Evilage Prologue

Dear Diary, 12/13/2014

You know how when you're a teenager, all you can think about is how gorgeous you look in those new Hollister dark wash jeans or if you're a guy how you're main goal in life is to sleep with as many girls (and sometimes guys) as possible? I rememberā€¦ I remember it all too well.

I used to be one of those girls that only cared about themselves and what they were going to go blow Daddy's money on next; I was that girl you used to see gracing the cover of every reputable magazine cover known to man because of who my mother and father were; I was that girl who got envious glares when I walked down the street because I was so beautiful.

Isn't it funny how you're entire life can disintegrate into a little pile of dust in less than a nanosecond? If only I would have known that my parents were going to perish along with 90% of the population before I told them I hated them and never wanted to see them again. Being the puerile, egotistic teenager that I was, I had blown up over a task that most teenagers would find quite simple: babysit my three younger sisters for the weekend while they flew to Jakarta, Indonesia for an emergency business trip. I can't remember why exactly they had to leave except for the fact that it pertained to a business deal gone wrong. It had impeded my plans to go to New York City for the week with a group of my friends.

Now that I think back to that rainy day where I spent the majority of my time having screaming matches with my mom, dad, and sisters, I realize that was the only thing that saved me from an agonizing demiseā€¦ or worse. If my parents could tell me anything, they would tell me that they loved me and that I had to stay strong for my sisters.

Being famous or the girl who was dating the quarterback of the football team will get you nowhere now because its survival of the fittest. People aren't going to admire you for your beauty anymore; they are going to steal every single thing you have in your possession (even the clothes on your back) and leave you for the Muts. In a world as savage and relentless as this, you can trust no one and will die if you're anything, but fearless.

Count yourself lucky if you make it as far and as long as I have and remember that if you're lucky enough to be reading this, you're one of the people who put up a good fight and deserve to live. Don't forget the people you love and even more importantly, don't be afraid to let new ones in.

I spend every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year trying to remember why I stay and fight. It's different for everyone, but in my mind, it's for my sisters, my family, and for the future of the world. Don't back down because we can't let them win.

Stay and fight; I know just how tempting it is to put a gun to your head and end it all, but if you do, you're nothing, but a coward and deserve everything that's coming for you,