*Cue gentle background piano music*

The words drip like rain down the windowpane.

Held together tightly by the hope that they present.

These letters, these truths, are for all to know.

And all who hear and know will be set free, like a bird from a cage.

Life lived in the wide open sky,

Never again to look through bars.

The message is the same, from the start to end:

You, are His beloved.

In the beginning, God, He made a world.

In the end, God, is creating a world.

In the beginning there was love, and tears only from laughing too much.

In the end, laughter will be like music, and love will be like the air, always present.

You are God's beloved, and His love for you is relentless.

Chasing you page, after page, of the greatest love story ever told.

You love because you are loved.

You sing, because you've been sung over.

You dance, because the beat has dropped,

His heart beating for you.

We can trace His love like rivers on a map:

Always flowing, always moving.

All heading to a wide open ocean of overwhelming abundance.

You, are his beloved.

So, I did not actually write this, so you know. This is just a phenomenal monologue I heard a few weeks ago, and I really wanted to share it. I hope you enjoyed! Did you get shivers like I did?