Many days and many a night

On our heroes wandered

Ne'er did they find their fight

A fact they glumly pondered

Until upon the second month

On an orchard raid

A giant dog then tried to munch

On Mage, so much afraid


The warrior he leapt right up,

Testing the beast's hide

But this was not a normal pup

The blade bounced off its side!

Now the fighter, quite confused

Tried it once again

Him his mistake did not amuse

Anger he did not feign


The mage, now curled up in a ball

In the fetal pose

Glad the beast did not him maul

He did now suppose

That he should now somehow repay

Fighter for his brav'ry

Up he stood (though he did sway)

The task he thought unsav'ry


The thief, she tried to hold him back

But Mage she misjudge

She saw him conjure magic black

-The beast's now naught but sludge!

She caught him as he then did faint

Confused in her mind

She'd thought him weak (brave he ain't)

Or so she'd been inclined!


Dragoon, now silent as a stone

As it was her way

Watched as Mage in pain did groan

His face now ashen grey

From hidden safe inside her sleeve

She drew out a Potion

His fever all at once did leave

He rose as in slow motion


And so our heroes are still whole

Not by fighter's blade

But because Mage found in his soul

The strength to bring them aid

After cleaning injuries

And getting some rest

The ran off refreshed as a breeze

To meet with their next test