Evilage Chapter 1

"Alex! Come here", a shrill voice yelled from in the kitchen. I had curled up into a ball with a Cassandra Clare novel in the living room while my sisters were in the kitchen attempting to make chocolate chip cookies. I cursed under my breath as I placed my phone in my book and plodded into the kitchen.

The younger two, Astrid and Katarina, were perched on top of the red lava stone counter, stirring massive spoons through the thick cookie batter they had put inside a plastic bowl, while Hayden gawked at the plasma screen TV in shock. I was about to ask her what was wrong, but my eyes flickered to the screen and I gasped.

Lock all of your doors, shut all windows and under no circumstance should you let anyone in until told otherwise. It is advised that you have a weapon on hand. All we know is that there has been a series of security breaches in laboratories around the United States. Repeat - do not let anyone inside.

"Wh- what does that mean?" Hayden asked, edging closer to me. "I'm not sure, but I need you to do is go around the left wing of the house and lock all the windows and doors. Shut all the blinds and drapes too", I ordered shaking with fear. I had read enough apocalyptic novels and movies to know that this was no joke.

Making my way around the right wing of our 50,000 sq. ft mansion, I secured all the windows and doors. A sick feeling had gradually spread across my stomach, but as I made my way back to the kitchen, I regained most of my composure.

My heart turned to ice when I realized that no one was here. "Astrid, Kat! Where are you?" I screamed, frantically searching behind the counters and beneath the tables. "Boo!" Two familiar voices exclaimed, wrapping their twig arms around my legs. I went rigid for a minute, but then I pried the two children off my legs and kneeled down to their height.

"Now is not the time to play games. I need you two to stay in my sight and be quiet. Something serious is happening". They must have detected something that told them to listen because they climbed into a chair, quiet as a mouse. Hayden appeared through the doorway, looking as pale as sheet of parchment.

"Come on guys. We're going to go in sissy's room for a little bit", I said cheerfully, heading towards the foyer. "I'll be up in a minute. I need to grab some stuff. Hayden, I need you to come with me please", I mumbled, heading in the opposite direction as them.

After making our way through a series of long, dark corridors we finally came across my dad's private office. Under no circumstance were we ever allowed to go in there, but I'm pretty sure he would make an exception for a situation like this. Of course I could have been blowing things way out of proportion, but something deep in my gut told me that I wasn't.

Hayden crept over to the door and shook it, but it wouldn't budge. "Stand back", I ordered, preparing to throw myself into the door. Taking a few steps back, I took off at a running start and threw myself into the door. "Shit", I screamed, sliding to the floor. The wood had barely splintered, but it felt like a few bones in my shoulder definitely had.

"Ok so that probably won't work", I noted, trying to come up with another solution. Hayden pulled a bobby pin out of her hair and pushed it into the lock. She wiggled it for a minute and then, much to my surprise, it creaked open. "Are you serious? You could've told me you knew how to pick locks before I broke my arm. Where did you learn to do that anyway?" I muttered, walking into the office.

The lights flickered on and I trotted over to his desk and began searching through his desk drawers for a weapon. I cursed under my breath and in a panic started ripping the drawers out of the desk. My sister looked at me like I had gone psychotic, but upon feeling deep inside the desk; I found what I was looking for: a thick plastic case. It was a lot heavier than I thought. "You're going to be in big trouble if daddy finds out you were in his office", my sister snapped with a smirk.

Instead of saying something that I would regret in the long run, I banged the case against the ground, splitting it open. The contents of it scattered across the mahogany wood floor. There was a Glock pistol along with about 700 rounds. I picked the gun up and slid it into the waist band of my True Religion jeans and pulled my black tank top over it.

My sister and I picked up the boxes of ammo and made our way to my room. Astrid and Katarina were playing with a pair of Barbie Dolls on the Tahitian blue carpet. They didn't bother to look up because they were so engrossed in their toys.

"What are we supposed to do?" Hayden mumbled quietly, curling up on my bed. "Just sit here and wait until we hear better news", I offered, trying to sound optimistic and calm. Instead, it came out as flat as a board. Hayden just looked at me and frowned with her icy blue eyes.

As I watched my two youngest sisters play on the floor, I thought about my parents and how possibly the last thing I ever said to them was that I hated them and my sisters. The last thing that crossed my mind before I drifted off into an uneasy sleep was that there was a pretty good chance I would be dead before tomorrow morning.