You promised not to fall in love with anyone else

It was a Saturday night and the street was crowded and full of life. We stood outside the bar trying to smile and think through five years worth of happier times but eventually we fell into silence. Tomorrow was hanging over our heads.

"You can see other people. It might make it easier," I said, after a moment, my voice tight and strained.

You chuckled humorlessly and shook your head, eyes on the pavement. "You can too."

I clicked my tongue. "Who am I going to meet there? I just think that while I'm away, it might help. If something happens, there's no need to feel bad about it."

You pulled me into one of your hugs and my eyes welled up over your shoulder.

"Just promise," I choked. "Promise me you won't fall in love with anyone else."

"That's never going to happen," you promised without saying the words.

You promised not to fall in love with anyone else.

But you did.