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Preface - The Kingdoms of Old

The kings and queens of the kingdoms on the universe came together for a annual meeting to discuss any problems and any worries they had for their kingdoms. Every year, until 1974, every chair in the meeting hall was full. Until 1974, nobody had every heard the words 'war' or 'hatred' in reference into each other or against each other.

Until then, there had never been a threat of eternal darkness.

"So." Celine Herondale, Queen of Blades said, rocking back on her heels. "Does anyone have the foggiest idea why the royal family of The Kingdom of Darkness and The Kingdom of Hatre haven't arrived?"

Tomas Frost, King of Winter shrugged slightly. "I don't know, but I haven't seen or heard of much action from their kingdoms... I wonder what the matter is." He mused slightly.

Thalia Valentine sighed slightly and yawned, "Can we carry on with what we we're meant to be doing? I'm meant to be asleep now."

Celine nodded, "Yeah.. Has anyone had any-" There was a bang in the distance and all the people in the room jolted their heads to the door, eyes open in panic, amazement and shock.

Leo Hope, King of the Animal Kingdom cleared his voice as animals jumped and skittered nervously around his feet. "Calm down everybody! You are royalty so jolly well act like it-"

The main doors were thrown open and a green object was thrown into the centre of the room.

"Amitos the Prince of Hatre is dead and his family presumed missing!" A siren wailed through the room as realisation dawned on them all.

"Amitos.." Celine whispered, sagging back in her chair. The dead warlocks body was sprawled nearest to her chair.

A dark figure was hovering at the door. Darkness will reign. Darkness will destroy. Darkness will DESTROY!

Sorry it's so short, had to rewrite it all and prefaces are usually small.

Also, Charlotte wrote a similar story but it's completely different to this, you should give it a read. s/3131876/1/A-War-Can-Change-Everything