My only love is Death

She's the only one to care

She'll take my stinking body

She'll take my matted hair

She'll warm me with her fire

And embrace me with her glow

And I'll tell her things about me

No one will ever know

I'll cradle in her ditches

While the earth gauges my eyes

And there'll be nothing bad about me

That she could ever despise

I'll suck her poison fountains

While giving her my breath

And devouring each as they come

She'll clamour for the next

I'll choke on her bony insides

She'll lick my fingers bare

And no one but she will understand

Why I can never go back there

Death – she is not easy;

But she'll always be my whore

She'll always have the best of me

While begging for some more

Death she's not like life;

She'll take me as I come

I won't need no more make up

And can stop trying to be fun

Death – she has no purpose;

Do not ask why she is there

She won't pretend to answer

She won't pretend to care

Death – she takes no people;

But only what they've become

Luckless, lifeless, listless hollows

And so it is that I am one