Chapter One - Looks Like We're In For Fun

A young girl sat in a book store humming a song to herself. She had a name tag that read: Hey, my name is Aaliyah Hunt, how can I help you? on her jacket. Her lime green eyes scanned over a page in a book she was reading before sighing and tossing the book to the side.

"Useless." She muttered before picking up another heavy book. After a moment of reading the book she groaned and threw it at the door. "How am I meant to pass this test if I can't even find a revision guide?!" She yelled at herself before remembering she was in the shop and lowering her head slightly as people came in and out.

One of the people who had entered the shop during her fit of rage walked over. He had blue eyes and red hair. "Hey." He purred glancing at her. "Having a problem with something?" He asked.

"No.. Just.. Revision." She muttered through her teeth before allowing her head to drop on the book. She glanced up at the boy, taking him in fully. "Who's that letter for?" She asked curiously, lifting her head up by a inch.

"Aaliyah Hunt. I'm from the organisation of peace." He said, placing the letter on the table in front of her. "You've been called to represent your kingdom in a war against everyone's greatest enemy and fear. The Darkness. You do not have to participate, but then it will be disgracing your parents and kingdom so choose wisely."

Aaliyah stood up, "I will come. Give me ten-"

"You need to come now. We have others to collect. You can tell your officials and parents via video link once we get to the mansion and after you've read through, and signed your contract." The boy said, pulling her from behind the desk and then pushing her out the door.

Aaliyah swallowed slightly seeing a blacked out coach waiting for her.

"Get on. Your things will be transported to your room for when you arrive." He said and with that, Aaliyah climbed up onto the coach.

"Name?" Said the driver who was all dressed in white.

Aaliyah paused and the guy who'd come with the letter rolled his eyes. "Read the tag idiot!" He spat at the driver and then pushed Aaliyah along to where some seated compartments were.

She sighed and sat on a green leather seat which was next to the window. She rooted around in her pocket and tried to find some headphones.

"Need some of these?" A pair of pink beats were dangling in front of her. A grinning girl plopped herself down into the vacant seat next to Aaliyah. "My names Blitiz Frost." She said grinning, holding her hand out for Aaliyah to shake.

"How do you do?" Aaliyah tested the saying out.

Blitiz looked at her for a moment in confusion before carrying on. "I'm the princess of winter." She said before throwing a glance at another girl who was sat at the back and surrounded by guards. "And she is the Queen of the Moon, but in my opinion she's the queen of bitches. Literally. She's a wolf."

Aaliyah frowned for a minute before understanding some poor joke the girl had just cracked. "My names Aaliyah Hunt... I'm the princess of sacraments."

"Sacraments? What the hell?" The girl from the back had moved and she was stood glaring at them both.

"Oh boy." Blitiz said. "This is gonna be 'fun'.."

The girl glared down at Blitiz. "I'd rather introduce myself rather than have some princess do it for me!" She snapped, her.

Only short for now.. Gonna get longer once they get to the mansion and such.