my brunette assistant bad. I needed to see the defiance and fear in her eyes. I needed her bad. The office door opened and I could practically see her tail between her legs. "Lock the door." I said deeply. I heard the click of the lock and saw her timidly walk towards me.

"You wanted to see me?" I motioned for her to come towards me as I unloosened my tie. I rose to my feet easily and folded my arms.

"Did you send those files like I asked you to?"

"Yes, sir." She started and clasped her hands in front of her.

"Good. Come around..." I stated. Her heels clicked with her every step until she was in front of me. I placed my hand on her waist and trailed it down to her hip. "Did you dress up for me?"

"No." She spat out. Her pencil skirt hugged the curves of her lower body. "What makes you think I would dress up for an asshole like you?" What a beautiful lower body she had.

"You better watch your tone." I warned her.

"Or what? I'm not afraid of you." It's cute how she switches to fear when I tower over her.

"You should be."

"You should be afraid that I'll sue for harassment."

"But then who would pleasure you as much as I do?" I bent my head and kissed her forehead. "No one, babydoll."

"Fuck you." I smiled. She has a dirty mouth. I grabbed her chin and tilted her head back, peering at her smooth neck. I attached my lips to it, biting down harshly. I soothed the bites with my tongue. She whimpered softly and nudged my chest. "And I'd appreciate it if you keep your hands to yourself."

"Excuse me?" I moved my hand around her plump, perfect ass that I had my hands on whenever I wanted. "Do I need to remind you that you are mine?" I placed my other hand on her ass also and squeezed tightly. "Huh, Sophia?" I growled.

"The only person that can claim me is my boyfriend." She sneered. She knew how that bothered me. She loved teasing me about her boyfriend that I knew didn't exist. The more she teased, the more she'd piss me off. I don't like being mad it her.

"Does your boyfriend make you moan as loud as I do?" I forced her body down onto the desk and hovered over her. She smirked smugly. I hate that she know how to get to me. She's my territory. No one touches my territory.

"My sex life is my personal business."

"I am your sex life." I quipped and placed a possessive kiss on her lips. "I am all you need."

She growled. "You are nothing but my boss." I placed another kiss on her lips before kissing down her neck and curling my hand in her hair so she couldn't pull away. She kills me with her body and pisses me off with her mouth. "Le-Levi..."

"Mm." She smells like Vanilla. "You're so beautiful."

"I hate you."

"You hate that I make you feel good." I said smugly. "I need to get off."

"You're using me for sex... again." She breathed out.

"It's a beneficial job."

"If I refuse?"

"Shut up."

I need her to get me off. But she has nothing to worry about. Something will be in store for her also. I wanted her writhing underneath me, trembling from pure pleasure; screaming my name. I reached down, moving underneath her skirt and yanking down her panties. I kissed back up her neck and caught her lips in mine, slipping a finger inside of her and pumping slowly. I could hear her whimpering on my lips and feel her hand wrap around my bicep. She kissed me back with less force I gave her and added another finger. Sophia bit back her moans and curled her other hand in my hair. My erection pushed against my pants, wanting to be free and satisfied. God, she was wet. I couldn't wait to be inside her. I opened my eyes and saw hers closed tightly as she rolled her hips on my hand. That's enough. I pulled my fingers out of her and fumbled with my own pants. I took my member out of my boxers and lined my hard member up with her dripping entrance.

I thrusted into her roughly and grabbed her hips, pulling her to the edge of the desk. She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around my waist. It made me go deeper inside her. I thrusted in an even pace, pinning her down by her shoulder. She was so tight and wet and all mine. No one else's. Shit, she felt good. So fucking good.

"Fuck, Levi." She moaned out.

"That's right, baby." She knows I'm the only one that can do this to her.

I pushed into her harder, which made the desk move with me. Her hair was sprawled out on my desk and her swollen pink lip was caught between her teeth. I released her hip and pushed her skirt up her legs so I can see her sexy, sun kissed thighs. I brought my hand up and let it come down onto her skin with a loud smack! Sophia hissed and glared at me with lust filled, chocolate eyes. I don't care what she thinks. I winked at her, as I pulled out of her completely before slamming into her. She grabbed my tie and pulled me down into a sloppy, searing kiss.

"Go- I-I..." She choked out. I let out a smirk.

"What?" I spat. "You want to cum?"

"Oh... fuck."

With three quick thrusts, she came around my member. She trembled and clung to me despite the fact that I was pulling away. I came hard inside her and thank God that I had convinced her to start taking birth control a year ago. I wasn't trying to have any kids. A few seconds later, I was sated and leaving her body, fixing myself and tucking my shirt into my pants. She got off my desk and fixed her skirt. I grabbed her panties off my chair and twirled them around my finger.

"Can I have them back?"

"No, you can see yourself out of my office." I pushed her red lace into my pocket and fixed my tie.


"Out." Her tail was between her legs as she left. I don't care if she hated me. My mark will always be left on her. Everyone in this office will see it because it's in plain view right on her neck. Mine.

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